Black Friday sales have started, what apps and games did you get?

2010 App Store Black Friday Sale

Pretty much every apps and game you can imagine is on Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in the iTunes App Store. Everything from the biggest gaming companies to the coolest indie developers is heavily discounted and priced to go.

If you want a list the folks at 148apps have done a bang up job pulling the latest discounts so check it out.

Have you bought any great apps at great prices today? Let us know what app and game deals you've pounced on

Rene Ritchie

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Liam Campbell says:

C'mon guys,
You could of compiled a list!
I know there's a lot on sale, but some direction would of been good.

Rob says:

Navigon my region east for $19.99. Done.

HungWell says:

Nice job. "There's a bunch on sale... good luck figuring out what they are. Have a nice friggin day." This site is becoming more irrelevant every day.

Jindofox says:

Every other iphone site has a massive list of what's on sale, so I say kudos to Rene for not parroting information that's everyplace and easy to find. Try Appshopper for a comprehensive search of everything that's been updated or put on sale.
I filled in my Gameloft collection for iPad, with more than 6 "HD" titles on sale, including Prince of Persia, Let's Golf 2, and Hero of Sparta 2, Splinter Cell Conviction, and Settlers. Big fun!

Rene Ritchie says:

Just based on the notices devs sent us, there were hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of apps on sale, and that wasn't half of what the aggregate sites were reporting.
When I said pretty much everything is on sale, I meant it.

fastlane says:

Must be all games. None of the useful apps are on sale.

webvex says:

It's not all games. There are a few useful apps on sale but, yeah, mostly games of course.

JustinTime says:

I took advantage of the Navigon sale

Matt says:

Unless i'm missing something is this US only?
Checked out NFS UC which is still at £2.99 (about 5 dollars)

Towerjay says:

Grabbed Navigon, Let's Golf 2, Brothers in Arms, WSOP Legends and Star Walk.

cpagan2000 says:

Wow that whole list on the website is all for Iphone games not Ipad games when I first started glancing at it I thought it was too good to be true. Good Ipad games for .99 cents wow until I saw for iphone only I could not find any one of the mentions for IPAD on sale only on Iphone maybe next time when TIPB folks are going to publish something tell us the catch give us some direction not Pretty much every apps and game you can imagine is on Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale in the iTunes App Store
thanks but no thanks

momo says:

Bought Navigon US West $19.99

Redshirt says:

@techgeek82 While the majority were iPhone or Universal, I saw some iPad only items on there deep in the list on page 3/4.

stephen007 says:

Thanks for the headsup. Just bought $10 worth of games :-)

mrcrader says:

Navigon Mobile Navigator for North America, including in app purchase of traffic information. Now I won't be driving blind when in British Columbia with data turned off.

Koma says:

I picked up Zen Bound 2 and New Oxford American Dictionary. I'm thinking about getting Heroes Lore III.
All for €0,79 each.