Are you considering a switch from iPad to Microsoft Surface?

While both the well established Apple iPad and the newly announced Microsoft Surface are thin, powerful tablets of generous size, that seems to be about all they share in common.

The iPad is a singular, giant screen, with software dedicated for mobile, and a story that's all about the apps. Because it's been on the market since 2010, and built on the success of the iPhone, those apps now number in the hundreds of thousands, and the accessories are also plentiful.

The Surface is really two devices, a mobile running Windows RT and a cross-over running full Windows 8 Pro. The second one will have access to the massive Windows PC software library but the first will have to make its case for Metro apps. They both have USB ports and kickstands and other amenities that I really like but likely give Apple's Jony Ive the chills.

Because the Surface is like an iPad but is not an iPad, it might just appeal to people looking for exactly that, or for something in between an iPad and a MacBook Air (running Windows.)

On the downside, Microsoft didn't announce pricing, availability, or battery life, which, I'm not going to lie, are real concerns. And if the Windows 8 Pro version is expensive enough, a laptop, including a MacBook Air, might be a better alternative.

Apple is also getting ready to release iOS 6 this fall and likely an iPad 4 next spring. Depending when the Surface is actually released, who knows what that will bring to the table? Would you wait and see before deciding?

As always, vote in the poll up top and then tell me why in the comments below!

Are you considering a switch from iPad to Microsoft Surface?

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Are you considering a switch from iPad to Microsoft Surface?


Hey Georgia, how about an option like, "Maybe I'll use both?" or something similar? Because that's the way I'm leaning.

Or just yes, no, maybe, undecide? Those ridiculous snarky qualifiers ruin these poles. I put no but i like the kickstand. But on other poles i just didn't answer because the qualifiers gave an impression i didn't like.

I recently bought a Samsung Series 7 Slate, and loaded Windows 8 Consume Preview, back around January. I have been using Windows 8 ever since, and have actually not touched my iPad 2! I upgrades to Windows 8 Release Preview the day it came out, and let me be the first to say, that this is the most beautiful experience I have ever had on a tablet! I can run photoshop, office, play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook, play Star craft, I mean this is a Windows tablet! This ia significant because it allows me to take my office and games anywhere I go! I have a dock I slide it into in my office and pull out when I leave! It is the best idea of mobile computing since the iPad itself, and most definitely the greatest innovation, I feel, I'm computing history!

Thanks for sharing your experience. I am on the same boat. When I saw the Samsung Slate 7 at the MS Store, it sold me as a working professional's tablet (work heavy on PS and Illustrator) without being a netbook/laptop/ultrabook form factor. It was great to see that Surface comes in 2 flavors (RT and Pro). The biggest concern is really the price.

Same here. I have been using first an iPad 1 and then iPad 2, mostly for browsing and some leisure gaming. What I find wanting is a keyboard so that I can write long emails. The iPad onscreen keyboard is not good for the job.

It will probably be buggy as s&$t and never get updated. I love the support from apple, and the app echo system is still a major power hous that I can see them compeating with.

What they did not say says more than what they did say. For example they did not say that a Keyboard is required for operation because the tablet lacks a [Ctrl][Alt][Del] key combo which is always required for all Windows PC's. They made sure to call this a PC so we know it will need those important keys multiple times per day in some cases.

What Lame Joke: Unless Windows 8 fixes the problem, Lock ups is part of Windows. No Joke I use [Ctrl][Alt][Del] multiple times every day, and I sit at a Windows PC all day long working.

I can honestly say I've never had to ctrl+alt+del in at least the last 2 to 3 years. I use Visual Studio most of the time (it might be that there a problems with different apps perhaps?).
I woud consider getting a Surface aswellas an iPad. I don't think there is a single _haveonlythisdevice_, rather you have the devices that help you do what you need to do. Having applications transition between the devices when needed is what is important to me.

There is an option for that, btw.
As for me, I'm with cardfan. RT is not or me, but I'm interested.
I'm more interested in the Asus Taichi, though. All-in-one, baby.

I've used Consumer and Release Preview versions of Win8 on both a Fujitsu i5 with 8 GBs of ram, and on a Compaq with a Celeron and 4 GBs of ram. Little or no reboots required with the Fujitsu since it is at least a moderately powered laptop. The Compaq did seem to run out of the ability to complete multiple tasks and require bringing up the Task Manager to kill a program, usually iTunes, but sometimes Windows Explorer. The more powerful, but still mid level Fujitsu almost never requires a Task Manager, and never requires a reboot.
I had the exact same experience on the same computers using Win7. Perhaps your computer, which requires multiple forced reboots multiple times per day merely needs a more powerful processor or more ram?
I doubt, subject to correction, that an average Win 7 or 8 user locks up or needs to reboot their computer multiple times per day. That sounds extreme even with Win 95, 98, ME, or early XP, all of which I used successfully for years.

