iPhone 3G in Canada: FutureShop Soon Selling?

FutureShop is actually owned by Best Buy (which is why they typically build the stores across the street from each other -- nothing like being your own competition!), so when their big US brother started selling the iPhone 3G, we supposed it was only a matter of time before Canada got some big box love. Says MacNN:

Canadian retailer Future Shop has announced it will be selling the iPhone starting in October. Customers will be able to purchase the phone at fifteen different locations initially. The phone will still be on the Rogers network, where it has previously been available directly, or at The Telephone Booth and Wireless Wave stores.

FutureShop already sells all sorts of phones from Rogers (and subsidiary Fido), Bell, Telus, etc. so this is just one more page in their flyer.

But hey, at least it's not Radio Shack, eh?

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iPhone 3G in Canada: FutureShop Soon Selling?


Futureshop already carries Rogers devices, making them an easy addition. Apple Stores don't have Rogers reseller systems in place.
(Costco in Canada, for example, has been selling them via their Rogers' resellers since launch -- least where I live).

Did you know that the (Apple) is the only company that provides a real working live cell phone at each location, not a dummy display phone like all the rest of the cell manufactures .
Now thats what I call good service.
When you purchased your last cell phone. did you get to try it out. NO WAY! You had to take it home and then see if you liked it.
Only Apple has the guts to show off there product before you buy.
If your going to get a new cell phone (other then a iPhone), ask the sales staff to open up a new phone for you, so you can give it a try.
It's time the Stores provide a working model. No more dummy Cell phones!