Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad updated with support for Chrome, Vine, and more

Tweetbot for iPhone and iPad updated with support for Chrome, VIne, and more

Popular Twitter client Tweetbot has been updated to version 2.7, bringing with it some great new features, including the ability to open links in Chrome and 1Password. In order to open links in either browser, go into Tweetbot’s settings, and under General there will be a new setting called Browser. If you have Chrome or 1Password installed, they will appear there, along with Safari, of course. You can only choose one browser at a time.

The update also contains new inline support for Flickr, allowing images from Flickr to be displayed natively in Tweetbot. Additionally, Tweetbot now has native support for Twitter’s new Vine video sharing service. There is also enhanced support for muting Tweets with URLs, along with bug fixes.

The update is live on the App Store right now. Go grab it, and let us know what you think.

Joseph Keller

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nyc_rock says:

Just downloaded this new version and it keeps crashing.

markrgers says:

Got it to work with my iPad Mini but keeps crashing with my iPhone5.

markrgers says:

Looks like if you disable Tweetbot access in the Twitter IOS settings and restart Tweetbot it will fix the crashing issue. I tested it and works.