HBO Go for iPhone and iPad now available

HBO Go is now available as a universal application for iPhone and iPad. As an existing HBO subscriber, you will have access to over 1,400 HBO shows include HBO original programming, hit movies, sports an comedy.

  • Keep up with your favorites. Watch everything you love about HBO, including HBO original programming, hit movies, sports, comedy and every episode of the best HBO shows, including True Blood®, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire®, Entourage®, The Sopranos®, Curb Your Enthusiasm®, Sex and the City®, The Wire® and more. Plus, get bonus features and special behind-the-scenes extras!

  • Take it with you. Get instant access to HBO GO whenever you want, wherever you are—and never miss a moment of your favorite HBO shows.

  • Make it your own. Create a customized Watchlist to catch up on all your favorite HBO shows and hit movies at your convenience. Plus, set a Series Pass® to automatically load your list with all the HBO Original Series you love.

  • Enjoy more HBO. Get even more of your favorite HBO programming with HBO GO—FREE with your HBO subscription through participating television providers.

Any HBO subscribers out there excited about this? If you pick it up, let us know what you think!

[Free, with HBO subscription through participating television providers - iTunes link]

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There are 67 comments. Add yours.

Stu Davies says:

Wish we could subscribe online from UK, would definitely be worth getting!

Vox says:

Same thing went through my mind about getting it here in .mx...I'd love to be able to get HBO without having to get all the rest of the crap they make you pay for with it at my local cable provider.

B says:

No AirPlay support? WTF?!?!

Charliewat says:

Airplay came up on my ipad

Greg Foster says:

the option to click airplay comes up but it only sends audio to the apple tv.

FutureMedia says:

Same problem out the HDMI Adapter from my iPad 2. Audio only with a rude HBO GO logo on the HDTV. First app I know of thart blocks iPad 2 mirroring. Bummer. The app is uless to me without HDMI out from my iPad 2. Hope they unlock the video out in the first update.

Chris says:

can you pause a show or movie and easily resume at the same spot? I can't see how that is done?

Greg Foster says:

yes. i've been pausing and exiting the application and it starts from where i stopped.

(Copy of) Dev says:

I briefly played with it, and it seems like just what you want out of an On-Demand service -- current Game of Thrones episodes are available, as is every episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm.
It's Achilles heel is the sign in process. I suppose HBO cannot be faulted for it, but it sucks.
1) Your account can only be logged in to view on one device at a time. I logged in on my iPhone, logged in on my iPad, and I had to explicitly log out of my iPhone to see something on the iPad. If you stay logged in on your iPad and leave the house, do not expect to catch up. Of course, I cannot be sure, if this is always true, because...
2) The login process ties into your TV provider. If your TV provider's login webservice is down, you cannot log in. I found this out when I logged out of the iPad to log back in on the iPhone, and now cannot get in anywhere. Every other provider page shows up in HBO Go -- just not AT&T Uverse. Until it does again, I am locked out.

(Copy of) Dev says:

Actually, perhaps it is HBO's fault.
When I signed out, I could not see the AT&T screen to sign back in.
When I used the iOS taskbar to quit the app and try again, I still could not see the screen.
When I deleted the app and reinstalled, I could see the screen and log in.
It seems possible HBO is caching something that it should not post sign-out, so that requests to ATT to sign back in are not processed correctly.

Greg Foster says:

Hhhm... my brother and i are both logged in on our phones and on the iPad. It's working simultaneously.

(Copy of) Dev says:

Weird...we have three iPhone, my wife's droid, and a family iPad. If once device is logged in, then playing video pops up a message on another device saying that another device is currently playing.
Perhaps it is provider specific? Who is your provider?

Greg Foster says:

yah, that's not happening at all here. We're with DirecTv but I find it hard to believe it would be different across cable providers and not app specific? Weird.

sting7k says:

How exactly do you login? Do you use your account for your TV provider? I'm going to get this after work, I'll have to dig out my Comcast info if that's the case.

(Copy of) Dev says:

Yup...dig up your Comcast information.

Bob says:

Unfortunately TIME WARNER is not supported FAIL

Todd says:

I too was very sad to see that Time Warner Cable is NOT a supporting provider (yet)...

Kurt says:

i want it, im in korea but momma dukes has hbo back home. so she will give me the info i need! cant wait!

tehdoucher says:

its kind of stupid how i have to pay for the channel, yet the app wont work here in canada. stupid.

Mike Frisco says:

The is the first app I've encountered that tells me my 3G is not a supported device. Great.

Greg Foster says:

Wish there was some AIRPLAY SUPPORT!!!

sting7k says:

So you are going to stream it on your phone to play on your TV? If you are an HBO subscriber why wouldn't you just turn on your TV and put it on HBO?

Lars says:

Because HBO OnDemand does not have the large back catalog of content that HBOGO has. Using HBO OnDemand (through the cable box) only gives you access to the last few weeks of stuff, plus limited reruns)

Greg Foster says:

I'm on DirecTv and HBO On-Demand for DirecTv doesn't have anywhere NEAR the amount of content this app has, I mean... Carnivale is on the app! Every season of Curb! I was happier than a pig in ish yesterday!

jasondeno says:

This takes the 'Home' out of HBO. It also takes the 'Box Office' out of HBO. They will now been known as ___.

elusivmd says:

No AppleTV or Airplay support is dissapointing. I recently shut off my DirectTV to go all streaming media in my house. I would have paid a monthly for this. Ah wells.

