15% of survey respondents pick weekend with iPhone over sex

Used electronics reseller Gazelle recently published the result of a survey of some 1,000 smartphone-toting customers. 65% picked iPhone as something they couldn't live without, compared to the 1% that said Facebook. 15% went so far as to say that they would sooner give up sex than go a full weekend without their iPhone. Even for those that pick sex, 4% claimed to have used their iPhone while doing the deed.

That dedication spreads to more casual social situations, too. 25% said they almost always use their iPhone in social situations, and 58% ranged from "usually" to "occasionally". Only 17% "rarely" or "never" touched their phones when socializing. 40% said that they would like to see a larger screen on the next iPhone - they're probably going to get their wish. The iPhone also replaced a lot of other gadgets; 70% said they ditched a dedicated music player device since getting their iPhone, while 55% tossed their camera and 40% got rid of their GPS device.

Though 15% actually isn't that much, it's enough to make you think that of the ten people you know that own iPhones, at least one of them likes their device more than a little bit of lovin'. If you can't figure out who that is, you might want to ask yourself if it's you.

Source: PRNewswire

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Reader comments

15% of survey respondents pick weekend with iPhone over sex


Good thing they did not ask fishing, or loving? The number would be higher. Fishing that is. I am surprised the number was not higher for music device.

I'm going to put this iPad down after this post in hopes of having sex.
If this survey is true, I'd be disappointed in those people.

Yeah to be fair, I have to agree with the concensus here. Most of the 15% probably don't have a chance of sex, are female and have a massively unsatisfying partner, or are too old to give a crap. Hell after a few years with no sex, the instant gratification of an iPhone seems a lot nicer, wouldn't you think?