Best Tablet Stands for the Nintendo Switch 2022

Nintendo Switch Table Hero
Nintendo Switch Table Hero (Image credit: iMore)

The Nintendo Switch is a great handheld gaming console, and when you have one of the best Switch stands, it's nice to be able to kick back without holding the whole system too. Many tablet stands will hold your console for you, offering a great solution. There are stands available for various situations, whether you want to play in bed, in the car, or elsewhere! Find the right one for you with this list of best tablet stands for the Nintendo Switch.

The lowdown

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Overall, the best Switch stand is the Lamicall Multi-Angle Nintendo Switch Playstand, as it is built to go anywhere because of its compact size. It also has a rubber bottom, so it will stay in place wherever you put it. With the ability to charge it in handheld mode, this is the perfect stand to take with you when you're looking to play away from your base for long periods. Don't forget your charger!

If your traveling involves a vehicle or plane, then you may want to consider the Macally Car Headrest Mount Holder or the LapGear Heritage Microbead Tablet Pillow Stand with Phone Pocket for added stability. Or, if traveling isn't your thing and you want to play from the comfort of your bed, the adjustability of the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand will be just what you're looking for.

Natalie Houghton