Best drinking games to play with the Nintendo Switch 2022

People playing 1-2 Switch
People playing 1-2 Switch (Image credit: Nintendo)

Ah, drinking games: the staple of any adolescent growth experience. While most of the best Nintendo Switch games are fun on their own, adding stipulations that involve taking a swig of beer or your favorite whiskey can take a fun hangout session to a whole different level. Need some ideas on the best drinking games on the Nintendo Switch to play for a drinking party? The ones suggested here will be perfect.

Time to party on Nintendo Switch

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You should always exercise caution and moderation when drinking and playing on your Nintendo Switch. The point of these drinking games is to have fun, and no one will have fun if you're vomiting all over the place or can barely stand! Know your limits and quit while you're ahead, lest you want your more sober opponents to have the last laugh. No one should ever feel pressured to drink more than they want to, even if that amount is not at all.

But with appropriate caution, any of these titles can make for a fun night drinking with friends. We especially enjoy the Jackbox Party Pack 7 and, honestly, all of the Jackbox games. Each party pack has five unique party games that can be paired with different drinking games or just made more ridiculous when everyone's a little inebriated.

1-2-Switch is also an excellent choice. Though plenty of people wrote it off when it launched, it's a game that's best revisited when a little bit tipsy. Make a lot of silly poses and gestures as everybody competes to be the most laugh-worthy.

If you can't get in a room together and drink with friends, there are still plenty of other options for game night fun. Consider checking out anything from our list of the best online multiplayer games for the Switch, any of which can be a blast whether you're specifically playing drinking games or just trying to relax with pals.

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