OS X Mountain Lion gets Notification Center do-not-disturb -- Can we have that for iOS 6?

OS X Mountain Lion gets Notification Center do-not-disturb -- Can we have that for iOS 6?

Apple updated their OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion developer preview 8 distribution yesterday and with it came a new feature for Notification center -- do not disturb. It looks like a great feature and something that would be very much welcome not only in OS X, but in iOS 6 as well. 9to5Mac's Mark Gurman describes it thusly:

The feature is a toggle accessible at the top of Notification Center that allows users to block incoming alerts and banners. The feature is very important for those who look to focus entirely on the content they are currently working on and do not want to be bothered by new emails, iMessages, calendar alerts, or other types of alerts.

I'd love this for shooting app and accessory videos alone, as nothing ruins a good shot like a spam email or silly tweet showing up right in the middle of a hero shot. For general use, the ability to kill notifications when going into important meetings, when you really need a good night's sleep, or even if you just want to game or watch video without interuption would be fantastic.

Of course, the real solution would be to have location and time based profiles, where "home" could be set up differently from "work", for example, or "day" could have different settings than "night". Third party apps like Tweetbot have allowed time-based notification suppression on their own for a while, but globally that's something only the platform owner, Apple, can address.

Notification Center do not disturb mountain lion

Source: 9to5Mac

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OS X Mountain Lion gets Notification Center do-not-disturb -- Can we have that for iOS 6?


This is an important feature for those of us that are oncall at night for our jobs. It's very important that we get phone calls but I don't want to hear the ding of spam, texts, and my friends' Facebook updates.

I completely agree. I would totally pay extra for this. That is the one thing I really miss about my Palm Pre (aside from VZW's legal and free tethering for the Pres). There was this app that provided such system inputs and could be used by triggers based on time, calendar entries, wifi network, GPS location, which programs are open, etc. Loved it!

iOS 6 DEFINITELY needs this. I give work presentations using my iPad on a projector screen. During a Keynote presentation, I was embarrassed when "Words With Friends" notifications were popping up during my presentation. I'm really not sure why notifications would show up during a presentation (Keynote should block this). However, now I go into airplane mode whenever giving a presentation. Pretty annoying.

They just need to reimplement what they had in iOS4 -- a system wide "do not buzz me" toggle for notifications. Most of the time, I do not even mind banners, but there are times when I need the phone to ring, but do not want a sound/vibration for any app notifications.

For iOS, turning on Do Not Disturb could drop down three fields:
Type All>
Time Always>
Location Everywhere>
Then, to refine, tapping each brings of a panel in the style of the reminders app. That way you can assign a range of hours or just exclude push notifications, for example. Hope to see this one.

Coming from Blackberry this was a big disappointment. Blackberries have a preloaded "phone only" profile in addition to silent, vibrate and all notifications on. Also, you can create custom profiles; I had one for running where only calls and text messages would get through.
If this is added to iOS 6 a lot of users will quickly get in the habit of switching to a phone only mode right before they go to bed. Getting a Words With Friends Notification at 1 am is irritating.

YES! and revamp imessage - it SUCKS its nothing near as good as BBM, im in iphone luver but imessaage is just sms turned blue!

I have an iPhone 4S and it already feels like DND is implemented. I never remember to check my notification area. I'm more reminded about pending items through the badges above the app.

In addition to time based notifications--person based notifications would be excellent. Letting certain calls ring but only if from certain contacts between certain hours.

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