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For over 40 years, Star Wars has excited, shocked, angered, and entertained fans. It's effectively changed the pop culture landscape as we know it — and that's just the movies. Star Wars has had a healthy relationship with other media and often expanded the series lore through comic books, television, and video games. While the Nintendo Switch hasn't received many Star Wars games, the ones on the system are pretty great. Here are the best Star Wars games for Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars Republic Commando

★ The life of a clone ain't easy: STAR WARS Republic Commando

The Clone Wars might've not made for the best movie (the live-action one, anyway), it's been the backdrop for many excellent Star Wars media, like Star Wars: Republic Commando. Join Boss, Fixer, Scorch, and Sev of the Delta Squad as you order your squad through dangerous missions, docked or on the go.

$15 at Nintendo
Star Wars Pinball Switch Screenshot

No quarters necessary: Star Wars Pinball

Staff Pick

Star Wars Pinball might not be your first, second, or tenth choice in a Star Wars game, but stick with me — this one is really good and lots of fun for Star Wars fans as well as pinball aficionados. With 19 Star Wars-themed tables rich with references to the movies and TV shows, Star Wars Pinball has a lot to discover. Play through Career Mode and complete table-specific challenges while making use of the Joy-Con's HD Rumble. It can even be played vertically, like a traditional pinball cabinet.

$20 at Best Buy
Star Wars Episode I Racer Switch Screenshot

Now THIS is podracing!: Star Wars Episode One: Racer

Say what you want about The Phantom Menace, but it did introduce one great thing to Star Wars — and that's podracing. Choose from 25 playable characters and race across eight unique worlds. You can also upgrade your podracer to stay ahead of the competition and master your lap times. There's no online multiplayer, but you can race against your friends in split-screen multiplayer.

$15 at Best Buy
Star Wars Jedi Knight Ii Jedi Outcast Switch Screenshot

Your past always finds you: STAR WARS Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

Another classic Star Wars adventure makes its way to the Switch, complete with an unnecessarily long and complicated name. Unlike Jedi Academy, you don't create your own character here. Instead, you are thrust into the boots of Kyle Katarn, a Jedi outcast struggling with his past and his destiny. It's a purely single-player experience and a pretty straightforward port, but it's a forgotten Star Wars story worth experiencing.

$10 at Best Buy (Digital)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy Switch Battle

Start your journey from Padawan to Jedi Knight: STAR WARS Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy may have originally released in 2003, but it was the first Star Wars game that really made you feel like you were a Jedi, something that is still rare in Star Wars videogames. Create your own character and even build your own Lightsaber as you travel to iconic Star Wars locations and interact with iconic Star Wars characters. And when you're done with the single-player, dive into the multiplayer and play with up to 16 players in 6 online multiplayer modes.

$20 at Best Buy (Digital)
Star Wars Hunters

The hunt begins: STAR WARS Hunters

Debuting during a Nintendo Direct presentation, STAR WARS Hunters is an upcoming free-to-play action game that promises to bring the action and excitement of the movies to the Nintendo Switch. What that looks like exactly remains to be seen.

Coming soon in 2021

Lego Hijinks: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may have suffered a recent delay, but the developers promise the biggest, most complete Lego Star Wars title we've ever seen. We're sure it's going to be worth the wait when it releases sometime in 2021.

$60 at Best Buy

This is where the fun begins

While there are plenty of action games and sci-fi adventures on the Nintendo Switch, there aren't many Star Wars games to choose from. The ones that are available, showcase just why the series has been a powerhouse for decades. If you need your Star Wars fix, we recommend trying out STAR WARS Republic Commando. One of the best Star Wars games returns to consoles, and it looks just as good as it did when it was originally released. Now Switch owners can experience the intense action of the Xbox original, on their TV or on the go.

If you'd rather not be a Jedi but still want to experience all the Star Wars lore, Star Wars Pinball is an easy recommendation. Everyone knows Star Wars — and everyone knows how to play pinball. The combination is as natural as chocolate and peanut butter. With plenty of boards to choose from and tons of Switch exclusive game modes, Star Wars Pinball is an enjoyable way to catch up with your favorite heroes and villains.

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