Daily Tip: How to change Safari's default search engine

Daily Tip: How to change Safari's default search engine

New to iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and trying to figure out how to change the default search engine to something other than Google? For many users Google is all but synonymous with search but if you prefer Yahoo! or Microsoft Bing, it's an easy change to make. And we'll show you how after the break!

If you want to change your default search engine from Google to Yahoo! or Bing, here's what to do:

  • From the home screen, tap on the Settings app
  • Tap on Safari.
  • Tap on Search Engine.
  • Select the new Search Engine.

Once you quit settings, your selection will remain the default Search Engine until you change it again.

Bonus Tip: Just because you set one search engine as default for the search field doesn't mean you can't use others. Just enter their URL (google.com, yahoo.com, bing.com, etc.) in Safari and you can use any one you wish, whenever you wish.

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Daily Tip: How to change Safari's default search engine


Yes, these are silly tips. However, the Settings app is very robust and unless you have taken a tour through the entire Settings app, you probably do not know that a few settings and options exist.

Very sly indeed.
Seriously, there is a new technology to ensure you don't have to read posts you don't want to. It's called... NOT READING THEM.

This tip for changing the default search engine, brings up some internet related things I hope are addressed in iOS5. These things are: (1) having the ability to change the default browser, (2) having the ability to add more sites, in addition to Wikipedia, to Spotlight, and (3) having Google/Bing suggestions added to Spotlight for internet search queries.
OR (and)
(4) having the ability to disable Spotlight completely.

This only lets you set the "parent" default engine (e.g. Google) but not the specific variant (e.g. Google UK).
In order to have my calendar start with Sunday as the first day of the week, I have my "Settings>General>Region Format" option set to Ireland. However, that gives me a default search engine of google.ie
How can I change that to Google.com?

Yahoo search is best on iPhone. Google makesmtheir buttons too small, not very user friendly. Bing is my favorite, but I've had some issues with how it refreshes searches sometimes. Google is by far the worst, which is funny - because they were the best for years!

Thanks so much! I was frustrated that bing was taking over. Glad I got google back. I really appreciated your answer.

Thnx that was very helpful because I had the search engine as yahoo and I didn't want it as that so yea thnx again for the help.
( P. S I just got my iPod touch for Christmas so I'm still figuring things out so yea thnx again!!!!!!!!:) )