A quick look at some of Dream Cheeky's iPhone and iPad gadgets

If you've ever wished your iPhone or iPad could shoot missiles, play the drums, or fly around a helicopter to drop ping-pong balls, then Dream Cheeky's iPhone and iPad gadgets will bring an immediate smile to your face.

At CES 2012, Dream Cheeky showed us a made a small rocket launcher (it shoots Nerf type missiles) that is controlled by an application on your iOS device, and also can use the gyroscope making it even more fun. Also showcased was a drum pad that allows you to make and play music which was pretty sweet, and unfortunately they didn't have the helicopter ready to be flown today but if it is half as cool as the others, it will certainly rock.

Source: Dream Cheeky

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Reader comments

A quick look at some of Dream Cheeky's iPhone and iPad gadgets


If that keyboard and drum pad can be used with GarageBand, they've got a definite customer here. Probably won't happen unfortunately because they would need Apple's cooperation. Damn. Perhaps the jailbreak scene can make it happen.