Siri security protocol cracked, now possible to run on any device

The guys from Applidium claim to have cracked Siri’s security protocol and it could open the floodgates to third party developers and of course other hardware too. There is a downside, in order to use Siri on one of these other devices; you still need to have a UDID of an iPhone 4S device. A UDID is a Unique Device Identifier and is a 40 character unique number assigned to every iPhone.

The iPhone 4S sends identifiers everywhere. So if you want to use Siri on another device, you still need the identfier of at least one iPhone 4S. Of course we’re not publishing ours, but it’s very easy to retrieve one using the tools we’ve written. Of course Apple could blacklist an identifier, but as long as you’re keeping it for personal use, that should be allright!

We have already seen Siri running on an iPhone 4 and an iPod touch; so this looks like another step nearer to getting it out there. Of course there is still the question of legalities and Apple could block the security hole at any minute. If you are a developer and want to play around with Siri integration in an app, Applidium has released a set of tools to help with that too.

Source: Applidium


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Reader comments

Siri security protocol cracked, now possible to run on any device


I do believe this is illegal. Jailbreaking rocks, but this crosses the line. Are they using the same idea to generate a UDID as third party vendor do for producing an unlock code for a non-apple smartphone. Something to ponder!!

how is it not illegal?? 1) you are using a UDID from a device OTHER than the one you are putting Siri on. 2) you are copying a copyrighted application to a device that it is NOT released for 3) they have CRACKED Siri's SECURITY.... that alone says that its illegal. Go and buy an iP4s if you want Siri - like everyone else did.

As for using a UDID other than the device you are on -- why do you think Apple did not prosecute Palm when they pretended to be an iPod during Pre syncing? Because it is NOT ILLEGAL. Apple does not have to do a damn thing to help the masquerade, but they cannot use the law to stop it.
As for copyright infringement, article 61 of the international TRIP specifies "wilful trademark counterfeiting or copyright piracy on a commercial scale." This does not qualify. Some nations, including Rene's own Canada, go further than that, allowing for downloading of copyrighted materials, as long as the downloaded materials are not again resold.
As for cracking Siri's security, please cite the statute...the DMCA is the only marginally relevant statute, and this would quite clearly fall under the exemptions for the purposes of interoperability, as the entire purpose of this crack is for interoperability.
Try harder.

People need to get their shit right before they say that they know what they are talking about, thanks for showing this guy he didn't know what he was talking about!

how is it not illegal?? 1) you are using a UDID from a device OTHER than the one you are putting Siri on. 2) you are copying a copyrighted application to a device that it is NOT released for 3) they have CRACKED Siri's SECURITY.... that alone says that its illegal. Go and buy an iP4s if you want Siri - like everyone else did.

Are you mentally challenged, you certainly are MORALLY CHALLENGED!
First of all, like I said above, the UDID is the same as a license key, it is the same as the key for Windows. The whole point is that this is a UNIQUE IDENTIFIER of a device.
It is like you using someone elses Social Security number to get a credit card!
You are deliberately using the identifier of a device other than your own.
Apple has the right to draw a line and say that devices older than a 4S will not run SIRI. Do these hacks know the long term performance effects of using a phone hacked to run SIRI, maybe Apple has a reason and that reason is that it bogs downs the processor and can affect the actual phone module when SIRI is running on a single core processor where it is then competing with the Phone App module and the Email Module, both of which also run continuously in the background.
Either way, you are legally stealing if you use a UDID from another device, it is no different from cloning a phone to make phone calls on another person's phone account and again it is exactly like stealing by using another person's SSN.

There is no need for name calling. I did not mention morality at all -- the original poster said it was illegal, which is clearly and demonstrably false in any of the jurisdictions where Siri operates. As for your examples specifically:

  • "cloning a phone to make phone calls on another person's phone account" -- That is illegal, but it has specific laws dealing with it. In the UK, you could argue that the Wireless Telephone Protection Act of 1998 could be interpreted to cover Siri, but only if Apple were to argue Siri is fundamentally a "telecommunications service," which I doubt they would want to do, as it could invite regulations they do not want.
  • "using another person's SSN" - That specifically violates US federal code 18 U.S.C. § 1028(a)(7). This law prohibits the knowing transfer of a means to identify a single person with the intent to commit an unlawful act. For an Act of Congress, that is admirably specific, and in no way could apply to the identification of a device, unless you are prepared to say you are your cel phone, and all that would imply.

I agree with you that Apple has every right to draw the line in this case. I hope they do.
They just do not have the right to invoke the criminal justice system to help them.

It's not name calling, you obviously feel it is okay to obtain something that you are not entitled to have, that is morally challenged. But who cares. Be my Guest guest.

Once again, you reply to what you want me to have said, rather than to what I actually said.
Nowhere did I say it was moral.
Next time, try reading.

i find both hilarious and sad that u would spend so much time defending an enormous corporation as if its a person. apple doesnt give 2 shits about you, youre just another dollar to them just like all of us, so why should you care so much? really? is your personal security at risk? do you just like to argue?

