Free Wallpaper Friday: Overstuffed Edition


Holiday wallpapers to deck your iPhone. Download them after the jump.'re welcome. ;)

santa-shhhhh.jpg red-ornaments.jpg santa-hat.jpgpeppermint-sweets.jpg more-crimson-ornaments.jpg crimson-ornaments.jpg colors-of-lightsjpg.jpg colors-of-lights.jpg christmas-village.jpg blue-ornaments.jpg wild-christmas-tree.jpg ornaments-ornaments.jpg santa-waving.jpg peppermint-boy.jpg lights-on-tree.jpg blue-elegant-tree.jpg


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Tony G says:

I just want to know if she gets those jeans zippered and buttoned. Thats all.

silexicon says:

Unfortunately from her perspective, I don't think she'd find this post funny; but when my thumb hit my phone to open this post up, I almost dropped my phone 'cause I cracked up!
Keep up the great work on this blog Kent, it's the best iPhone blog around!

Dartholit says:

I want to know the same as Tony G. oh and I like the candy cane wallpaper :)

Dr Adam says:

Hey thanks for the great iPhone reading material!
I'll definitely be watching this blog.
Dr Adam

anthonymacc says:

Wheres the new material!??!?!?! I'm a huge fan of this blog, and lately it seems there has been nothing new !!

Quagmire says:

this site needs an enema

danny says:

that picture is starting to fuse itself into my brain

whatever says:

this site is deflating... someone needs to blow it.

Quagmire says:

we need a wiki or ability to submit stories like digg

tyrone says:

Is there a way to download those images directly from iPhone's Safari and set it as a wallpaper?

Hans says:

If you aren't going to update this site then just quit it. Here's another site I found that's good if you want. Hans, Norway.

admin#IM says:

Say, "Hans from Norway", did Scandinavia relocate to Lake Michigan? Your IP address orginates from Chicago, which coincidentally or not is where the site you promote comes from. Next time use your real identity, Scott Kleinberg.

Hans says:

I forgot to mention I'm a trans-continental ninja hakor, TCNH for short.. Now I'm in Japan (not jailbreaking my iphone) but by the time this comment hits the wire, my ip address will be somewhere in Kentucky.
Please see my extra-sassy blog for more info.

Nick says:

Hey... she's kinda cute.
Anyway, the following site is pretty cool, but users have a Voyager bias. I submitted some pretty obvious iPhone-only questions ("Which phone has pinch-technology?") and people still voted Voyager. Joke. Help!

Apple iPhone says:

There ae certainly already some very strange apple iphone wallpapers out there :S

iPhone apps says:

Wow what an image. I guess you caught my eye, but my stomach is turning too!

Iphone Wishes says:

Funny....every time I come to your site it never ceases to amuse me and turn my stomach at the same time. That is too funny.