Jfelipe83 says:

Cablevision is not supported

Daniel says:

Love it man! This is ANOTHER reason I LOVE my iPad. Cool that they released it prior to 5/2 as advertised. I haven't tried out the two devices at once yet (I have an iPhone 4 and iPad 2) but this may be an excuse to keep my begging friends away from using my account (think NFL Sunday Ticket...)

nathan says:

Why aren't my comments showing up?!?!?!

Daniel says:

I really hate cool apps showing up in the us itunes store, and the rest of the world is just ignored. Even more annoying that I have an HBO account.

Tony says:

Perfect app. It's for watching HBO when your not at home, why would you need airplay or appletv support, You have to be a HBO subscriber to use this service so you have HBO on your tv. I love the app it streams better than my sling player and has everything you need from HBO. Perfect.

joe scro says:

After using this app for what I will admit has been a brief period, the only bit of negative feedback I've noticed is what I would consider "choppy" playback. The picture quality is not what I was expecting it to be on my iPhone 4 considering the amazing video quality many other apps bring to the table. Other than that I like the wide range of programming available and it was actually pretty simple to get running with my service provider being XFINITY. 4 out of 5 stars

David says:

Just canceled Netflix!!!!!!

George DW says:

The video quality looks fine to me, on my 3GS on wifi, but I'm not getting any sound, and a quick search shows I'm not the only one... :(

George DW says:

The player also appears to have no volume slider, and doesn't respond to volume button presses.

George DW says:

Never mind, its just the only video app I've seen that obeys the mute switch. One more caveat, though, is that there doesn't seem to be any way to quit and pick up where you left off.

Troy says:

Had same issue... Set your slide switch to mute/unmute, then go to app and start a movie, confirm you have sound. Then go to settings and change the switch back to rotation. I THINK I had iPad muted when I changed the switch setting and HBO Go never unmuted. Worked for me anyway.

SciTeach3 says:

I had initial problems starting app on my iPad and had to call Cox for help. What ended up working was me going to first to register my account and then it worked on my iPad. Not only was able to be logged in on my iPad and iPhone at the same time but what I was watching on one before pausing picked up at the exact same place on the other device.
I'm loving this app!

3GirlsAZ says:

Just tried it tonight. Awesome. CAVEAT: If you have kids make sure to activate parental controls. The late night section shows very explicit adult content.

James says:

This app is Top 5...easily

Stephen says:

This app is awesome. Now I can watch Alien Sex Files 3, whenever I want.

Toad says:

No AirPlay support, but more Important NO HDMI MIRRORING, I paid for a cable that allows me to show exactly on the tv what I have on my iPad. It shows an HBO icon on my TV. This is some bullsnake..

abear1619 says:

Finally, great content!
Works great on mt iPhone4~too bad for airplay :(

Chaddaddadd says:

The AirPlay Audio works for me through my airport express, although it didn't the first time. I wish that the HDMI AV adapter worked to play video on screen, but I can understand why they did that. I'm glad I didn't spend the $40 to buy it

Jon says:

awesome... set up on the computer and the iPad 2. Parental controls were wrong. Went to charter to adjust. Logout of both computer and iPad and when I go to login there is no spot to login. It wants me to create new hbo go account in both iPad and computer. When I try to use login names I used it obviously says the login names are used. Anyone using charter with the same problems?

Cris says:

I am trying to log on with my phone and it is trying to get me to set up a new account. How do I get past this?

Jim says:

So is there definitely no Air Play support for this? I was actually going to buy an Apple TV just for this.The content library is massive! Every episode from every season of so many series. So many movies. Phenomenal!
And for those saying Air Play is unnecessary because you can just turn your TV on HBO or OnDemand, you obviously have not explored the depth of this App's library. HBO OnDemand (I'm with xfinity) has nowhere near as much content as this App.

Raul says:

Has anyone succeeded having parental controls on your kid's device but no controls on the parent's device? Settings change on both devices if I change them on either device. I may have to set up a n"secondary account" as the settings menu refers to "primary account" but there is no option to add a secondary account. Any help is appreciated.

Jim moak says:

I'm absolutely in love with this app. Im jammin through The Wire right now. Its the one thing missing from netflix. But they need to fix the HDMI MIRRORING to TV soon. Has anyones mirroring worked???

steve mindnich says:

IPad 2 users can also now mirror their iPad screen on their television at home with iOS5 will this open up HBO Go for playing through TV?

Sonntag says:

When I sign in to hbo go, it tells me I dont have HBO service with Cox. I really do! any suggestions?

Ericpita says:

Useless app if you want to mirror iPad to tv. Tried from a hotel and only audio will play! What's the point of the GO in HBO Go?

Kevinlay29 says:

How did you set up your HBO Go? I have HBO subscription but I don't know how to get it started

Bill says:

iPads have a VGA connector (accessory) option to play media on your TV. The iPad 2 brings an HDMI option. Suggest you visit the Apple store . . . connecting the iPad to a TV using an audio output or an audio cable will send audio only to the TV. A video/VGA connector will solve your issue.

spj says:

The HDMI doesn't work with HBOGO, by design.

N252v says:

I am seeing the same result. Audio only no video just the hbo logo

Hkyplyr38 says:

Over half the shows on this thing are not working on my iPad. I have found a single movie that I can watch and the rest that I try to select tell me that they are not available and that they are working on the problem.

Hkyplyr38 says:

Why not advertise them until they are fully ready to view? Is anyone one else having this problem?

Slblevin says:

So there's no way to watch hbg go from my iPhone to the tv? Only audio? Can I DL somthing to override this block??? It seems ridiculous

Res09flo says:

Why can't I get it to work with iPod touch 3G, says it works with it

Christiano Ronaldo says:

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