iOS 5 beta gallery 2

You've already sent us one set of iOS 4 beta screenshots, and you just keep them coming. So here we are with round 2, and here's what they show:

  • Photo Stream can support multiple Apple IDs
  • Automatic downloads work for apps everywhere, but for music only in the US
  • Game Center has a place for your picture now
  • iCloud won't work with Apple IDs that aren't email addresses (older Apple IDs)
  • Swiping in weather gives you hourly forecasts (first update since 1.0, yay!)
  • You can Tweet a single picture but not multiple pictures
  • If you don't recall your password, there's an iForgot button (we kid you not)

Anyone notice anything else?

[Thanks Rodney, Kevin, JD, and anon!]

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iOS 5 beta gallery 2


If you enter a different itunes ID and then try to turn on automatic downloads of Music it disables it for 90 days on that iPhone.

I can already tell that I'm going to spend PLENTY of time puzzling over whether I should crop my photos to 3:2 format or 4:6 format. What to pick?!?

Rene, your first sentence should reference "iOS 5" not "iOS 4" for the link to the 1st round of beta screen shots. :-)

Speaking of photos, any change in photos? Can you put them in different folders on the device? There is a need to better organize you photo albums using the iDevice.

yes you can create albums and arrange all your pictures into albums directly from the device has been around as long as I can remember (since .Mac days). Nice to see it in iOS though.

I have found that when I try to log in to iCloud it tells me my MobileMe account is already configured, but none of the iCloud features work. If I try to turn on Photo Stream, it just turns itself back off.
I am not 100% certain as to why that is, but it's annoying. Of course, everything else makes up for it.

I am also wondering this, I had to create a new Apple ID just to use iCloud because my current @me address would not work. Any ideas? Now my CC and iTunes / App store purchases are on one ID and my iCloud stuff is on another. Lame!

Under General Settings > Keyboard there is a new shortcut where you can add auto expansion eg omw to On my way!

the one question that I have is about icloud and itunes
can you have a different icloud email than what is on the itunes store account and it handles syncing well?
and then how does it handle two icloud accounts talking to the same itunes store account? Such as when you buy a song does it sync based on the icloud account of the that purchased it or the itunes store account that purchased it?

You guys said iOS 4 photos where sent in so you decided to make a second gallery cause so much of them are coming, is it not iOS 5 lol

Just stuff re stocks apps in a folder and shove it to page 2. Out of sight out of mind. Give it a try worked for me.

This is random, but all I have to say is this iOS looks really amazing and I can't wait for it to be released...but...fall? That just really sucks! I really hope that the next iPhone is amazing if they didn't release it this summer. A 4S, with this iOS just won't cut it in my opinion.

Can anyone tell me, does iOs 5 set time and date support Internet time servers on no-n3G devices (iPod Touch, Wi-Fi iPad)? Or is there at least an API available for developers (at lest)?
This is a big part of cutting the cord, especially as the clocks on both my iPod and iPad run really fast. Pain to manually set them and syncing to the Mac only resets them when they are really far off actual time.

If you turn on LED notification, does it blink the LED flash continuously when there is an outstanding alert?
Also, if there is an alert that comes up when using the phone, then you lock it, does it show on the lock screen? I heard only new alerts when the phone is locked shows up on the lock screen.

Things only show up on the lock screen if they happened while it was locked. But at least they still show up in the notification center. They still don't have a snooze button on calendar entries. The iPhone must be the only devices ever made that doesn't have a snooze button. Come on apple, stop being so stubborn.

Great stuff. Mostly impresses by location based reminders and happy for week view in iCal.
Im a technical person but I still feel like I would be able to take advantage of the iCloud. I feel like they really show it off for people with multiple iOS devices.
I have a iMac at home but I'm not sure if I'll feel the full effect of using iCloud.

The "cloud" is only truly advantageous if you have a multiple devices, work on multiple devices. Obviously, gadget bloggers think cloud stuff is the greatest thing since the Prometheus brought fire down from the clouds, but for the larger population of folks who have one computer and one satellite gadget, which has got to be the vast majority, not so much.
Cable sync will still be 10x faster and infinitely more energy efficient than wireless/cloud sync. But if you have multiple devices: a desktop, a laptop, an iPhone, an iPad, the cloud can be beneficial.

I have alot of trouble trying to sync music. The name of the song is grey and wont let me play it, anybody else experience this?

You might do a YouTube search for this. I saw a video, which I believe was linked from CNET, showing that it works well on 3GS. The video was recorded by someone in Europe, and was well done.

All I can say is that the iPhone 4 is already too thin, but thats just my ooiinpn, making it thinner just seems a little stupid to me to make it any thinner, which is why my iPhone 4 has an otterbox case on it to make it bigger.

Swiping from left to right in the camera app will take you to the most recent picture in the camera roll and vice versa.

Can you assign colors to your calendars or does iOS automatically does it for you again? I'm sick of having the colors change each time I set up a new device. (and between various devices). Please Please Please be fixed in this version. I can't wait for another year...

Can iPhone iCal send calendar/event invites to others from a iCloud acct?
Example: 2 people with calendars syncing to iCloud on (say iTunes accts with gmail addresses) accounts. Is there an option to send event invites to one another?
Alternatively, how does calendar sharing work?

You can set custom vibration patters, ring and text tones for separate contacts. It says you can set a general custom vibration pattern in the sounds settings but I don't see it.

Found the setting for overall custom vibe patterns. Can create custom gestures, doesn't see any way to assign them to do anything.

Has anyone tried Mail, Pages etc with a bluetooth keyboard yet and if so is it better supported in iOS5?
Currently when using the keyboard it doesn't do auto contractions (dont to don't, hes to he's etc) and it also will not auto capitalise the beginning of a new sentence following a full stop.
A lot of shortcuts are also missing so can someone have a look around to see if there are any improvements here.

How is the battery life on your phone since IOS5? I'm wondering if all the interaction with the cloud is going to zap the battery.

I'm running it on my main iPhone and iPad. I'm not a dev. It runs great, I was a little concerned about bugs but I haven't run into anything too crazy. Had it for 2 days now on both devices.

Did they fix the notification coming in while you are on the phone, i.e. new mail, alarm, text? So when you are talking on the phone it doesn't scare the 58it out of you.