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Best horror games for Nintendo Switch 2022

Nintendo Switch Horror Hero Little Nightmares
Nintendo Switch Horror Hero Little Nightmares (Image credit: iMore)

Although Nintendo is a family-friendly game company, there are a few horror titles available right now we would consider the best horror games for the Switch. Plus, there are more iconic horror characters and brand-new titles on the way. So don't count the Switch out in this game genre, and keep an eye out for what's to come. If you love horror games, these are the best ones available on Nintendo Switch.

What are you afraid of?

There is nothing quite as fun as a video game that can scare the pants off of you. It's a bit like watching a horror movie, but you actually get to become a part of the terror! No matter what your fear, there's sure to be a game to highlight it and bring on the excitement of facing it. Heighten your adrenaline by playing with sound up, or maybe even wearing headphones and with the lights out!

We'd highly recommend checking out all the best horror games for Switch on this list, although we're partial to Layers of Fear: Legacy, which might be the best horror title to hit the Switch so far. Going through the journey of losing your mind brings a new level of immersion to your horror game experience. For horror with a touch of cute, we recommend the puzzle that is Little Nightmares II. Can you figure out how to get away from the trance?

Alex Huebner
Alex Huebner

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