I not defending them, and you obviously like to argue, and why not defend a point of view.
I am sure that if you were in a similar position you would feel happy just letting them use it.
I tell you what, who cares what you think. just like the little picture of you, you seem to have an anger problem.

You think a UDID is the same as an SS#? LOL! And you ask if Guest is mentally challenged??

Correct, this now falls into the same category as software piracy, even when it is used on another apple device, the whole point of it requiring the UDID is the same as having a license key or dongle etc.
Using the UDID from another device is the equivalent of stealing the identity of another device.
I can expect people to be in a whole world of hurt at some time.
If you are desperate to have SIRI on your iPhone be patient and wait for your contract with your phone company to renew or pay the full price for a 4S. Personally I would rather do without it and wait for the next generation of iPhone.
Certainly I will not lose sleep over not having SIRI on my iPhone.
I'm not defending Apple in not opening it up to the other devices but at some time there has to be a line in the sand where any company has to say, this new proprietary new feature will only be available on this new device and not on earlier devices.
Even if it runs on earlier models, who knows, does having SIRI active on the single core models affect performance during every day use? Maybe not but again it is their right to create an incentive to persuade their customers to upgrade to the 4S and block it from appearing on the 4 and earlier models.

lol my avatar is dave chapelle dude. u associate comedy with anger?
anyway, u said who cares what i think? youre on an internet forum! lol who cares what you think??
i just think its funny and sad to see a person who probably has no affiliation with apple or siri get so into an argument defending corporate personhood like it affects you directly.
you react like someones stealing from you or your loved ones by hacking a program on a device they own, for their own use. a program that can obviously run on any iOS device, but is locked to the 4s because apple, being a corporation, is out for nothing but money. they know damn well that the 4s is just an iphone 4 with a minor spec upgrade, which means they need a selling point to convince people to upgrade out of contract or become a new user.. hence SIRI!
btw siri is a novelty i stopped using after a week. it has no 3rd party support and 50% of the time it doesnt work.

I will be running Siri on my iPod 4G using my wife's UDID from the iPhone 4S that I bought her. Call it illegal, but whatever...I paid for the hardwares and I'm paying the monthly bills.

"cry, it's illegal". Welcome to the Internet. Where have you been? If people want to hack Siri on there own phones. What ever. I'm not doing it that's all that should matter to me.

It's not illegal, but it is also not going to last. As long as it just a handful of people, Apple will likely not care, but if this expands, Apple has no reason to allow this and every incentive to shut it down, unless and until Siri becomes a profit center itself, outside of spurring iPhone sales.
Geeks are clever, and no doubt they will continue the cat-and-mouse game in perpetuity, but there is little chance Apple allows this to continue uninterrupted in a form that an average consumer can use.

It can't be accepted. They steal Apple's hard-work. How come it is illegal? They should ask for permission. Imagine you are the one making contribution to the success of Siri, will you stay still and feel nothing when someone cracks it and runs on other rivals' phones? Please be fair, man!

Humm... say what? Apple's hard work? They bought Siri, it was not developed by Apple, there is no hard work by Apple involved, just hard cash.

Umm, no. They bought Siri, who had an interesting app available for both iOS and Android, and took the technology much further, incorporating it into the fabric of iOS 5. In other words, it bought technology, and used it where it wasn't used before.

I beg to disagree. Siri is the end product of decades of research, much of it founded by the American public through DARPA. All Siri technology was ready when Apple bought it. The only thing Apple did was to take the app and add it to IOS 5.
Personally I think the whole thing is fishy, Siri should be free and open source, since it was developed with public money. The public payed for it and now corporations make money.

Humm... say what? Apple's hard work? They bought Siri, it was not developed by Apple, there is no hard work by Apple involved, just hard cash.

The people here who claim this is not illegal crack me up beyond belief. Using Siri on a device other than an iPhone 4S could be considered illegal on more than one count. The first is that Apple has only granted a license (EULA) to use Siri on an iPhone 4S, porting it to any App on any other device is piracy.
Additionally, Siri is also a hosted service provided by Apple for purchasers of the iPhone 4S. Using it on any other device, without providing Apple appropriate compensation could easily be considered theft of services here in the US.
Mark my words, if this is embraced by the JB community, it is going to give the movement a huge black eye in the long run.

I love you retards screaming illegal and you have no clue what actually is or isn't illegal.

Can I just point out that Siri is absolutely hardly ever works because it doesn't hear what I say properly or because it can't connect to the network...why does it need to connect to the network if I just want it to read a text to me!? Or even make a phone call!!!?
I remember the iPhone 4 would just dial a number for you when you asked it I have to go through all the Siri BS where it doesn't work most of the time. So I have less functionality than an iPhone 4. Brilliant.

some help here I have fully installed siri in my iphone4 but it's said ("sorry, I'm having trouble connection to the network.") , so I have an UDID for 4s how to put into iPhone 4 !!
Best regards