Black Friday board game deals: Save big on Ticket to Ride, Catan & more

Board games on a shelf
Board games on a shelf (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

Turns out Black Friday isn't just for the best tech. If there's ever been a holiday season to sit around a table and play some games with your family — it's 2020. Thanks to some great Black Friday board game deals, you can pick up some entertaining, easy-to-learn, and family-friendly board games for some substantial discounts.

Board games are my favorite hobby, and since introducing my family to a ton of great games, it's often what we end up doing for hours when we get together for big events. There's nothing that brings me as much joy as coming around the table and trying to crush my family members in a battle of wits.

Best Black Friday Board Game Deals

While almost every family has a few board games kicking around their home, there are so many amazing games out there you likely haven't tried. The best Black Friday board game deals will not only give you the option of trying something new, but you'll also have an opportunity to pick up one of those classic family games you've been missing in your collection.


Ticket to Ride | Save $30 at Amazon

Ticket to Ride has been a best-selling board game for at least 15 years, so grab it while it's cheap. In the game, 2-5 players compete to place trains on the board to travel all across the country. Each player has special routes they are trying to complete, and the person with the most points wins. The game is fun, fast, and family-friendly, perfect for a holiday game night.


Catan | Save $30 at Amazon

Formerly known as The Settlers of Catan, this game is an absolute classic. A total of 3-4 players are on a quest to build the best settlement in a brand new land. You'll need to trade for goods, negotiate potential deals, and build roads to help your settlement prosper.


Mysterium | Save $19 at Amazon

In Mysterium, 2-7 players will work together to solve a series of mysteries by looking at "visions" given to them by a ghost. The visions are all card with wacky, beautiful, and very cool artwork that will have subtle clues you and your team will need to produce to figure out what the ghost is trying to tell you.


Azul | Save $11 at Amazon

In this game, 2-4 players compete to build the best wall of colorful tiles, grabbing tiles from the center of the table to complete their wall across multiple rounds. If you grab too many tiles of the wrong color, though, they will fall to the floor, and you'll lose points. Azul was a breakout hit a few years back, and it's a beautifully simple but strategically deep game that plays in about 45 mins.


Exploding Kittens Party Pack | 50% off at Amazon

If you have a big family that likes cats and explosions, the Exploding Kittens Party Pack is the game for you. The game is super quick, about 15-20 mins, and you only have one objective — don't get hit with the exploding kitten. Of course, every other player is trying to make you explode. It's a fun, light, and quick game that usually provides plenty of laughs.


Jenga | 43% off at Amazon

If you don't yet have the block-stacking classic game Jenga, you can pick it up for over 40% off right now for Black Friday. Take turns taking out blocks and stacking them on top of the tower, but don't be the one to knock the tower over!

More Black Friday deals

Board games are just one of the many Black Friday deals that we've rounded up so far. If you have a tech nerd, you're trying to buy for, or you're in the market for some new Appel tech yourself, check out our roundup of the best Black Friday Apple deals to save even more money this holiday season.

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