Apple announces a one day online store shopping event for Black Friday

Apple has announced that it will be holding a one day holiday shopping event on Black Friday which just happens to be this Friday November 25th.

Mark your calendar now, and come back to the Apple Online Store for the special one-day event. You'll discover amazing iPad, iPod and Mac gifts for everyone on your list.

The banners have appeared in the UK and a few other Apple online stores but nothing as of yet in the US store. If you are planning on purchasing any iPad, iPod or Mac products, it may be worthwhile holding off until Friday. It looks like Apple may have some bargains to entice you to part with some of your hard earned money!

Source: Apple Store UK

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Reader comments

Apple announces a one day online store shopping event for Black Friday


oh pls. we all know it's like a 5-10% sale which is still higher than what amazon and most other store sell it for.

The email I received has shop online or at your favorite retail store. It does say "shop online all day" so I am guessing it starts at midnight?

Apple is not known for its "sales". I won't waste my time. Besides it will just tempt me to buy an iPad 2. I'm holding out for the 3. Its been hard but I've managed to resist all these months. 3 or 4 more months should be a breeze!

It's probably this.....
Spend $600 and get a $5 gift card at an official Apple Retailer.
Yep...sounds exactly like Apple's business model.

It's probably this....
Spend $600 and receive a $5 at an Apple Retailer.
Yep, sounds exactly like Apple's business model.