Beginner Tip: How to Share a Contact (VCF) on Your iPhone

Want to find out how to easily share someone's contact information on your iPhone? Simply go into your address book on your iPhone, tap on the contact you'd like to share and you'll see an option at the bottom to share the contact. When you tap that, you'll be presented with an option to either MMS or e-mail the person's information. Choose your option and the respective app will launch by itself. Read on for a few more screenshots and a little bit more explanation.

If you're sending via MMS, you have to choose who you're sending it to and click send.

Sending by e-mail isn't much different, just type in the person's email address you'd like to send the contact card to (or choose them from your address book) and you're contact will be sent on it's way!

Also keep in mind this isn't just an iPhone to iPhone feature. Most smartphones and even some feature phones will support .vcf (contact) files. Sending a contact to a person with a Blackberry or Android device should work just as well. Next time you need to send someone's contact information, give this a try if you haven't already!

Bonus tip: You can't MMS on iPad or iPod touch, but the email option is still a great way to share contact info.

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Beginner Tip: How to Share a Contact (VCF) on Your iPhone


That's the first thing I noticed was his home email address. Which is awesome! Well as made up as it is anyway. But the contact thing I've used a few times. Thanks!!

Ok, I'll stop making fun of these tips (i.e. The buttons on the side of the iPhone raise and lower volume). This one I actually didn't know; and one the other day was new info too. The tips are improving tipb.

When i hit share it goes to email directly .Am i doing some thing wrong here Oh btw i haven't saved my contacts locally its in exchange .

Not trying to mock, but how did you guys not know this? I assumed my grandma wouldn't, but I didn't think users on here wouldn't. Do you guys not explore your phones?

No need to be pompous. Some people are new to smartphones or never think of these types of features as something they'd want or need. Many people fall into routine habits of texting numbers

would you beat it? no one even likes you! no one cares if you know how to do this tip! this website Jang just about low lifes who spend their time searching through settings.
oh and TIPB, mistake in the first line:).

When i email a VCF contact to someone its sent as a VCF but it arrives on there phone as a txt file and canot be viewed.