What do you think about iOS 6? [Poll]

Well the WWDC 2012 keynote is over and now it's time for you, the iMore nation, to weigh in on all things iOS 6.

Is it a great iOS update, or the greatest iOS update? Or did Apple miss the board entirely? iOS 5 was massive and gave us a ton of previously missing features. Did iOS 6 do the same? Did it need to?

It seems iOS 6 was mostly about improving the user experience. Apple added a ton of little features to make things easier, faster and more convenient for us. Everything from free turn-by-turn navigation to the really awesome assistance features for people and children with special needs, show a lot of thought and polish.

But on the flip side, no widgets, not fast toggles, no in-app replies -- nothing really that power users have asked for. The interface got a new coat of paint, but not a radical overhaul.

So what do you think? Did Apple knock it out of the park, did they hit a solid double, or did they strike out? Vote up top and give me your thoughts below.

It's your turn to sound off!

iOS 6 poll

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