Which apps have updated for the new iPad Retina display?

Which apps have updated for the new iPad Retina display?

Which app have been updated to look great on the new iPad's impressive 2048x1536 Retina display? Not very many yet by our count, but we expect the floodgates to open when Apple's third generation tablet actually hits the shelves next Friday, and for a steady stream to follow thereafter.

As Marc Edwards of Bjango wrote for us before, it might take a while for all our favorite apps to update, especially ones that use a lot of custom graphics for their user interfaces, and especially ones that didn't prepare for @2x Retina graphics by building all their assets in a scalable format to begin with.

Apple has already updated a ton of their apps already, including Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, iMovie, iWork, Apple Remote, Find My Friends, etc. but they knew this was coming for a while now.

Marc's keeping track of Retina-ready apps, and sharing screen shots of apps-in-progress over on Twitter @RetinaiPadApps and we're also going to maintain a count in our iPad Apps & Games Forums as well.

So head over there and join in our official iMore iPad Retina apps watch-list and as soon as you find your favorite apps have updated for Retina, let us know!

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Which apps have updated for the new iPad Retina display?


Not all apps will need updating. Universal apps would typically already have assets at retina resolution for iPhone, and those higher res graphics will automatically be used when the app runs on a new iPad. This is true of one of my own apps "Sun Seeker" for example, which I have tested on the hi-res iPad simulator, and it looks just great! The exception would be where there are full-screen background images being used in the app, in which case the app would indeed still need to be updated and resubmitted to Apple.

Honestly, I was disappointed that they didn't on the iPad 2. If they don't on the new iPad, I'd be surprised. It would be a huge waste of pixels.

Under US law If you are creating a pure guide, then no you don't need pesimrsion. This is form of criticism, like film and book reviews, and is considered fair use. You do need pesimrsion to use images, logos or trademarks in any way that could be considered promoting your guide.However, if your guide has significant entertainment value on its own, apart from any critical or review, you might be exceeding fair use limits. Wikipedia discusses some of this (see link).At Apple Read their policy. You may have the right to create the work, but their policy may keep you out of the Apple Store.

Has anyone given thought to the big mystery of the quad core GPU on the New iPad?
As already confirmed, some Apple Apps and a handful of Game Apps have been written, rewritten for the quad core GPU. However, 99.99% of Apps currently in the App store have NOT been written to take advantage of the new hardware.
Since the A5 processor on the new iPad is the same as that on the iPad2, there should be no processing increase. Certainly Apple may have up'd the on board CPU RAM above 512. This only increases speed when items are cached.
My fear is that in the next two weeks someone is going to be doing some speed comparison tests between the iPad 2 and the New iPad and realize that older generation games/programs that are not written to take advantage of quad core GPU will actually run faster on the iPad2 then the New iPad.
The good news is that by the time the next version of the iPad comes out (iPad 4) the majority of great Apps will have been written to support the quad core GPU. Hopefully by then the A6 processor is also out so that there is an overall speed boost vice now where there is only a speed boost if an App is written for the quad core GPU.

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