Samsung talks smack about "slavish adoration" to Apple in court

Samsung talks smack about

In its patent case against Apple, Samsung had recently asked that some of Apple's experts be dismissed from testifying, and now they're asking that one more be banned.

Apple's damages expert, Terry L. Musika, writes in his report that 'Apple has built a considerable and at times a cult-like following to all things Apple.' That cult-like following apparently includes several experts who are appearing on Apple's behalf in this case, and may explain why they have cast aside established scientific methods and governing legal principles in favor of slavish adoration of their client and platitudes about its alleged magical and revolutionary products, issues that are of no relevance to the claims and defenses at issue.

Zing. It might be hard to argue that Henry Urbach, another target of Samsung's, be barred since he has no marketing or product design experience beyond his fawning  essay on Apple retail stores called Gardens of Earthly Delights, but Apple had similar complaints about eight of Samsung's experts too. Of course, through all of this, both sides are trying to have patent complaints from their competitor tossed out, even after both Apple and Samsung had dropped many at the judge's request to keep the case within a manageable scope.

It's fun to see Samsung get so catty about Apple culture, in any case. While I'm hesitant to apply the iSheep stereotype to all iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, it's clear that at least some of Apple's witnesses are lacking credibility due to their brand loyalty, and really don't belong on the stand. Generally speaking, how many iPhone, iPad, and Mac fans do you think have their judgement clouded by their predisposition towards Apple? How often are you willing to acknowledge that the competition is doing something right? Do any of your friends bust your chops for being an Apple fanboy?

Source: FOSS Patents

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Samsung talks smack about "slavish adoration" to Apple in court


What are they using, out of curiosity?
I used to be a complete and utter Apple whore when iPhone was the only game in town, but things have changed. In part Apple's to blame for that, as they intentionally destroyed my iPhone 3G with bloatware (iOS 4) and expected me to cough up extra money for a new device.
But part of it was really due to Microsoft, of all places. When I actually went to go replace my 3G with a 4, I had time to play with the WP7 demo in store and decided to give it a shot. I ended up liking it--the OS is absurdly fast and the user experience is second to none. I've had way fewer problems since I got the Windows Phone than I ever did with iPhone, especially after the nightmare of iOS 4.
What's sad is that it wasn't an isolated event. Apple's begun doing the same thing with iPad 1. Ever since iOS 5, my device has slowed down substantially and apps crash much more frequently. A friend who's been an Apple fanatic since the first Mac, a 28 year Graphics Designer, told me recently, "That's what Apple has always done. It's why my current Mac is my last." He's currently testing Windows 8 and calls it the most brilliant UI innovation he's ever seen (and mind you, he designs UI's for a living), and I'm inclined to agree, given how superb the experience of the same UI is on the phone.
Sad to say, Apple lost me as a customer because they made it clear: they don't respect their customers, or the property they buy.

Apple has finally lost it's zing!
It's time to move over and let Windows take over!

This is pretty interesting. I've recently converted to Mac because of my frustration with windows and recently switched to ios due to my frustration with android fragmentation.
I've noticed how crappily my gf's iPhone 3G has performed since even the iOS 4 update, the same with her iPad and iOS 5.
I'm no apple fanboy, I just wanted something that would work without issue for more than 2 years. I fear I may have fallen prey to clever marketing...

Samsung is being incredibly juvenile. Sorry Sammy, gaining a loyal following isn't as simple as copying a company that already has one. Seriously, "S-Voice"? Could they be any more blatant about it? Apple wasn't the first company to integrate voice recognition software into a product, but S-Voice is far too similar to Apple's implementation to be taken seriously.
I really hope HTC can one day regain the position of top Android manufacturer. The One series is deserving of far more praise than the Galaxy S III.

Nor should it be. I'm not trying to imply that Samsung is legally wrong, I just think that S-Voice is tacky. They could have turned the tables on Apple if S-Voice was introduced with the Galaxy SII- just imagine how poorly the iPhone 4S keynote would have been received in that case. But the post-Siri timing of S-Voice's introduction combined with Samsung's history of being just a little too inspired by Apple raises some questions.

Yeah about that notification bar you took without our permission that's in iOS5. We need to talk.

After submitting my fedbcaek, I received the message, "Thank for dogfooding the new Blogger iPhone App." There should be a "you" after "Thank". But also, why use such an unused phrase such as "dogfooding"? Your average person is not going to know what that means.Things that I would like in new versions:- Preview post as it will look when published (either in Editor or in Safari Mobile)- Hyperlink feature (we shouldn't have to add in any HTML code)- Filter down posts so we can only look at Drafts for instance- Sort posts so we can look at the most recent modified posts on the first page listing- View blog's Stats- Moderate Comments

Fanboy is such a hypocritical thing... At the very extreme I'm sure some deserve the title, but at the same time its the Fandoids and the Microsoft "incapable of change" fanatics that are the quickest to trot this out. Do they even know how dumb they sound when they forget IE isn't the only browser out there in one sentence, then call me a Fanboy because I treasure my iPhone or iPad?
I think its jealousy that generates this term more than anything. Samsung wishes it could have its fanboy base... but there seems to be a lack of copy-cat fans out there. I don't remember the last time I saw a Microsoft supporter worry about losing their Windows 7 based tablet.
I say let the ignorant be ignorant... they are easy to disregard and ignore. See how long anyone but their fellow idiots take them seriously.

P.S. is it a bit ironic to use the whole iSheep thing when your company is the one selling the most devices? Makes me wonder if they really sell that many... you can't have it both ways I'm afraid.

i honestly believe that iOS is the best UI for ME. my iphone is very fast and my imac is fantastic compared to my old PC. i dont own an ipad because i dont have a use for it. the only problems that i have had with my iphone was the FB and twitter app, and thats not even apples fault. my imac had been flawless. im def not a fan boy because i think that windows has a very nice UI but iOS is much simpler and its just as fast in my opinion. i dont see why it has to be about whats better rather than whats more appealing to you. for those of you who were complaining about iOS 4 hear this, i had a old windows phone and they stoped updating it so mine was slow and and very unproductive. we cant expect to force new software in old hardware and expect it to work. if you want new stuff then sometimes you have to upgrade. sorry we dont have siri on a 3g and that we cant put facetime on a 3g. how about you stop being cheap and buy a new phone if you like what the new ones have rather than complaining. if i have a jeep that has leaf spring suspension im not gonna cry to Mopar because they make independent rear suspension and then give it to me for free. IMO android will never get it right because they thing that selling a million phones thats divided up into 100 diffferent models will hwlp their sales beat apple. I also remember rene putting out a chart awhile back that had how often apple, micosoft and android updated their phones and how effective it was... apple was the leader. so in conclusion to this rediculous essay that i just wrote, buy the product that suits you the best not what the newest celebrity own.

Im always getting busted at work for having an iPhone. I used to be all about android and convinced just about everyone I work with to get an android phone. I gave up on android and moved to iPhone 4s. Since then, I am now considered an iPhone fanboy lol! Even though I stay on top of all mobile devices and still help and advise others with android. Yet, they're the ones that pledge allegiance to android. It's all good though. But it does become rather childish.
Some of my coworkers, except the die hard android fans, want to move to iPhone when the new one comes out.

I do believe all of us will be dead of old age, and I really mean old, and this litigation will still be going on. There is good arguments on both sides, but it has now gotten to the point of being just silly. Set down, talk, and settle. Face to face. Just the two CEO's, and no one else.