if iPhone 4 is version 3,1, what are 3,2 and 3,3?

iPhone 4's internal version is 3,1, so what then are the iPhone 3,2 and iPhone 3,3 versions referenced in the just-posted Apple TV iOS firmware? Seth Weintraub from 9to5Mac speculates:

Verizon? Sprint? China Mobile? T-Mobile? Antennas? All very good questions. No answers yet.

To put things in context, the original iPhone 2G was iPhone 1,1, iPhone 3G was iPhone 1,2 and iPhone 3GS was 2,1. So we're looking at the difference between iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G, which mainly consisted of a new shell and new 3G radio, not the completely revved up guts the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 got.

CDMA (like Verizon, Sprint, or some parts of Asia), or the higher frequency AWS radios needed for US T-Mobile and new Canadian providers like Wind and Videotron are certainly possibilities. Since there are two new product versions, how about both?

And if that's not tease enough, there's also reference to a 20547 unknown device. New iPad, iWatch, iOS desktop? Who knows, but feel free to give us your best guesses in the comments.


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Reader comments

if iPhone 4 is version 3,1, what are 3,2 and 3,3?


We'll get two revisions to the iPhone 4. One called the iPhone 4G that will sport LTE and a pump in processor speed with dual core A9 and than the other is CDMA iPhone 4G. Just a thought

Maybe Steve had those revisions as part of his "Stop me if you've seen this before" campaign?

Sprint has clearly expressed interest in the iPhone several times. Maybe they agreed to the terms apple laid down. and Verizon,

I don't know, call me crazy, but those are probably for international carriers as at&t had apple sign a five year exclusive contract in 2007 making the earliest date for an iPhone on either verizon, sprint or t-mobile 2012. conveniently enough that is when verizon plans on having the their 4G network fully functional, my guess is they are already developing this phone (by that I mean apple) so there is a chance that one of these two is that prototype, but only time will tell.

Since Apple has made it clear the external antenna is not an issue I wouldn't expect a new case design. I would bet on T-Mobile and Non-USA CDMA carriers before a US one, although I bet they could get sprint to jump through many, many hoops for this one.
I am hoping iPhone 5 shell remains with internal isolation of the antenna and 64GB storage and 4G.

How many non US CDMA carriers are there? I can count them one hand. None. China has WCDMA which is a gsm derivative.