iPad 2 online orders starting to ship

Early risers who managed to get their Apple Online Store iPad 2 orders in on Friday are letting us know that they're either preparing to ship or are shipping. We've been tracking orders in the iPad Forum so if you're waiting on that magical UPS or Fedex truck, jump on in and let us know when Apple says your iPad 2 is arriving.

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Captain7576 says:

Apple notification said mine shipped today for delivery by the 18th. Fedex tracking indicates delivery on the 17th by 4:30 pm.

Winnie says:

Received shipping notification this morning!! Expect receive in March 17.

Andrew says:

April7. What!!!!!!!! :(

Gmada says:

Delivery on 17th by 4:30pm too... :-)

Gmada says:

My iPad 2 is "At local FedEx facility" 2 days ahead of estimated delivery. And its only about 1 mile from my house. I wonder if I can pick it up tonight if it does not make the delivery truck today?

john says:

I ordered mine at 2:54am(central)on the 11th and Apple sent me an E-mail this morning saying shipped, will deliver by the 18th, FedEx states the 17th.

Nick says:

I ordered mine at 2:54am PST. Mine is currently prepared to ship. After a quick call to Apple on Friday morning, they were able to upgrade my shipping to 2-3 day.
Curious, is everyone having theirs shipped via Fedex Ground?

Dan says:

There are no options for different shipping online. What was your original shipping time and how much did it cost to upgrade?

CstDskSol says:

My order shows it was places at 4:19 am eastern time. The cover has shipped, but not a peep about the iPad.

Dyvim says:

Ordered mine 4:15 am EST. Shows Prepared for Shipment.

rob says:

Ordered my 32GB wifi at 4:00 EST. It's showing prepared for shipment but no tracking info yet, I wonder if they are just shipping 16GB wifi right now.

Nick says:

Mine was a 16GB Wifi and still at the "prepared to ship" state. I can't wait!

Harmon says:

I ordered a 32GB WiFi+3G (AT&T) at 7:15 EST March 11. It is supposed to be here between March 22 and 29. Accessories and case were shipped on March 12.

Bryars says:

16GB wifi shipped today, 64 GB 3G has not. Both ordered same time. Hoping the other one ships soon.

dawggg63 says:

64GB WiFi ordered 1:04 PST showing 2-3 day ship with arrival between Mar. 18th - 25th.

koray says:

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solu says:

Ordered 12.43 PST . It's says prepared for shipment.

LaLa says:

I ordered mine at 2:56 a.m. E.T. and it still has not shipped! It says will ship in 3-5 business days and deliver March 18-25th.... I wish they would ship the friggin thing already

Marsha Leigh says:

I ordered 1245am March 11-JUST got email today fedex tracking to deliver March 17 by 4p. (delivery to Southern Calif) I ordered 16g wifi only. The green cover shipped separately to arrive in 2 days.

Leo says:

WOW..just checked my order status..and its being shipped now..will get it on the 17th at 4:30pm..but its coming from SHENZHEN CHINA..that's why its taking this long..WTF!

Tommy says:

Ordered mine at 5:00am online. Keep checking my order status but nothing on iPad2. My cover shipped on the 11th, I'll receive it on Mon. the 14th. But as far as the shipping goes on my AT&T Black, 64 gig/wifi/3G their saying it will ship out in 5-7 business days and arrive at my house between the 22nd and the 29th. What a crock, When I saw the delivery date I called Apple right away. They said that they would escalate my order. Called back today and spoke to a supervisor and they told me that there wasn't any way to expedite my order. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he wouldn't let me. So after a lot arguing I got my Smart Cover for free and their shipping next day... Still not too happy about the situation but came to a road block and ended up settling for their offer. I mean realistly that can't sell you something that they don't have... They said that they had plenty but were working on getting them getting them shipped. I don't buy that for min. otherwise they'd all be shipping at approximately the same time. I bet Steve Job's wouldn't too thrilled with the way they're customer service right about now... They could of moved a lot more units had they had the product in hand. But they didn't so here I wait helplessly In the hands off Apple which I'm not very trusting of them so far...

rob says:

My 32GB is scheduled to be delivered by the 17th by 4:30pm : ) Can't wait!

planoman says:

I ordered 2 32GB wifi models online at opening time. Got two FedEx shipment notices today. Both will be delivered on the 17th in separate shipments. The Ipads are coming from China!

eric d says:

I guess Apple wanted to fill the stores with what that had so far in the US and decided to have the online orders filled directly from China.

sampson0420 says:

yay :D, ordered around 3:55am EST
Mar 13, 2011 11:19 PM
Picked up
Package received after FedEx cutoff
Mar 13, 2011 10:58 PM
In transit
Mar 12, 2011 3:16 AM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

Viper83181 says:

First world problems! Lol calling apple bitching about having to wait an additional 2-3 days is funny. You poor things!

dawggg63 says:

Couldn't agree more. I'm as impatient as the next guy to get my new "toy", and wish it have been shipped as soon as I hit the key, but some of these comments remind me of children throwing temper tantrums when mommy won't buy them the toy in the checkout line. It really is kind of embarrassing for America. If Friday would have been touted as a pre-order, or if Apple would have delayed the release date until they had built up inventory, my result would have been the same... no iPad 'till next week. Good for everyone who got theirs a little early. I'm jealous, but good for you. To everyone else... priorities people!

Stacie Esera says:

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Erik van der Neut says:

Can't agree more with Viper83181 and dawggg63!
Interesting to find out from the comments that a lot of people were able to get their order in before 4am Eastern :-) I got up at 3:55 and got my order in at 4:10. The iPad is on its way, currently in Hong Kong, and scheduled to arrive Friday afternoon, 3/18.

jason says:

i ordered mine before you, and mine wont be here until 22nd. what the heck is going on? anyone know?

Gmada says:

Mine too. Two days early! :-)

OALA says:

You lucky suckers.... I waited until Monday to order it in hopes that I may get one in a store..... Estimated shipping date APRIL 11!!!!!!!!
Product / Part No.
Ships: Apr 11
Delivers: Apr 18
Ships: Apr 11
Delivers: Apr 14

jason says:

mine is being chipped from china. not here until may 22nd. anyone else have this "issue"? i ordered mine 1250 pst on the 11th. 10min before they were supposed to go on sale.

Tina says:

Ordered at 1:37 pst and just checked the site...finally shipping from China...now in Hong Kong on some freakin Island.....says it won't be here until the 22nd....I was thinking I was going to get it in 3-5 days...so like Wednesday....Then Friday and I gotta wait thru the entire weekend and MORE!

TDConnor says:

Ordered mine on the 13th @ 3:55pm, but it won't ship until 4/11 with an ETA of 4/18. I called apple & they said to continue to check my order status, because it may come on the 14th. He thinks they're being conservative with the shipment dates. The camera connector, however is being delivered today. One month is a long time, but others said their orders were cancelled altogether; so I won't complain.