AT&T giving away 1000 bonus rollover minutes to customers

Great news if you are a big talker and have an iPhone on the AT&T network. AT&T has started sending out text messages offering you 1000 free rollover minutes. All you have to do is reply with the word "Yes" and the extra minutes will be added to your account.

Sounds too good to be true. To get your minutes added just make sure your reply to the text message before the closing date of September 7. Also if you don't receive the text message, try sending a text saying "Yes" to 11113020, you may be lucky and get a response confirming your in!

Thanks Cody for the tip!


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AT&T giving away 1000 bonus rollover minutes to customers


This is the second time that they have done this. We currently have 14,000 unused rollover minutes. We don't need any more. How about $100 off our bill?? :)

I personally love the free minutes as I have a 450 plan, and now have over 2000 rollover minutes thanks to att. Started new job last month, went 600 minutes over, bill was the same.

You can keep your minutes AT&T. I'm jumping ship when the iPhone 5 comes out anyway.

I received the text on my AT&T Pre Plus as well. 1000 free rollover minutes is good for me. I use the 450 Plan with free mobile to mobile calls. I talk to my counterparts at the distributors I work with on cell phones so that's cool. When I call my dental customers, that's on landline. Thanks AT&T. As competition increases, the plans will change. I came to AT&T from Sprint to get the Pre Plus. I asked for Mobile to Mobile mins. With inquiries from the customer base and those great Dan Hesse commercials distinguishing Sprint true unlimited talk from Verizon and AT&T, we all got a break on our minutes when we call any cell phone. If the rumor of Sprint getting iPhone 5 is true, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are going to start doing a lot of good things for us all.

Oh cool!!! Thanks so much! I hope to be able to use them . . . when I have freakin' connectivity . . . or in between calls when they drop . . . or even yet when I call back 4 hours after they left me a message, which I get 4 hours after they left it . . .

Seriously,bi used to never complain about a dropped call. I live in Houston, will have 4 bars and will drop a call now. Been keeping a log and have dropped 26 calls in 14 days.

I just downgraded my plan to save a little extra cash per month cuz I dont really talk on it. Had 10k rollovers so it would be nice to have a little extra since I lost majority of them.

I shoudl have received a message, been with AT&T for 15 years. Anyway I tried sending them the first message, text came back said Ill receive confirmation when my mobile account is validated.

I have the strangest feeling this has to do with them doing away with their A-list feature, did most people have that feature before getting the added rollover text?

Since there is ample evidence that they are abusing iPhone users' data plans with dummy messages sent from iPhones while the owners are asleep, this sounds like a ploy to distract from the impending class action law suit. I'm annoyed I didn't get this offer when my daughter's iPhone has indeed sent bogus data messages for 3 months straight before I suspended it, each resulting in a $15 charge for exceeding data usage. I was able to confirm that she had NOT used the data I was charged for. AT&T has some serious trouble brewing.

this has nothing to do with being an iPhone customer or not, its just a promo thing that AT&T does every now and then. I've worked at an AT&T authorized dealer for 4 years, this is not the first time they've done this.

i have unlimited text so this is only useful if i call a ton of land lines cause with text i get unlimited mobile calling on any network .and i have about 3000 rollover ,thanks anyways

ridiculous. i've got over 2000 rollover minutes - why in the world would i need more that i won't use? AT&T, I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but give us something we can actually use - like less grumbling when we use the unlimited data plan we actually pay for, instead of trying to reduce our transfer rates. Or how about more reliable service and faster internet speed? this is like offering oprah $5 rebates when she goes to the store to buy new toothbrushes.

I just checked my plan: Rollover minutes = "0 of 8881 used"; seriously, can they PLEASE just stop draining my data so I get billed $30 a month when I almost NEVER use the internet, even at home on wifi? If I knew they would do this, I NEVER NEVER NEVER would have cancelled my unlimited data plan! We were paying $90 a month for unlimited plans that weren't being used, and I had no idea the data would suddenly be "used" despite the fact that no one changed any habits! I currently have a $220 bill for 3 phones, 1 of which has the service suspended, 2 of which are barely used for anything but texting on ONE, and that bill is AFTER I get a discount for being a teacher! AT&T, you must be smokin' something. I'm ready to get some carrier pigeons.

It actually work I just got a message confirming my 1000 minutes by texting them yes took 3 weeks but hey free is free