Best hunting game for Nintendo Switch iMore 2019

Winter is here in North America, and depending on where you are and what you're hunting that could mean hunting season is over. If you want to be able to hunt anywhere you go, here are some of the options you have when it comes to going after some big game on the Nintendo Switch.

★ Featured favorite: Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition Bundle

This bundle from Cabela's includes a shotgun-shaped holder for your Joy-Cons, so your hunting experience can be much more immersive. You also get a quick hunt mode to dive into the action, plenty of animals to track down, and ten North American hunting spots.

$48 at Amazon

No frills hunting: Hunting Simulator

If you don't want or need the extra hardware, Hunting Simulator is another great hunting game. You get 37 species of animals to hunt, 12 regions to roam around across North America and Europe, and 17 different weapons to use. There's a free hunt mode to get going quickly, but you can also hone your skills at the shooting range. Finally, you can compete with three other players from around the world to recreate an epic hunting adventure.

$40 at Amazon

That one from the arcade: Big Buck Hunter Arcade

Hunting games are some of the most fun to play at an arcade, and Big Buck Hunter makes the leap from the arcade to your Nintendo Switch. The game lets you compete with one other player as you rack up points hunter deer, bears, ducks and more. There are 33 different levels to hunt through, so you'll get plenty of play time.

$25 at Amazon

Hunting games cater to a pretty specific market and anyone who is familiar with hunting on console knows that it's not always the most realistic. However, If you want the absolute best hunting game, spend the extra money for Cabela's: The Hunt Championship Edition Bundle. That awesome controller will make hunting so much more fun, and you get plenty of environments to explore and animals to track. You can just jump into a Quick Hunt, or build your progress in Season mode.

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