How to enable (or disable) iCloud Keychain on iOS 7

How to enable (or disable) iCloud Keychain on iOS 7

There are some pros and cons to using iCloud Keychain. For example, it doesn't have a separate master password option, so once you unlock your device, anyone you hand it to can access all your passwords and credit cards. Also, the passwords it generates aren't particularly strong. It is, however, easy and far, far, better than nothing. Apple will ask you if you want to use it when you first setup your iOS device, but if you change your mind, or if you want to switch back or switch away, you can quickly enable it - or disable it - in Settings.

How to turn on (or turn off) iCloud Keychain on iOS 7

  1. Launch Settings from the Home screen
  2. Tap on iCloud.
  3. Tap on iCloud Keychain.
  4. Toggle iCloud Keychain to ON.

To disable iCloud Keychain, repeat the steps above but toggle iCloud Keychain to OFF.

How to get more help with iCloud Keychain

If you have specific questions about iOS 7 or OS X Mavericks in general, check out our iOS 7 help and discussion forum or OS X Mavericks help and discussion forum. For more on Safari in specific, check out our ultimate guide:

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Reader comments

How to enable (or disable) iCloud Keychain on iOS 7


This is a really cool "how-to". I know a few people who will love to know this. Thank you Ally.

... Interestingly enough, the green button space on my iPhone 4S doesn't have that little vertical dash that is just before the button in your pictures. Does iOS 7 display differently on different devices (as maybe a way to distinguish hardware versions, maybe)?

Oh. Not to try and sound like a big bag-o-dumb, but what purpose would something like that serve?

Sent from the iMore App

Page 135 of Apple's iPhone User Guide:
"On/Off Switch Labels
To make it easier to see whether a setting is on or off, you can have iPhone show an additional label on on / off switches."

It's obviously intended to assist visually impaired iOS users. It is different & for the sake of feeling like I have more control over the GUI in iOS, I'm gonna leave it on for a bit.


Sent from the iMore App

Thanks for posting this. I'm new to iOS7, only had my iphone for 10 days. I didn't know I could even sync passwords across devices lol!

Sent from the iMore App

The headline is a little misleading, it really should say "How to stop iCloud Keychain from saving your passwords". After all, you're not just stopping safari from asking you to save them, it's stopping it from saving them altogether.

Well, yeah that was it. Not much else to expand on in the article. It's factually correct and kind of basic as far as settings go. The title is misleading. You're actually shutting off saving the passwords, a useful feature, to stop an annoying permission request. But the headline makes it sound like the intention was to just remove the annoyance of safari asking our permission. That's why I read the article, and quite honestly I felt like it wasted some of my time as I had already understood that shutting it off altogether would stop that behavior. That's why I commented about the headline.

Thanks for this tip. It is so much to learn with iOS 7. I'm really enjoying the changes and updates.

Sent from the iMore App

Update: If you forget or click on I forgot my password. a pop up window appears, giving you an option to use a suggested password.
I personally like iCloud Keychain, it is simple and convenient. It does still have room for improvement, but I am sure that will come with time.