Counterfeit Lightning cables and adaptors on route from China seized in Anchorage

Counterfeit Lightning cables and adaptors on route from China seized in Anchorage The U.S. Customs and Border protection (CBP) carried out a routine inspection in Anchorage earlier this week and uncovered a massive haul of counterfeit Apple accessories. The collection of accessories included mostly Apple’s new Lightning USB cables and adapters. The counterfeit products had been flown in from China and were due to distributed around the United States.

Designed to look like iPhone 5 USB “lightning” connector cables and adapters, the products included fake Apple logos and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) trademark icons. But the knock-off logos weren't enough of a disguise. The items stood out as counterfeits, Frank Falcon, CBP spokesman said. They were packaged for retail sale in cardboard blister packs that were sub-standard compared to Apple's trademark white packaging.

Falcon said a manufacturer in China is responsible for the shipment. He noted that while it is “difficult to deal with a manufacturer in another country,” the bust will “bring more scrutiny” to future shipments from the company.

The haul is believed to be worth in the region of $600,000; if the cables were to be sold at knocked down prices. The counterfeit products will now be destroyed by the CBS not only for the fact that they are copies but more importantly for safety issues. There is no way of knowing if the cables are safe to use or even work at all.

Source: Alaska Dispatch

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Reader comments

Counterfeit Lightning cables and adaptors on route from China seized in Anchorage


Not really. Ive been a victim of this before and the usb cable was damaged after a week and stopped working. So quality is also a factor. And also took twice as long to charge my iPhone than the oem usb cable. Of course I realized this after it broke and had compared both oem and fake cables.

I think you're mistaking brand-name data cables vs regular ones argument. (ie, gold plated HDMI vs mono price/no-name HDMI cables)

Power-adapters / chargers / batteries are worth the extra buck.
-Bad knock-off batteries could combust and do serious harm.
-Bad knock-off chargers / adapters can damage your device and/or it's surroundings.
-Bad knock-offs in general can wear-out prematurely

Data cables and such are worth skimping on, because the worse that can happen is that they don't work properly, and your data doesn't transmit. Power on the other hand can cause a whole slew of potentially hazardous scenarios --I mean, I'm putting trust into the chargers I buy to, not cause sparks, not explode, and not catch fire while my family and I are sleeping.

Not true I had one and it came apart after a week of using it. Also had some kind of electric wire burn smell coming from the usb end.

The port here in Anchorage serves shipping (water). These were 'flown' in to town/America. Funny how two of three comments 'assume' it's America's fault and somehow, someway our BP guards will profit from these fakes. Would you really be happy to pay for one of these? Regardless of savings??? Wow....pony up the Jackson and buy the real thing. They'll work forever or be otherwise replaced by Apple. A decade of 30 pin connectors, including 3 with FW400 terminations (original few iPods), leaves me with a ton of the old style too...but good riddance. Apple's lightning connector is easily the best in the industry. It completely smokes the USB mini & micro can't put it in wrong, it's smaller, easily and securely locks into place...and depending where the world you reside, they're 4/5 for a hundred bucks! Clearly if you can afford an iOS device, you can afford a couple Lightning connectors?

Damn...what a lame way to 'thank' BPC/ICE for helping YOU avoid the frustration of a 'bad' buy that's a possible phone destroying....or HOME destroying knock off fire hazard. Lol

Thank you for the news. Some of us care...and in Anchorage, we are often that 'first' point of entry into the US/Canada. These kind of 'finds' are brilliant. Thanks BPC/ICE!

From the 'Real Geeks' in the Free World:-)