Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch set to launch iPad newspaper?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Newcorp head Rupert Murdoch may just be ready to test the waters with an iPad (and tablet) only "newspaper" called The Daily:

The collaboration, which has been secretly under development in New York for several months, promises to be the world's first "newspaper" designed exclusively for new tablet-style computers such as Apple's iPad, with a launch planned for early next year.

Intended to combine "a tabloid sensibility with a broadsheet intelligence", the publication represents Murdoch's determination to push the newspaper business beyond the realm of print.

Like the Kindle, this new style "newspaper" would be pushed automatically to iPad owners so they could just turn on their device and start reading. Jesse Angelo, managing editor of New York Post is rumored to be coming on as editor.

Several things are true: traditional print news is on the decline, iPad sales are soaring and competing devices in the same class will finally start appearing next year, Apple needs a good subscription content service, and Newscorp needs to find a way to sell premium content to support their news gathering.

If they could line everything up correctly, would you be interested in The Daily?


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Reader comments

Steve Jobs and Rupert Murdoch set to launch iPad newspaper?


I'd buy if there was real reporting (not stories based on wire service stories), interesting content and something of value that I don't receive today - all the reasons why I don't buy a newspaper today. And it has to be worth the subscription because I will not pay a premium because it's on a new platform.

So a tabloid for the ipad? No thanks, Murdoch pushes enough of his vile propaganda through his extremist cable channel..

I've heard that it will be .99 a week with Apple doing the app building. This is the only possible way I could see doing. Apple doing what it does well and a .99 a week price. Anything else would not do it for me. I have most of the details of every news story with me 24 7 for free why should I pay for a few more details that I will get eventually anyway if it's worth telling.

@JoeG - he does Fox News? Thought it said he was Newcorp - either way, sign me up. It all comes down to the $. If it's stuff I can get through Reeder/Pulse for free, then maybe not. If it's awesome, iPad newspaper cheap, probably. The devil is in the details at this point in time.

Depending on the price per week, and how many weeks you need to pay for at a time, they should give at least a trial paper, if not a trial week.

At this point, it would have to be highly compelling, both as to content and presentation. I already take in a lot of news in the iPad. In fact, it's now the ONLY way I read news. For daily news, I subscribe to The Financial Times and PressReader (with access to hundreds of daily newspapers from around the world!), and I read my GoogleReader feeds through River of News. On top of these, I weekly read The Economist through their excellent new app, having previously read it though Zinio, another fantastic news delivery app. I can't imagine how Jobs/Murdoch could improve on what's currently available. Whatever it is, I look forward to the effort, if only because I'm always curious to see what Jobs' imagination and drive will come up with next.

Yes. Looking forward to it. I'm sensing something powerful is what this will become for news junkies like me. Press Reader for the real papers and this for the tablet type.

Seems like it might be free, I don't see them charging, there's free stuff out there??

Without being disrespectful to The Dirty Digger, I'd rather rip off my own legs and tear out my eyes than read anything the Murdoch press wants me to read. Be it on my ipad or elsewhere ;)

Too much free news out there already. Hard to justify paying. It would have to be excellent "you heard it here first" to beat out the others. The other problem, national news is great, but everyone still wants local news. It would be neat if this new service could use your location to also report your local news. O might pay for that.

I wouldn't take anything that right-wing, flat-earth jerk Murdoch offered even it were for free. Look at the garbage, absolute garbage, that he spews forth on his Fox "news" Network. Give me a break, please. Steve! Think. Is this the guy you want to team up with? Hope not.

They made their move. Next move is on us:"Do not pay for web content." Keep it free as you did all of these years. If they go down nothing happens, it is a capitalism right? There will not be a death of journalism. New people will emerge. Its a simple as that.

Seriously, people come on... the only valid comment is Rupert Murdoch has encouraged a disgustingly tabloid style. If you want to complain about bias, let's be fair. I've never SEEN a non-biased news agency. You'll just complain about bias if it's AGAINST your point of view and see all news in your way of thinking as "balanced"
So stop whining and just accept there's no such thing as fair news anymore... and never has been