App Giveaway: LostWinds for iPhone and iPad

The popular platform/adventure game from WiiWare, LostWinds, is now available on the iPhone and iPad.

LostWinds has fantastic graphics and very intuitive controls - this is how platformers should be done on iOS. Fun. Beautiful. Intuitive. Addicting.

An innovative, fresh platform-adventure bursting with gameplay ideas - wield the awesome elemental powers of Enril the Wind Spirit, from raging tornados to the subtlest breeze, in a stunningly presented combination of combat, exploration and puzzle solving.

Guide and protect Toku, a young boy and the only one who can help you release the curse placed upon the enchanting world of Mistralis and its people by evil Balasar.

  • Power Toku’s jumps and glides through Mistralis’ different regions
  • Buffet and smash enemies
  • Solve puzzles as you journey to a dramatic showdown
  • Richly interactive: Mistralis rewards experimentation and bursts to life with your every action and exploration
  • Includes Game Centre integration and Achievements
  • The ‘Snapshot’ feature lets you add game characters to your own photos and share with friends


We know you love a great game, so TiPb is giving away LostWinds to 5 lucky readers! For a chance to win, just leave a comment below!

LostWinds is available on the iPhone and iPad for $3.99.

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There are 136 comments. Add yours.

Michael A says:

I heard about this game looks like it would be fun.

DamnSkippy says:

Count me in, looks like an interesting game.

Chris says:

Looks a great game. Love the graphics. Thanks for the review!

James says:

Pretty graphic and interesting story. Definitely wants to play on my iOS device!

Duce says:

The graphics look stunning. Looks like a game I'd drop some coin on.

gilbert says:

i love the graphics. it's stunning.

Jane says:

The game looks amazing. I would love to try it out!

Cheznor says:

Wow, this is a beautiful looking game, I'd love to try it out!

Nazri says:

This game looks super fun!

Ahmed says:

Looks another pearl for iphone on Chms gift

Darren says:

I would love a copy thanks

Gackt says:

Would love to have a copy!

Guilherme Packer says:

Please!! I want it so badly!!
I never win anything.. I know it's petty to say this, but it would make my Christmas so much better!

MikeCTZA says:

Really cool looking graphics, would love to try it out

Lynn says:

Beautiful graphics. Can I try? Please :)

Anders says:

I think the game looks awesome and gameplay looks intuitive, would really love to try!

ellie says:

make my xmas and let me try?

Dustin says:

Looks great. I particularly like how simple the controls look. I almost always prefer the one touch controls instead of the onscreen "game pad" that so many games have.

Bondman says:

Heard great buzz around this new game. Haven't tried the Wii version but would love to try it in iOS.
Thanks for the giveaway, TiPb! :)

Andrew Wray says:

It's almost like I'm playing a platformer on a console here -- the graphics are superb! I love the control mechanism too.. Very intuitive stuff. I think more games (platformers, at least) would do well in adopting controls like this given how fluid the gameplay is. Love it! Good stuff :)

BrokeDownParrot says:

Loved this game on the Wii, I'm rather interested to see how it works for iOS!

Rishabh Jain says:

If you dont have an iPhone, you have an iPad.!! Either ways, I want this game!!! :D

jerry says:

looks amazing. me want!

Yaron says:

Another great giveaway! hope to win this time.

byron says:

I want, it's lovely~~!

Henny says:

Wondering if i will get it or not ...

Peter H says:

This game looks brilliant! Would love to give it a go on the iPad.

Endem says:

Never wining in any of these but what the heck...

ceb1 says:

sweet would love this.....

rann says:

Thanks for the chance! Merry Christmas! :)

Songsak says:

Nice graphics, look fun. Thanks TiPb.

MikeQ says:

This looks absolutely gorgeous! You always bring our attention to those special games - thanks.

Matthew says:

So many apps have people saying "this is how it should be done!" but it's rare for an app to actually deliver (For me anyway). I'd like to try this, but at $3.99 I don't think I would. Free? Definitely.

Patrick Elvir says:

That looks awesome, I would love a copy! Thanks.

duoFurious says:

Just hoping to win a free copy for my iPhone

futurix says:

Would love to try this game on my brand new iPad 2 :-)

Matteo Veglia says:

Just got my iPhone 4S today! and would love a brilliant and amazing looking game to get it started! :)

Fornate says:

I have been looking forward to this game's release, and I'd love to win a copy! Thanks for another awesome giveaway.

Nazbrok says:

Would love to win this game for my brother :)

Jfmorenom says:

I would love to have this game for the holidays!

Sam says:

I would love to have it free !!! U guys rock...

Dreg Mogul says:

Sega had Sonic, Nintendo had Mario. Been looking for the iPhone's platform game for a while. It sounds like Toku might fit the bill. Would love to win a copy!

kritter217 says:

I love these types of games! What a great holiday treat it would be to win a copy.

