Mobile Nations: Monday Brief for July 25, 2011

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Chris Parsons

Editor-at-Large at Mobile Nations, gadget junkie, energy drinker, ranter.

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Reader comments

Mobile Nations: Monday Brief for July 25, 2011


If y'all are going to do video... please, for God's sake buy a microphone and quit using the camera's ambient sound mic to capture the presenter's voice. It's worse than bad public-access cable.
Thank you.

My dearest kch, I do not use the camera's ambient mic. I use a Shure VP64AL. I am sorry your delicate ears could not tell the difference!
I'm actually on the lookout for my wireless mic kit. It's in storage, so I have to rifle through a bunch of boxes to get hold of it. For the time being, I've ordered 2" acoustic foam to help with the ambient echo.
I do in fact listen to your feedback. :)

Slightly off topic but that Ashley gal would be fit if she wasn't so orange, does she really think she needs that much makeup ?? Maybe she looks like a deep pan underneath it.

Haha, I need to buy newer foundation. The stuff I have was from when I last went on holiday, so I was a bit tanner back then. :)