Best Sports Games for Nintendo Switch iMore 2020

With its HD Rumble, Joy-Con controls, and focus on couch co-op or competition, the Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit for sports games. And though it didn't boast many at launch, slowly but surely the system has acquired some excellent sports titles both from major franchises and indie developers. These are the best sports titles you can find for your Nintendo Switch.

★ Featured favorite: Mario Tennis Aces

Mario Tennis Aces brings the Mario Tennis series back with an impressive serve after the lackluster Wii U entry. A laidback single player mode will get you into the game and accustomed to its controls, but the meat of Mario Tennis Aces is in its online multiplayer.

$60 at Amazon

Gooooooooaaal!: FIFA 19

FIFA 18 helped pioneer major, realistic sports gaming in its return to Nintendo consoles, proving the Switch could handle the detailed graphics and complex matches. The latest version of FIFA for 2019 includes 52 stadiums, an enormous roster of popular players making appearances across numerous teams, and of course, Ultimate Team mode.

$60 at Amazon

Hole in One: Golf Story

Golf Story swung seemingly out of nowhere to find a home among the other indie successes on Switch. Especially given that the system so far lacks a strong Mario Golf title, Golf Story fills that gap and more with its decent-sized story and meaty replayability. Just be warned: this one has a classic 2D 8-bit art style, which might not be for you.

$15 at Nintendo

Fast Break: NBA 2K19

NBA 2K19 is the best basketball game you're going to find. You can play MyGM mode, MyLeague, and MyCareer, where you create your own player and follow them as they build their skills, sign with teams, and (hopefully) win a lot of basketball games. A new Neighborhoods mode offers a somewhat open world where players can meet others playing at the same time and play pick-up games.

$60 at Amazon

KO!: Fitness Boxing

This boxing game isn't competitive in nature, but it does use the Nintendo Switch's motion controls for one massive benefit. That benefit is to get you moving, as Fitness Boxing is all about giving you a fun cardio workout.

$50 at Amazon

Be the Coach: Football Manager Touch 2019

Less keen on playing sports, and more interested in management? Football Manager made its way to Switch with Football Manager Touch 2018, and despite worries that it would be far too scaled down to be enjoyable, it's actually a solid entry in the series. The 2019 verison is similar. This club simulator includes over 2,500 clubs to choose from, or you can create one of your own for any league in the game, then play either against AI or online with friends and strangers.

$40 at Nintendo

We like all of these sports games, but which one should you get? Well, naturally, it depends on which sports you like, but if you want something that many different people can pick up and learn quickly, Mario Tennis Aces is it. It's not only tremendously fun, but also lets up to four people play at a time. Be sure to grab it with the tennis racket accessory for your Nintendo Switch if you really want to turn it up a notch.

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