91,000 iPads Pre-Ordered in 6 Hours?


iPad pre-orders went live at 5:30am PT, 8:30am ET and in the 6 hours that follow, Fortune relays that Apple has moved 91,000 of the magical and revolutionary new devices. (50,000 in the first 2 hours!)

The estimates are based on a bunch of impatient investors on the AAPL Sanity Board inputing and tracking order numbers via Google Spreadsheets. Even if they're not spot on accurate, they show a good amount of movement for a device many dismissed right out of the gate.

TUAW meanwhile is hearing in-store reservations for iPad Wi-Fi is 41,000.

What do you think, are those good numbers for Steve Job's most important product launch? Were you expecting more, less?

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Rene Ritchie

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91,000 iPads Pre-Ordered in 6 Hours?


Those are just numbers for the pre-orders, now we have to wait once they are on the stores. I think I'll be successful.

I think the ipad will be reasonable successful. Not as hot as iPhones but it certainly won't be another apple tv. =] I preordered mine at 8:30 yesterday. Can't wait to fiddle around with it

The iPad will be very a successful device, I would bet my house on it.
The beautiful display along with those apps will make this unit a great seller on it's own. No specific numbers, just overall a big hit world wide.

I think once people demo this it will sink in that this product is a great pleasure to use like the iPhone and iPod Touch. I think it might be the next big thing in personal general purpose computing. Only concern I have is typing on the virtual keyboard. I'll know soon enough because I just ordered mine.

The iPad is another vehicle to push the products in the app store. Not everyone has a iPod, iTouch or an iPhone. This will let the mainstream get in the action with a device that is big enough and easy to use for anyone.

I preordered mine for delivery. I wonder what the odds are it'll show up on that Saturday? But more on point, I think the iPhone was an obvious success after people understood what apple did with iPods. Ipad, though, I think will take longer, but be a similar success. Still a lot of winning over the general public left for apple.

Just wait til people are caught using them at airports, coffee shops, etc. The real hype really hasn't started yet.

It's natural for people to actually see te product and in use. It will catch on quick. Plus I have a feeling Apple has some cool unannounced feature they will implement in the future on the iPad.

Huge number of early adopters for a product that does nothing new. Apple is an amazing company. They sell sizzle, and their products are very good if not great. I don't love their products or their quirky rules for apps, iTunes etc, but everyone can agree their management is phenomenal.

Just imagine how the packaging will be!, this is what I'm more interested in seeing, I should order mine now so I can have one of the first unboxing vids up on YouTube.

I hate when people say iTouch. Apple doesn't make an iTouch, they make an iPod Touch. Go show me iTouch on their website. My iPhone auto corrects when I type iPod or iPhone and puts the capital "P" but not when I type itouch.

this is proof you can put an Apple on almost anything and people will buy it. Its a great idea and it has no competition (Windows UI can't compete with a dedicated touch UI) but it just isn't ready YET. I am sure the ipad will get HUGE upgrades in the future, maybe I will pull the trigger next year

120K pre-ordered iPads in 1 day: Apple has been able to generate over $75M in 1 day on a product that 99.9% of purchasers haven't even seen or touched!

I think that you are misunderstanding something. Who are the people who pre-order? The Apple-Fan-Boys who would preorder anything Jobs tells them to.
Now, we are seeing how many fans Jobs has, let's wait some time to see if its just the fan boys or maybe actually rational and reasonable people

I think those numbers sound already very good, for a device that the public hasn't seen in person. I don't think it's proof that Apple can sell almost anything. There's no way online pre-sales of Apple TV or Mac Mini would have done as well, IMO. I think it's more true that Apple has sold many iPhone and iPod Touch users on the potential of the overall platform. Most people will want to see one in person before making a decision -- even people who are pretty sure they want to get one may want to wait to check it out, if only to decide which version to get.
I've already anticipated that Apple will sell millions of the iPad in the first year, so I assume that a lot of these pre-orders are from developers of every kind (that is, independent and corporate, software and accessory, etc.). At least, if I were a developer remotely interested in tablets, I would pre-order one for certain, no matter how skeptical I might be personally about the iPad itself. It's just like the App Store when it was first opened: the first reasonably constructed app of every kind out for the iPad could make hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending.

Rational and reasonable people still pre-order. Those same people you generalize were right about the iPhone. So what's wrong with those who pre-order? I myself am waiting on the 2nd gen ipad. But I don't think they are all fanboys. A friend of mine has a severe distaste for Apple but has pre-ordered because of the technology.

well. I pers. think that the ipad is just the embodiement of uselessness...u cant properly store it anywhere and its just a big ipod with no new features whatsoever.
in my opinion, Microsoft's courier is a lot better; sadly, i doubt it will ever come out...

