Sources Confirm 3G iPhone Launch in June '08. Dozens Stunned by News


CNBC reporter Jim Goldman claims that a source close to Apple's Asian contract manufacturer knows precisely when Apple will launch the long desired 3G iPhone. Clear your calendars for the month of June '08, the date of iPhone 3G's arrival. This news, if you can call it that, comes as little surprise since the existence of a 3G iPhone was confirmed by none other than Apple itself. But this source, if accurate, dashes any hopes such a product will reveal itself at MacWorld in January. Was anyone really expecting Apple to obsolete the current model in under 6 months? Apple churns out new iPhone models like Mocha Lattes at Starbucks, but in a new iPhone release in such a short period isn't realistic, especially given that iPhone hasn't fully propagated among international carriers.


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Sources Confirm 3G iPhone Launch in June '08. Dozens Stunned by News


I hope its not true! Cause I won't have enough spare money to upgrade to one:( and it would kinda be a bit harsh on all the ppl who bought one of the current versions.

I know I will not be upgrading anytime soon. Of course I lasted 4 years with a featureless Nokia (when I bought it, at the time it was the cheapest thing available... I was pissed because Verizon wanted me to pay full price to replace a newish phone I had lost). Compared to the piece of crap I had been using, my iPhone seems like heaven. Anyway, I will probably skip this upgrade and go with the next one.

"a new iPhone release in such a short period isn’t realistic"
iPods get updated at least once a year, why couldn't both the current and new iPhone be offered at the same time? $249 for the current EDGE version and $399 for the new 3G version?

It means that the internet will be up to 5x faster than the edge network that cingular and the iphone is using right now. I believe it is a huge step up for apple

3G means that in SOME cases it'll be much faster, and in other cases we won't know the difference, because it will still be EDGE, depending on the progress of the AT&T roll-out in your area. Most people complaining about the lack of 3G aren't really being practical, as the iPhone's current 2.5G EDGE support is in some cases just as responsive as the 3G support in other phones. As Jobs noted, it will take newer applications like "tele-conferencing" to fully take advantage of the enhanced bandwidth a 3G phone would offer. Ironically, iPhone streams YouTube over EDGE just fine and streaming video is the number one application for 3G speeds right now. 3G will make it much more practical to upload videos and hi-res photos however.

I'm just surprised that there is no mention of gps in the new version. Maps are great but gps as well as all the other features would put the iPhone streets ahead of competitors.

I wanting to purchase an iphone, but i have a current contract with orange. Can someone tell me wether I can purchase an unlocked phone and put my existing orange sim into it under my existing contract?

3G will add coverage where the Edge may not reach. I would pay for that additional feature just because I live so far from civilization and can appreciate the added coverage.
eric: The new GPS function is relatively cool in condensed tower areas.
Overall, the iPhone has increased my productivity except for when someone says "Hey is that the new iPhone?" and then it becomes a toy again!

Joe, you can purchase an unlocked iPhone for the bargain price of 649 euros, and use your existing SIM card in it with no problems. BTW, don't ask Don's friend James, both seem racist.

Even if you are only a month into a contract you can still upgrade to the iPhone for $399. And if another iPhone comes out in June then you can upgrade to that one as well even though your only a few months into your contract. This only applies to iPhones though.

Been waiting for the 3G version forever. The first 1.6 million iphone owner got ripped off. 1st Gen was all design, no GPS, no 3G. Techwise it was pretty weak.

There was mention on another website about the 3G having more GPS ability than google maps has now. It will use antennas to pick-up your location. I think it will be on future updates for all iPhones as well.

Hey AL I do agree with you whole heartedly. I'm waiting for that money to get a free iphone pretty much. :) Well Bush has been good for something at least.

Finally!!!!!!!! Ive been waiting for this for so long!!! I didnt want to buy the current iPhone because it still runs on EDGE but this is awesome news!! I dont understand why the US is so behind when it comes to 3G, for instance, Argentina is already covered with 3g since 2006, the entire country, and unlimited, anywhere in the country, high speed internet access through ur phone costs US$30 a month...The US should learn from Argentina when it comes to telecommunications...

I was going to buy the 16GB iPhone really soon but now that I hear a newer model will be coming in just 3 months, I am hesitant. Do you think it is worth waiting for a 3G oppose to just settling with the 2.5G? Thoughts?

