4th Gen iPhone screen reportedly caught on camera


Phew! Here's some good old 4th generation iPhone (don't call it iPhone 4G!) rumors to help cleanse our iPad-swamped palettes. BGR links to a video from SmartphoneMedic of what they claim is the 4th gen iPhone screen assembly fresh off the spare parts line (or wherever such things come from).

Real, fake, or really fake -- check out the video after the break and let us know what you think!

[Thanks to @phufuung for the tip!]

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4th Gen iPhone screen reportedly caught on camera


@USA Copy & Paste has been there since OS 3.0
God I hope they'll come with a bigger screen like the HTC Desire or even match the HTC Evo's screen size. This however is a little underwhelming if it is true.

so it looks slightly thinner and longer and obviously a possible front facing camera. I hope its real. The video would have been better without the music.

He's got a lot more patience than I have when it comes to opening packages! How long to get into it!?!

Seems fake to me. It's hard for me to believe that they would change the design at all for yet another generation. I was thinking that the whole by the earpiece could be a possible camera spot, but it looks much to small. It looks like a 3GS cover with a whole in it. I REALLY hope that this isn't the 4G. That would kind of suck.

EDIT for first line:
It's for me to believe that they wouldn't change the design at all for another generation.

Is it even a bigger screen????? I'm talking 4.3 -get with the program Apple! I really hope this isn't real.. After seeing a friends HTC, anything less and I'm crossing the street.

All I want is a 64GB 4th Gen iPhone. I'm fine is the size is the same or a bit bigger I just want more capacity so I can ditch my classic iPod!

Anyone else see him take something from the package at 0:24? i tried to stop the video on the second the thing was visible and all I got was what looked like a a screen sticker of an iphone.

Didn't a screen like that surface a few months back? Could be a clone or a prototype screen. Apple already said it's about the software not the hardware. So think it's fake. iPhone is fine the size it is now.

did anyone else notice that at about 40 sec he bends the screen?
I lived in China. Screens like this on fake iPhones are everywhere.

I think this was around a while back. The screen was slightly longer, but the "touchable" section was larger. Less black on the ends. Maybe they can stretch 4" in the slightly longer end-to-end. The only thing bother me is the LACK of these videos right now. At each step in the past, by this time of year, we would have a new one of these everyday. Not this time. Not too many rumors either. I really hope the iPad is not this years Boom!!

i really doubt this is real. its prob. a screen from a knock off iphone, but if by chance it is real, that little spot on the front by the earpiece that everyone thinks is a camera could be a notification light...

This is obviusly Fake, look at the build quality and the details of the inside/back of screen ?!? Apple would NEVER release anything like that. I have opened a 3g before, this is just a low grade annoying ad :(

Whether it's fake or real, it doesn't look much different at all from what an analogous breakdown of an iPhone 3GS's "screen" would look like.

Fake. A repair shops already has spare parts. Even if it does happen sometimes with eletronics or washer/dryers. Not buying it here. Apple's to lockdown for this nonsence.

Cool, I hope they give it a front camera, that would b cool. I want them to make the screen a little bigger and led type. I want a faster phone and Internet, and I want bigger storage, my phone is full. I want HD video, better camera with flash. It must have multitasking and I want better speakers.... I want it all!!!!!! :) :) ;)  

Weird. No way to tell. Probably a part for a knock-off, but its got what I expected: camera-hole and slightly larger dimensions overall (tho not necessarily different screen dimensions, and resolution, who could tell?). But then maybe the jokers are just playing toy expectations.

I say it's real, a lot of the blue prints that have been posted on this site show the 4th Gen iPhone looking slightly longer and thinner. And if Apple is including gesture areas then it would have to be longer to accommodate for the room needed for a gesture area.

The screen looks cool, just hope the case doesnt crack like the 3G and 3Gs!! Major let down!!

Sure there are parts in the system now. Apple's been building these phones since January to meet the release rush. And, yes, it's real.