Share your iPhone or iPad's screen with your Mac with Reflection for Mac

reflection for mac

Reflection is a new Mac app that lets you use the screen mirroring feature of your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with your Mac. It's very easy to use and will be great for giving demos, teaching, and gaming.

To use reflection, you simply install the app, connect both your Mac and iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to the same Wi-Fi network, select your Mac from the list of Airplay options from your device, and toggle the mirror switch to on. Your screen will then instantly appear on your Mac inside a frame that looks like your device. It's looks awesome.

Reflection works great and has an almost non-existant delay; however, it does seem to crash a lot. You will likely only be using Reflection while giving some sort of presentation or playing a game and crashes are unacceptable for both of these activities.

This it the first release of Reflection, and the frequent crashes make it feel like it. Having said that, Reflection has the potential of being a very useful app and I'm looking forward to future updates. I've been in some contact with the developers and they are already working hard on the next release and have more features in the works.

In the meantime, I recommend at least trying out the 10 minute trial. A single licesne will run you $14.99 and a multi-licence for 5 Macs is available for $39.99.

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Share your iPhone or iPad's screen with your Mac with Reflection for Mac


Teamviewer and pocket cloud do what you want, free, i've found pocket cloud to be easier when handling your computer remotely

Hishamaus - the Splashtop app for does that brilliantly with no lag at all. Highly recommended as it mirrors the desktop exactly and with Flash.

Airserver doesn't currently support mirroring, just video/audio and photo streaming. Their reasoning was the mirroring stream is protected by Fairplay DRM and would need the encryption key. Maybe someone has found it?

Add the movie to iTunes on the iPad.Use iTunes to Share the movie.If you are unable to share the file with iTunes, you need a third-party oltuoisn. See the links below.

No, it will only mirror the screen to another device so that you can wirelessly show your OS X screen on an Apple TV

Will this let me record video of the screen? Would be great for recording game play videos, multitouch ones are downright impossible on the emulator.

Bought it after reading this, for me it crashes a lot and the delay from iphone to screen is long. Not sure if my airport is slow. If they could make this work well it would be good.

dang, $14.99 is a bit steep. anyone had any luck finding a cheaper, or dare I say it, free program that does the same thing?

nope all you do is get a itunes card type the embunr you have itunes built in all i pads and ipodtouchesall you do is seahc the music you want push download and wella no computer necessary and oh yes you do have to have a itunes acount when you singup thea ask for a credit card but if you dontwanna add a credit just search facebook in the itune store click donwload and it well say create a acount type the basic info when the creidt cards pop up just push none then thea well send you a verification link to your email and click confirm wella so thene you start downloading all your apps have fun did you now it still doesnt come out till 60 days? 0Was this answer helpful?