2010 TiPb Award for Favorite Protective iPhone/iPad Case goes to...!

Your votes have been counted, your voices have been heard, and we're proud to announce the 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award for Favorite Addictive iPhone/iPad Protective Case goes to... Otterbox Defender!

Otterbox Defender is what I've often referred to as the full plate armor of iPhone and iPad protection. It has layers - a hardened plastic shell and soft silicon skin along with a transparent film to to cover the screen. It's what you use when you want to absolutely, positively keep your iPhone or iPad safe and secure.

"Thanks TiPb readers for naming the OtterBox Defender Series the Favorite Protective Case for an iPhone or iPad! We are flattered by the recognition and appreciate the support of every single customer!"

Congratulations to Otterbox on their 2010 TiPb Readers Choice Award!

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Reader comments

2010 TiPb Award for Favorite Protective iPhone/iPad Case goes to...!


For protection, it is the better case. I think it is time for a mythbuster style video on the waterproof case. Yes you went through a carwash, but kind of tame.

I have to agree that the "Otter" is "bulky" and makes your i Phone
seem pretty big. However, while working my ranch last month, and burning large brush piles, unkown to me I dropped my phone/otter case into the fire ! By the time I realized and found it, the screen and body was burnt, pitted and melted ! But, I was able to crack it off my phone, and my phone was FINE ! Contacted Otter, and they quickly replaced my Otter Box ! I won't leave home without the Otter !

I think the otterbox has it's uses but I think the vast majority of iPhone users would disregard it because of the sheer bulkiness out of the hundreds of iPhones I have seen out in the wild I have never saw an otterbox defender case once. I think for a certain few ppl it is the best protective case but for the majority a compromise between protection and bulk would be a winner. Not the otterbox

My wife and I have used the Otterbox cases for well over a year now. I work in the outdoors a lot and do a lot of outdoor recreation. The case is the best money I ever spent. It has saved my phone more times than I can count. The lower part of the hard shell under the outer cover is broken into several pieces, but it is still effective and those fractures are from some serious hits and falls. Amazing case. Also, I like the size and the rim it creates around the screen. Makes the phone easier to hold and is simply killer. I did cut my plastic screen cover out of the case however, as I like being able to enjoy the glass screen in all its glory. The case still serves its function however. I dropped the phone today while running, the stroller ran it over and it bounced along the ground. The front face was scraped pretty good, phone still works great. I am demanding on my equipment. It needs to perform and the Otterbox delivers.

I have one. I have seen them out in the wild. I use it every once in a while. I do know a guy who had a motorcycle wreck and everything was tore up including himself but not his iphone because of the otterbox. Good enough for me.

The defender case is very important for me - I've had them on my 3G and now my 4. I don't like the 4 version as much as the old one, but it still works well. I don't know where Kris lives, but around here it's not uncommon to see other otterbox users. I agree that they're not the best case for most people, but if you're the sort of person who goes out in the outdoors much, or works construction, or generally subjects his/her phone to more extreme circumstances, this is the best option.

I have the otterbox for the 4. Don't know why they felt to totally change this case. Actually, this is my second one. The first one was total crap. This one is not as bad, but it still sucks. The outer shell dose not stay on (otter will replace the sillicone if you contact them, so this is a problem)and it just doesn't seem as "tough" as the 3G version. Everytime you open a port, you have to put the silicone back on. It is the best of what is out there, but I can't see someone NOT coming out with something that passes this up.

I have a Defender on my iPhone 4 and love it. And I have to say that Otterbox's customer service is second to none! I had an issue with the screen film on my original purchase and not only did they replace it free, they allowed me to switch colors!
I will only use Otterbox products on all of my devices going forward. A company that puts out such high quality products and cheerfully stands behind them deserves (and gets!) my loyalty.

I used to be against Otterboxes unless you worked outdoors. Well long story short I bout a cover from s kiosk in my local mall and it covered the proximity sensor so I took back that $30 dollar cover but they only do exchanges and said that I could get a cheaper one and they would call it even (um no your not screwing me out of money) or I could get an otterbox and pay the difference. Not wanting to be screwed over I broke down and paid the difference for a blue/black Defender. I have to say I am so glad I did. Being in a wheelchair I'm not hard on my iPhone 4 (especially since it's new I baby it cause you know, it is my baby. Haha). Anyway, the case makes me feel better and not as worried about something happening to my iPhone 4 and the included holster is a Godsend because when your in a wheelchair you don't always have many if any pockets so I usually just have my iPhone in my hand all the time. The holster is very sturdy as well and I don't worry about something happening while it's holstered. The Defender was definitely worth paying $20 more and I am so glad I finally convinced myself to get one.