Martin Asenov says:

Great game! I would love to have it :)

Matt says:

Who doesnt like the oportunity to get free stuff?

Linkzo says:

Sign me up for chance to win a free copy of this game. It looks fantastic. I'm always worried about the controls with these type of games, but they look very solid in the video.

jhoove09#IM says:

This looks awesome. I'd like it.

Bill Johnson says:

What an awesome looking game! the graphics look steller! Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

icecrystal23 says:

I'll try anything for free (...almost!)

Nick says:

I would love to take this great app off your hands! :)

kirbini says:

I love this game. I'd love even more to give it to my 7 year old.

Audiotechdrew says:

This looks like a very cool game. I can't wait to try it.

Marzmaxima says:

Cool, would really love win it!

Kidd2446 says:

game looks great sign me up!

ReyT says:

Looks like a superb game! I can't wait to get on it!

Raed says:

First thought it was a reference to farting. But I'd love to have a copy of Lost Winds - looks amazing!

Sqe says:

Wow, I just saw the trailer like a week ago. Didn't expect to be released so soon. Kudos.

Niclas J says:

Looks like an awesome game, nice way to promote it here!

Sketso says:

Might as well give it a shot... SURE my son will enjoy it on his iPad!

techmom#IM says:

What a beautiful game! I will need to get an iPad if I win this!

Franco says:

Looks beautiful, like a more lush version of Nyxquest. I'm in, lemme at it!

Seb says:

So glad they ported this over. It looked interesting on wii ware?

Javi says:

It's finally here for iOS! Hope to win.

efar76 says:

Oooooo, pick me, pick me!!!

AdrianMaftei says:

A nice present for Christmas

JP S says:

I've heard absolutely great things about this game. Would love to win it.

dreeves76 says:

Cheers and Merry Happy Ho Ho

Jericho says:

Great app to win for Christmas. Hopes Santa will be nice to give us all. =)

pnut78 says:

I loved this game on WiiWare and I know my son would love it on his iPod!

rkbrown81 says:

This game looks beautiful! It would be a good way to pass the time while on vacation. :)

jrephoto_op says:

This game is for me Merry Christmas

Bingo says:

It's combined of Logic and Action Game!! :)

Jorge says:

This game looks awesome!

GrandmaBetty says:

Yes indeed. This is what iOS gaming is all about.

Dan says:

Looks awesome... Love to win!

Nick says:

I would really like to win this!! my bro says its amazing on wii

Joseph says:

I want to win a contest for once :) and this game is beautiful.

coolkendude says:

This game was beautiful on the Wii and I would really love to win this for my iOS devices.

user7c says:

Sees fun for the whole family :-)
Not too scary for the very young ones.
Ill keep my fingers crossed to get a gift from TiPb :)

user7c says:

Seems fun for the whole family :-)
Not too scary for the very young ones.
Ill keep my fingers crossed to get a gift from TiPb :)

OrionAntares#CB says:

Back to the old comment system?

tyler_zyco says:

This looks like a fantastic game! Count me in!

Kaknab says:

I'd like to win this grat game!!

Keno says:

Oh, yeah, I will be so glad to have this, meanwhile I will also want to make u happy for giving this away to me;)

Carrie Carrillo says:

This looks like the perfect game for me. I would love to win something just once!!! Happy holidays

niceone! says:

Hm... maybe today is my lucky day? :)

Noel says:

Cool game.. Will recommend to friends

Eric E says:

Wow I would like to get that game and show off to my friends :)

George Sabourin says:

Looks nice! Good luck everyone!

MooPenguin32 says:

I'd like to win and give the game a try.

Chris G says:

Lools like a great game!

Chase Edmondson says:

I am impressed by the graphics! Hope the gameplay is equally awesome!

@chrishulahoop says:

Looks like a pretty fun game! Do you really play all of these games?

@karrui says:

Been trying to hold off my app purchases... These few weeks have been crazy! Hope I get this free! :x

MrJuice says:

Looks like a family friendly game, would love to win it.

Shayan Aijaz says:

I would love to win this game!!!

Steve Lemz says:

Oh my this looks good. I wouldn't even enter the giveaway if it were not holiday season. I do hope to win this game though as I've wanted to play it for quite some time... Anyways, happy holidays!

David says:

I would love to win a copy.

Alvin says:

Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

Tim says:

This game will pretty much release us from stress after holidays fast paced requirements.. ;) the graphics are stunning, and sure enough the storyline and game play is expectedly wonderful ;) win me this game and prove me right ;)

wildfirex says:

Too late to enter? Hopefully not, do want!

Matt C says:

Count me in, the graphics of the game look beautiful, would look great running on my iPad!:)

ahwing says:

I heard this game is super!
I love to try it out!

Tarun says:

Been wanting to get this game but, my parents wont let met get anything that i have to pay for in the app store.