Twitter for iPhone and iPad updated with Quick Bar

Twitter for iPhone has been updated to 3.3 and includes a new Quick Bar to show trends without leaving your timeline.

  • Quick Bar, shows trends and other important things without leaving your timeline! Swipe the Quick Bar left/right to cycle through trends
  • Trends based on your location
  • Cleaner, redesigned Tweet compose screen.
  • Autocomplete @usernames and hashtags
  • Easier photo uploading
  • Find friends using your phone's contacts
  • Improved DM conversation view, now works similar to SMS/Chat
  • Cleaned up preferences
  • Bug fixes

The mystery is knowing which bugs are fixed. One of the biggest bugs I've experienced and seen others complain about is the incorrect badge count - the notification badge always says "1" regardless of how many new mentions or DMs you have. The other big one is that DM's show up as new even though they have been read. Hopefully these bugs have been fixed.

If you pick this one up, let us know what you think!

[Free - iTunes link]

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Leanna Lofte

Former app and photography editor at iMore, Leanna has since moved on to other endeavors. Mother, wife, mathamagician, even though she no longer writes for iMore you can still follow her on Twitter @llofte.

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Reader comments

Twitter for iPhone and iPad updated with Quick Bar


OMG, i'm already frustrated with the quick bar. If anyone has found how to turn it off let me know, that's crap really. Other than that, great update!

The incorrect badge count bug still hasn't been fixed. Can't believe they have overlooked the biggest bug.

Yep, the quickbar is pretty gross looking, which is surprising because everything else Loren has done has been beautiful. I would love an option to turn it off.

apart from using this app I am using 4 more twitter apps and all of them have something missing!!
can someone please combine all 5 of them to produce something amazing?!
on a side note - is there a way to tweet Voice Memos from my phone to Twitter?

I hate the quick bar. What an awful idea to not even provide a way to disable it. Also, they took away my favorite option of displaying timestamps in absolute format. Wish I could go back to the last version.

It gets worse. It looks like they also dropped support for custom URL shorteners. Mine used to be set to and now it is using Twitter's own keeps a catalog of links you share if you plug in your API key. So now I've lost that feature. Wonderful...

The DM bug is still there. Mine have shown as unread now for a while.
I would like to be able to turn off the quick bar, although it does disappear as you scroll down.
Not a fan of the new compose window, the scrolling should include all four options (hashtags, @, pics & location) but it doesn't. Kind of messy and cumbersome if you ask me. I liked the other way better, how you tapped the character counter to hide the keyboard and reveal options, then tapped it again.
The new find friends through your contacts is pretty cool.
Osfoora, Hootsuite, Twitterific are looking a bit better now.
Come on devs, wow us like you used to with Tweetie and official Twitter and listen to your users. What features do we, the user, want or not want.

One gripe for me. Bad positioning for the Quick Bar. Hope they release an update to turn it off. Just cramps the screen. Everything else is cool with me.

I wish the swipe on a tweet to send a reply, quote, etc.. in the iPhone version was in the iPAd version as well. I wonder why they didn't do that...but instead opted for the million page pileup UI disaster situation.
Twitter should have let the designers alone and let them mature the product. No doubt the disasters are the ideas of twitter people and not the original app designer team.
I hate it when app developers sell out.

I hate that popup trend bar.
AND I hate the Netflix update for iPad (not all the genre are listed! grrr I'm having to use the website to see all genre).

The point is the promoted trend - it is a way for Twitter to put ads directly into the stream in a (relatively) unobnoxious way.

If it's a revenue issue, put out a paid version that allows you to disable it--it's insanely annoying. The iPhone screen has little enough real estate as it is.

Please get rid of the trending bar!! So annoying!! I like everything else about this app. I can deal with the badge count being wrong but that grey bar blocking tweets is horrible!!

Downgraded back to 3.2.2 within less than 10 minutes. I feel sorry for all the people who haven't jailbroken and are stuck with this terrible, terrible update. The Quick bar makes the app completely unusable.

The new twitter app is horrible.. I got the older version back from my Mac.. Won't upgrade till the update it again and bring back functionality.. The autocomplete was nice though

The Trends Quickbar can be disable in "Accounts & Settings" > Settings > Advanced > Ignore Local Trends = ON

Ouch, that quick bar is pretty awful. It randomly pops up when I'm lower down on my timeline and I thought it only popped up at the top. What a waste. And then you can't even slide left or right on it because it thinks you want to find out more about the trend. It's a pretty terrible feature

The trend bar is a cool idea, but a terrible implementation. It wouldn't be so bad if it STAYED at the top of the timeline, but instead it randomly pops up while you're scrolling through tweets. EXTREMELY annoying. I will be sticking with the previous version, which, other than the badge bug (which wasn't even fixed in the new version), was perfect for me.

I love that their idea of "cleaning up preferences" was to remove lots of useful ones. You can't set it to absolute timestamping anymore; so everything is "1hr ago" instead of "1:23pm". There's no more services link to followcost which I used regularly, and it crashed trying to load tweets I'd missed while at work. They're small things but ones that really weren't obtrusive or difficult to leave as part of the app. Why they got rid of them is beyond me, but I'm looking at alternative clients now. And the trending bar, well, that's had everything said about it that needs be said.

HATE the trending bar... Plus, the "Autocomplete @usernames and hashtags" doesn't work as I expected. It doesn't show all the users you follow, just what seems to be the recently active ones plus some of the ones that have been retweeted that you don't even follow. Thumbs down

Am I the only one who thinks the Quick Bar is not really a big deal? I mean it barely takes up any space and disappears right away.

Yes, igorsky, you seem to be the only one. I think it's disgusting not to include ability to turn it off. Even if it would involve payment of 0.99.
Huge step backwards. Loren, did they do it with your consent? Too bad if so.

I hate the quickbar too. If you are jailbroken just go to cydia and grab "twizzler". It simply removes it from Twitter for iPhone 3.3. Or grab Osfoora lol

Wow, I'm glad I haven't updated yet - now I sure won't. I hate the idea of a trend bar (couldn't care less about trends) and going by the feedback so does pretty much everybody else.
For anyone stuck with the update and looking for a new Twitter client, I'd recommend SimplyTweet (lots of features) or Echofon (fast). Both have free versions to try out.

I thought the trending bar was annoying since I don't care about trending topics anyway, and it takes up a lot of space. Then I saw "promoted" topics which are just ads and it's even worse.

quickbar = #dickbar
it's really stupid and even more stupid that they have no setting to TURN THE DUMB THING OFF.
epic #fail Twitter UI folks...

account settings >settings > advanced > ignore local trends turn on then off then on then off then on again. the banner is no longer present on my phone. Also make sure you change the trends function in your account set it to an area near you (i.e orange county set to Los Angeles)

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