Of course sales in the early will be good. Apple has over a million at least who will buy anything on the day of release. The first month purchases mean nothing. What will sales be like 2, 3, 4 months out; that's when it matters. Are people who aren't Apple fanatics going to buy this months down the road? That's where the real money is, Apple already knows their followers are going to line up and camp out for new stuff anyway.

@Mike: Isn't Courier expected "Q3/Q4" this year? I'm also very interested in the Courier and want to wait on the iPad to see what MS comes up with.

I'm still waiting to see if the iPad will be an effective ebook reader.
I know it's not the primary use, but if it feels right, I think it will be an give Amazon the same kick that the music sellers got from iStore.

I'd have to disagree with the ipad being a useless device. A digital picture frame with similar size and quality is almost the same price. I'd say that would be useless. Not only do you get a digital picture frame, you get the 'always on' Internet. Let's face it, this device has many uses, apparently none of which appeal to you. To describe the ipad as useless is going a little overboard.

i hate the term "fanboys" I know they do exist, but when people dismiss 91,000 sales as all coming from fanboys it's kinda like the haters are grasping at straws

When naysayers and haters (the fervent type that frequent tech blogs) hate Apple and everything they do, then there can only be 'rabid, Steve-worshipping, fanbois' that unquestionably raise the profile of these terrible Apple products.
I seriously don't get it. They make good products that AREN'T for everybody. Is it really worth slinging hate?

Not so sure those numbers really mean anything. It'll take many months before we know how well this thing has sold.
For me personally if I didn't have an iPod/iPhone I'd probably pick one up. However with it being little more than a larger version of the iPod I really don't see the need for it right now. Who knows maybe when the next gen version comes out it'll have a lower price or more features that make me reconsider.

I love my iPhone. However the moment I saw the ipad, in my opinion, all it does is replicate my iPhone without making phone calls. These early sells are just hype sells. Once a few months pass and those who purchased early feel stupid, then the down fall of the ipad will start.

A lot of you naysayers will end up getting an ipad as well once you start playing with one every single time you walk into an apple store from here to the beginning Of June. It's only a matter of time, ya'll see!

appearently, theres two mikes. me with the lower-cose m and the other Mike...intesting^^
@Baustin: What I'm trying to make clear is that the iPad does nothing more than my iPhone for me-in terms on internet. Sadly, the iPad is hardly put into a pocket of your jeans. And at home, I dont need an iPad to be on the internet...

are u serious? I think you are failing to realize what Steve is doing. He is creating an always on, instant access point to the internet that takes the Internet to a new medium. This is the magazine on the coffee table, the quick reference cook book, the family slideshow of your latest vacation. It will be intuitive, simple, straitforward. Ya you can do all that at your desktop, netbook, or laptop but those all require startup time, don't have as simple a form factor, lack touch intuitive design, and just simple at your fingertips, kick back and relax type use.
It will be very successful. That being said I have not decided if I will take the plunge on this round or the next. If I go for it on this round it will be the 3G 64gb

If u guys hate iPad or say it's a big iphone then go n suck google's n microsoft's ceo's balls. Why r u in iphone blog.

Gotcha Mike. I'm in the same boat as you. I personally don't need this now because of my iPhone. However I think if I wanted to add to the computing experience at home, I'd rather have this than a netbook. I already have a MacBook, so I don't need another laptop, but the ipad may fill that void left between desktop and smartphone for a lot of users.

I can understand why current iPhone users may not think the iPad adds much functioning -- the idea that the iPad adds new functions will depend for a lot of people on 1) one's desire to read e-books; and/or 2) the apps written for the iPad.
@Mike: I wouldn't put my hand in a fire for the Courier's release either. We'll see how well MS can handle the Courier.

I purchased one even though I own an iPhone, the iPhone was the first Apple product I had ever purchased and I love it. I had been looking for a e-book reader and the possibility to do so much more with it than the Kindle or Sony's e-book reader is fantastic.

orion2021.........Excuse me, but didn't the Almighty Jobs say the exact same thing about the iPhone when it came out??? Internet in your pocket?? Remember that?? If that was true, then why, exactly, do we need this????

I have pre-ordered the 32 Gig. version without 3G. For me, I will use it for light apps, email, browsing, etc... but I like how it is going to help apps like ssh and webadmin. I can jump on wifi and control my pc back at the house if I need to do something serious. If need gps or phone, I will bust out the iPhone.