Apple Speaks! Security Fix Firmware Coming in September

iPhone Firmware 2.1

Dieter's already brought us up to speed on the nasty security bug Gizmodo found in the iPhone's current 2.0.2 firmware (which John Gruber points out Apple already fixed once for firmware 1.1 way back last year -- yikes!). Now Macworld (via MacRumors) reports that Apple has taken the unusual step (for Apple) of confirming the upcoming fix:

“The minor iPhone security issue which surfaced this week is fixed in a software update which will be released in September,” Apple representative, Jennifer Bowcock, said in an email to Macworld.

So add security to the list of what Apple's now promising, along with 3G connectivity and App stability, for the next update.

Will that update be the already in beta 4 iPhone firmware 2.1? Kevin Rose has rumored it for September 6th, but we've already seen push notification fall off the feature list. With more bugs to fix, will Apple pull a Vista, or settle for a less ambitious, more urgent 2.0.3 in the interim?

I'm favoring the 2.0.3 at the moment. I'd rather stability over features at this point. Nail 2.0.x, then move on. What's you preference?

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Reader comments

Apple Speaks! Security Fix Firmware Coming in September


on the nasty security bug

Just simply have your double-tap jump to your 'home' screen... and you will NEVER have a problem.
Besides... it's only a problem if someone steals your phone. (At which point you've already lost everything... just like a laptop. If they HAVE your laptop... they can do anything they want with it.)

2.1 should be saved for a lot of exciting new software features that make people WANT to upgrade. Keep bug fixes in point form (2.0.3).

fix the bugs first then work on 2.1. Please give me A2DP with my iphone i can live without cut and paste. dont make me get another music player!!!!

why are people always picking on windows vista it is an excellent system and has proved far less buggy than iPhone 2.0 ( and mobileme) so why are people so hard on microsoft but they just give apple a free pass.

I agree with Mr. Len. Windows Vista is the best operating system out there. Mac sucks so bad. And also it's buggier than windows. I hate macs but I love iPods and iPhones that's it. And yea apple is messed up on software and that's why we never had a complete software for the iPhone. Always there is a bug. It's never perfect. Even with iPods I had so many problems software wise.

"I agree with Mr. Len. Windows Vista is the best operating system out there. Mac sucks so bad. And also it’s buggier than windows."
What effing planet are you from? Except for the iPhone 3G stuff, Mac absolutely smokes anything Windows has ever put out. But then again, we don't even want geeks like this. It's a club reserved only for those who "Get it". Yep, I'm a Mac snob and I'm good with it!

OH MY GOD!!! Vista is the Best????
I run XP on Mac Bootcamp partitions and 3 times I have had to re-install it due to viruses on the Windows Virtual Drive. Mac never gets them. True Vista is the prettiest OS out there but Tiger and Leopard are by far superior in all ways. That is why Microsoft is looking into a Unix system. Which is what Mac is built on.
There is another reason that you can tell that Mac is by far superior, MS is already working on a new OS to replace the failed Vista. Leopard will be with us for about 5 years or so, and they don't just fix bugs in Apple updates, they prepare your system for new features, unlike the countless K5124782 Updates that Windows Update releases daily.
Yes the iPhone is cool and could be tons better, I want Landscape Text, and Apple needs to realize they want it as well if they want to compete in the Blackberry ruled Enterprise World. The iPhone is a fairly new technology and will be perfected eventually.
But Microsoft has nothing on Apple.. need proof?
2 Words - Vista and Zune.... enough said