Apple's MobileMe Blog Addresses Phishing Scams

Remember that phishing scam that targeted MobileMe users a while back? The one that may have nabbed hundreds of account holders' information? Well Apple must, because the latest in their series of MobileMe Updates addresses the issue head on:

You will never receive a message from MobileMe asking you to send personal information over email. If we are ever unable to charge your credit card, for instance, we will send you a reminder email, but will not directly link to any web pages. The safest way to respond and update any necessary information is to type into your browser and log in to your account directly. That way you can be confident you are at and your personal information is secure.

Apple further provides a support document on how to better determine the actual destination hidden behind a link, and an email address -- -- where users can forward any questionable content for investigation by Apple legal and law enforcement.

Together, MobileMe users can help take a byte out of Apple-targeted crime!

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Rene Ritchie

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Apple's MobileMe Blog Addresses Phishing Scams


Just because you type in the address for mobile me doesn't mean you will always go to the site. If your host file has been jacked on windows it can send you to whatever site the hacker put into it.