I was about to buy an iPhone, too, but since I started doing research on it and found out about the projected release of the new 3G version, I can't justify spending three for four hundred dollars on a phone that'll be eclipsed by its successor in a mere three months. You should probably wait - given Apple's track record, the new version will be more than worth passing up instant gratification.

Unless you live or work in a 3G coverage area, the short answer is no - it's not worth it. AT&T's 3G network build-out is weak, with availability limited to just a few major metro areas across North America. Personally, I think on the whole 3G is overhyped, at least where AT&T is concerned. Limited coverage - poor reliability. Until that changes I don't see it as a critical feature. Now, I'm sure others here blessed to live in a 3G coverage may have a different slant, but speaking as someone who is 3G-less... I get by just fine without it.
My advice to you is to look at AT&T's coverage map and see where you fall. If you in 3G land then wait for the next iPhone. If not, then buy the 16GB model and enjoy yourself.

The question is, will there still be unlimited web and email for the 3G version for the additional $20.00..Or is going to be more or per kb..cause it that is the case, I would just be as happy with the current version..

the $30.00 plan that is offered at the data plan for the IPhone is already a 3g data plan. So when the new 3g IPhone comes in you will be paying the same 30.00 that users are paying for their 2.5 Edge IPhone

Paul, Here in Houston, if your already an ATT Customer you can just add the data plan to the talk plan you already have. My wife has a 2.5G Iphone and its only $20 bucks a month (data).

I think that the new iPhone 3G is great! however it sucks cuz I thought I was so cool to have an iphone and it was a pretty penny and now that every one knows how great they are many will just go out and buy the 3G no doubt and then prior uses are stuck in the dirt with old tech. when we had it first ..... sorry I know i sound like a braty kid but its true :(

Do you know if the SIM card from the iPhone can be removed? My wife has a Samsung Blackjack that has 3G. I'd like to test out the speed in the Dallas area.

the 3g iPhone will have 3g gps with google maps and a webcam under the touchscreen that works but u can't see talk about awesome

Hey kenny, take a paperclip and straighten one edge of it. On the top of the iphone you should see a small hole next to the headphone slot, and push down. The sim card will pop up and out.

I too am on the fences whether to get one now or wait till the 3G release. One thing I wish someone can elaborate other than the 3G capability is what other features will it have that the current iPhone doesn't have. I heard someone say that it might have OLED backlighting to improve battery life. I think some people are just too hung up on this 3G issue. It is not a huge deciding factor for me at least because according to the coverage map I am not in the 3G area. One of my friend has one right now and I've tried it and I don't think it's that slow(but I know this is a very subjective matter). Can someone PLEASE talk about what the next iPhone will have other than 3G???

Dont Worry EDGE well get faster has any one heard of EGPRS 2?? If not check this Link out and give your thoughts this may help the EDGE version of the iPhone
also check this out as well at
Well this was found inside the latest beta.
If that's not enough for you to understand,
I'll clarify it:
There is a new iPhone coming *very soon*.
The new iPhone will have Infineon's SGOLD3 (PMB8878)
chip in it's baseband.
Google can maybe help you to get more details.

Here is a 3G question for all of all us, including myself. 3G operates at a higher freg. and goes a shorter distance. It does not travel as well through walls. My wife has a Iphone and I have a Samsung. My Samsung is 3G, but when I'm inside my office or my house it reverts to the EDGE. So is it still worth waiting for? I still want the new one, I just wished 3G went through walls better. You can buy repeaters, but they are going to cost you $$$. I read somewhere they may even come out with a 32G. The 3G reverting to the EDGE in my house does not really matter, as I have a wireless router that the Iphone will revert to instead of ATT network (data). Hopine we all see the new version in June sometime. Iphone Rocks!!

I think its nice if they add two-way video.. in asia they already started the two-way video last 2 yrs.

I currently own a iphone and edge speed is not as bad as some think. The problem is that if you are on edge and browsing web, you cannot get calls. I may switch to voyager due to this problem.

I have the Iphone and Love it!! The day they come out with a new faster 1 I am going to buy it. End of story.

