How to enable or disable FaceTime over cellular on iPhone and iPad

ow to enable or disable FaceTime over cellular on iPhone and iPad

It took FaceTime a long time to start working over cellular, but now that it has it's made it incredibly convenient to talk with your kids while you're walking down an out-of-town street, or check with your partner before buying something for the home or office. Of course, with cellular access comes cellular data usage, and if you're on a limited plan, you may want to be careful how much you use FaceTime over 3G or LTE. Luckily, the iPhone and data-enabled iPads make it easy to turn FaceTime over cellular on, and off.

How to enable or disable FaceTime over cellular on iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on FaceTime.
  3. Toggle the Use Cellular Data switch to ON.

To disable cellular data access, just repeat the procedure and toggle the switch to OFF.

How to get more help with FaceTime

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    How to enable or disable FaceTime over cellular on iPhone and iPad


    how many MB's per sec will Facetime over cellular burn up? With tiered data plan, probably not the best use, unless really necessary.

    I can't ENable it, either on iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. It tells me to call 611. I have unlimited on the 5, but tiered on the 4S. Guess I have to keep jailbreaking.

    After reading this article and others and attempting again to get facetime over cellular and still not able to, I called att&t and got the runaround about how they have to introduce it slowly, blah blah blah and figured I needed to go up a level. That person said she knew what I wanted and why, sympathized and moved me up to the next level. This gentleman was more frank. I explained my position - being grandfathered in for the data plan as I am, makes me one of their oldest and most loyal customers. Personally speaking, I use very little data, but that's not the point. They are holding this sledge hammer of moving us into tiered plans before they will accquiese to our use of Facetime. This, to me, seems discriminatory. From my reading of the lawsuit that brought Facetime to all Att&T LTE phones (except grandfathered in data plans) it was based on At &t violating "net neutrality" which seems to me would be the same position a class action lawsuit could be filed for. However, I am not an attorney, nor am I acquianted with the "legalize" in this matter. Is there anyone on here that is? Or could we put this information out on Twitter, facebook, etc. iMac magazine, CNET and see if there are enough of us to make this worthwhile?