Best Hunting Games for Nintendo Switch 2022

Hunting Simulator
Hunting Simulator (Image credit: Maximum Games)

Hunting games are a niche game genre, but they're great alternatives to the real thing. If you want to be able to hunt anywhere you go, check out these options and get after some big game on the Nintendo Switch. Not all of these entries are traditional hunting games, but if you expand your definition just a little bit, you'll find quite a selection of hunting games. And don't forget to check out some of the best Nintendo Switch games around while you're looking these up.

Hunting for the best game ain't easy

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Hunting games cater to a pretty specific market and anyone who is familiar with hunting on console knows that it's not always the most realistic. However, If you want the absolute best hunting game, spend the extra money for Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition Bundle. That awesome controller will make hunting so much more fun, and you get plenty of environments to explore and animals to track. You can just jump into a Quick Hunt, or build your progress in Season mode.

If you decide to go a non-traditional route, Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate is a great hunting game that you can play with friends. Plan your hunt, gather supplies and material, and use your wits (plus a very big sword) to net yourself a huge prize. I prefer a solitary hunt, Sniper Elite 4 is for you. Decide how you want to tackle each mission in the game's open world and hunt your target down.

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