iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold Browser Showdown Part Four: The Revenge of the Javascript


After all the persistent questions about whether or not the BlackBerry Bold's improved browser could compete with the iPhone, our friend CrackBerry Kevin decided to try to provide the definitive, final smackdown.

Go on and read the entire saga, but take heed, it's not a pretty sight. Under ideal conditions, the Bold comes this close to competing with the iPhone on speed. Those idea conditions: 3G, Javascript off, strong signal, fresh reset, and WiFi off. Wait -- WiFi off? That's right, Kevin has two BlackBerry Bolds and both of them are five different kinds of screwed up -- they fail with Javascript off, they fail with WiFi entirely. Now -- not everybody is reporting the same hassles, but it's starting to look like it's a pretty serious problem.

The Javascript issue is very interesting, by the by. The iPhone defaults to leaving it on. One could argue that Javascript support helps make the iPhone able to browse the "Real Internet," but one would be wrong about what makes up the "Real Internet". The Bold, however, defaults to leaving Javascript off, and given Kevin's results, it looks like a good thing they did.

What does this mean for iPhone users -- besides bragging rights? Well, actually, bragging rights are enough for us. But there's another tip you're definitely going to be interested in, iPhone faithful. Can you guess it? Rene will let you know what it is very shortly.

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Dieter Bohn

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iPhone vs. BlackBerry Bold Browser Showdown Part Four: The Revenge of the Javascript


I ran a few of the tests on WiFi on my iPhone and it blows those numbers away when you turn off JS. The Bold has a ways to go. Even with JS on it still is much faster.

A test over EDGE (I don't get 3G in my home) of WSJ.com after clearing cache too 26.4 seconds with JS off, CNN.com 9.57 sec on EDGE, DRUDGE.com 8.25 sec. There is no contest here!!

hmmm i wonder if turning JS off on iPhone's browsing will improve battery life while surfing the web?
I will test this out this weekend... =o

Yes, the JS issue has piqued my interest as well. I'm turning it off and getting way faster speeds on the iPhone. LIke 10 seconds vs. 15 or 20. I would like to see the news media pick this up and educate the masses of the advantage. Interesting how Apple defaults to on, BB to off. BB knows they must or else. Apple seems to have the edge on the browser by a mile or two.

"Apple seems to have the edge on the browser by a mile or two."
get it... haha... he said "Edge"... get it....
oh nevermind..... = /

lol i get it
but iphone is awsome!!!!
im going back to school in a few day an really want to get one
but the pricing is really tricky!!!its not always 199$ & we dnt have the best of credit
but i have to have that phone...
ps. yu know what really irritates me is when ppl say iphone apps are useless...
(remember im in high school my needs are dif.)
in the morning sure the news but can yu say BORRING it would be nice to have an instant way to know what to wear.
in class my biggest problem i writing down class assignments.yu get he rest
self-explanitory & what teenager doesn't want an ipod and i dnt have 1!!!
gps: lol
theres been countless times on the way to a party & we had no idea where to go
internet: IN YOUR POCKET
not only is that way too cool.lol but say you have an essay yu could look up research jot down some notes.type a complete rough draft and even a final copy(notes arent yellow when you email them & spell check would be pretty usefull) all from your phone
great for road trips free time after test ect...
ok.ok. you got me.lol but still... 1 out of like 10 +over 1000 downloadable
high school are your golden years you better tae advantage and remember them!!!
i dont know if this applies for everyone but im a boy so im pretty unorganized
calender +notes i might be the president.lol
great for school & i took geometry this yr. so alg.2 next yr...i might need it.hahah
SO...the iphone is what $199$ (most of the time)
all the features far exceed the cost
simple organizer(notes,calender) about 10$
scientific calc. 5$
8gb ipod 149$(in the store)
news(weather)ok free but ill pay a lil extra not to be forced to watch all the
CRAP b4 i finally get the weather!
gps:please.1 like i know
2:i do know they're not cheap
regular camera phone: no less then 99$(US dollars)
+internet(crappy) about another...15-25 to cost of phone
your total here is no less(for sure higher) then 265....
no does the iphone sound so expensive....?
thank you for your time feel free to write me write memorgan_brgss@yahoo.com