I am going to swap to the Lg Voyager. First reason is that when you are browsing the web using EDGE, you cannot receive phone calls. With the 3.0 Voyager, you will not miss a call.
Also, Verizon's service is much better than ATT. 5 bars? What a joke. The only 5 bars involved with ATT are the 5 pubs their CEO goes to each night.
I'm sick of the Iphone, it is the Voyager for me.

@Alan, that is incorrect. You CAN and WILL receive phone calls while on EDGE. Incoming calls drop you out of EDGE, not the other way round.

Sorry, you are the one incorrect. If I
am downloading a site while on EDGE, calls go to limbo land. Call Apple technical support if you don't believe me!

Here in the UK we have an excellent 3.5G network covering most of the country. It is run by a company called three and has a data rate of about 1.5 megs generally - Which is easily fast enough for live video. In the UK apple gave rights to another company called O2 who have a hopeless 3G network coverage. But will apple have clauses in their contracts to enable different systems to be given to other suppliers - or will new 3G phones be unlocked - which would maximise their sales and bring about real network competition?
I have an iphone on edge, and as far as data access is concerned it is pathetic when compared with my Nokia N95 on 3.5G. But it is fantastic on wifi, which gives an idea of what they will be like on 3.5G. Needs a better camera, and built-in GPS to work with google maps, and it will be a hands down winner!

Like others I was going to get an iphone until the plans of a 3G one... But the release date of next month - i presume thats the US and not UK?.. In England the 3-3.5G network coverage is great. But i guess i'll have to wait a few months extra for all the bugs (if any) to be fixed!!!

wil there be any difference i the size of the new iphone.....i mean the tech stuff aside, will it be as thin as the ipod touch???

Hi all,
Please can someone out there shed a little more light into what the new 3G iphone will have that the current one doesn't?
I don't have an iphone but I've had a go on one and they seem pretty sweet. I am due for an upgrade on 19/05/08 but am not sure if I should hold out for the new version of I phone. When does it come out?
I'm not fussed about 3G capabilities particularly, what I do want is a touch screen phone with a big screen and which has a decent camera. Currently, the iphone has a 2 mega pixel camera...which takes ok photos but as soon as you put them on a computer they'll look rubbish.
Will the new 3G iphone have the same size screen and a better camera or are they coming out with an iphone mini? 5 mega pixels would be great. Come on apple. Please build one for me!!!

One major difference another blog said is that it would use an OLED screen to save battery life and that it might be 2mm thicker :(.... ipod touch thickness would be more ideal and practical!
Will - Apple will be announcing it on June, 9 but i dont think it will be in the UK till autumn :( unless u import it from the US.

ok, i just want to say this is exactly what happened when the 16gb came out...
quit your bitching plz!
btw june 9th is my Bday so i am praying it does... fo my present and so it will make all u ppl mad

I have since gone and had a chat with some guys at the carphone warehouse in London and they said that it will be available in the UK before the US as their 3G network is rubbish in comparison to ours.
They've also told me that its going to be completly slick black in colour and slightly bigger all round (i.e. bigger screen and slightly thicker/heavier) and with a better a camera (probably 3.2 mega pixles this time) which will also be able to handle video recording.
Watch this space people.

I hope carphone warehouse are right.. it needs a better camera and hopefully better screen resolution.
About time we get something before the US!!!

current version of i phn dont have facility for forwarding a msg, no data transfer from bluetooth . does the new i phn have this functions or not

I'm surprised this old post from December 07 was able to predict the 3G iPhone release date down to the month. I can't wait for June 9th 2008...hope that date is right!

hope all you guys are right as i'm holding out to get one asap but not before new model come out, also what is the news on best network - is it worth unlocking?

I don't see the point of contract in the UK... on o2 if you top-up £15 you get unlimited calls and texts to o2 numbers...
So why doesn't everyone just do that?!?!

no! dude, the iphone is coming out in JULY! seriously, get it straight. and i'm happy about these news because of the piece of crap I call my cell phone

In the UK on o2 - the 8GB will cost £299.99 with the 16GB costing £359.99 on PAYG.. cant really be worth it... ...can it ?

Any plans of Launching in Dubai, India on the other hand do u think they can cater so many 3G Iphones, coz its the biggest consumer market and with this price every one is gonna have one from Milkman to CEO's

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