AT&T announces new data roaming packages

AT&T announces new data roaming packages

Planning on going somewhere this summer with your iPhone or iPad? AT&T has announced cheaper data roaming packages you may want to check out.

  • 120 MB Data Global Add-on package for $30/month
  • 300 MB Data Global Add-on package for $60/month
  • 800 MB Data Global Add-on package for $120/month
If you go over your allotment, you're automatically signed up for another round of the bottom tier.

Considering as of last summer AT&T was asking  $25 for 50 MB, these are pretty good deals, and puts them on par with a recent data roaming package Verizon has recently started to offer: 100 MB for $25. Personally, I prefer to pick up a local SIM card rather than sign up for a roaming package (mainly because Rogers charges $50 for 10 MB), but often language barriers and time constraints can stop that from happening.

So where are you going this summer? Planning travel to any exotic locales? If you're looking for ways your iPad or iPhone can help you out on the road, be sure to check our feature on the best summer vacation apps.

Source: AT&T via AC

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AT&T announces new data roaming packages


Picking up a local SIM may not be a super good option either - because then you pay international long-distance to call home. These plans make it a little better but it is still ridiculous.
I recently spent 3 weeks in Canada. AT&T switched me to a US+Canada plan for voice where I got to use all my regular minutes in Canada calling US or Canada numbers, for only $15 add-on to my regular plan. No roaming charges, no long-distance fees.
But for text and data it was going to be THOUSANDS of times as expensive to set up service in Canada.
Why can they offer thousands of voice minutes anywhere in North America to anywhere in North America for a mere $15 - yet a single text message costs 50 cents and data costs several dollars a megabyte? Even more absurd is that I could facetime people in the USA from my hotel, McDonalds, or Starbucks for free. Clearly internet in Canada is not some sort of impossible dream - so why to AT&T and Rogers get to collude to charge us such insane fees for simple data (considering Rogers doesn't charge those same absurd fees for their Canada based plans)?

As an alternative to data roaming, check out XCom Global. For example, if you're going to Europe, they'll rent you a Mi-Fi or a USB dongle with unlimited 3G service for $15/day. Similar offerings just about anywhere in the world. We looked at the options for a Europe trip, and this seemed like the best one.