Very interested in the pro version. Ability to run a full desktop in something ultra-portable is a very attractive feautre.
Of course, a final decision will depend on the final specs (including battery life on the Ivy Bridge processor, and particularly price)
iOS6 is, unfortunately, disappointing to this stage, and that's probably what is pushing me most right now.
With proper support from app developers, the ARM version could change the market in a way reminiscent of the original iPad, and if anyone can do it, I have no doubt that Microsoft can, but they'll need the support.
And I think it's a very intelligent move to target both ends of the market with a single product line. People who don't want an iPad due to lack of productivity will be drawn to the Pro, and, at the right price, the ARM version will (finally, hopefully) make a reasonable competitor to the iPad.

A tablet is not that productive with full OS type software, if you want to know what the experience is like just download the iPad app Splashtop and you can run your Windows PC on your iPad. I do use it sometimes to run my Windows 7 PC from my iPad. It works fine but Windows software is not suited for a tablet so Apps designed for the iPad are much easier to use. It is a pain to have to use a mouse on a tablet computer even though Splashtop has an very good track pad feature. I use it for software that is not available on the iPad. Microsoft includes a Keyboard with their Surface computers and if you are going to have a keyboard you just as well get a laptop with a decent keyboard or a better tablet keyboard like the Logitech keyboard for the iPad. I think the on screen keyboard would be just as easy to type on as that flat thing Microsoft showed. We will have to see.
I think the Surface tablet will do well and it is good for Apple to get some competition, it forces them to keep improving. It will take some time for developers to produce some good Metro Apps. I don't think the Surface Pro version will do that well. Many people say that is what they want but I don't think they will be nearly as popular as the RT version.
Microsoft does have a big problem with people thinking the RT tablet will run native Windows software, no matter how many time they say that it doesn't many people still think it will. They should not have called Window RT Windows 8.

Did you notice they never show the Surface operating in Portrait mode. I think it must only work in Landscape mode. I watched the entire video and never once did it show the Surface working in Portrait mode. Pretty Lame, I use my iPad in portrait mode more than in landscape.
It also has a 16:9 aspect ratio so even with a 10" screen it has much less screen surface than the iPad.
What is and iPad Fan - - Someone who likes his iPad
What is a Surface Pro Fan - - A device that blows hot air on your fingers there a touch screen keyboard, or am I going to have to find a flat surface large enough for me to fold out my keyboard EVERY time I want to type something. I would think the ability to simply hold a tablet in one hand and type with the other is a must. Otherwise, it might as well be a laptop.

As mentioned in the keynote. The on-screen keyboard exists whenever you need it. The cover is an option and not a necessary accessory. The idea is why just a flat cover that doesn't do anything, slap a nice keyboard there and make something useful of that extra width the cover adds.

Thank you for putting that out there. Complaining that the kickstand and keyboard will drive people away is not smart. Really? If there isn't a need for them, then why do they exist? I think some people are forgetting all the iPad keyboard accessories and kickstands available out there.
Albeit, they may not be for everyone but you have to admit, making both the stand and keyboard integrate into the tablet and keep the small form factor is what portability is all about. Portability, OS integration and form factor are why the iPad exist! The Surface is a viable addition to the market (notice I didn't say "iPad killer" as everyone looks for). To each his own.

I hope they copy the iPad's on screen keyboard concept. The keyboard on older Windows Tablet versions pops up on top of your work and you have to keep moving it around to see under it.
They copied Apple on most other things so maybe they did on the keyboard as well.

Thanks for the clarification. I did not get to see the keynote, and none of the reporting I saw afterwards mentioned a touchscreen keyboard. For me, the jury is still out. I actually find the touchscreen keyboard works best for me. I have a friend who has a bluetooth keyboard for his iPad that he seems to love. However, when I watch him use it, I can see some awkwardness, as he forgets what functions he still has to tap the screen for.
Depending on price, I see this as potentially causing more harm to Android tablets than iPads. The problem with Android is that it does give the user more control over the OS, but there are so many flavors and subflavors out there it is hard to support it. The Surface could potentially give techies the control they go to Android for, but with a more controlled OS experience like iPad users love.

I left the PC for Apple in 2010. The iPad was part of that transformation that has evolved from iPad2 to New iPad. I do not have the need to do all that I do on my iMac on a portable device. The iPad serves its purpose well and is a fine piece of art. The word in the end to me is integration, an iMac, iPad, Macbook (just donated to my daughter along with an iPad2)all working together in a system that works. I cannot count on the Surface to do the same.

Pricing, battery life, and apps. If the battery life isn't there, then it's a no go. I already have and iPad 2 and don't require a second tablet of any kind, so this isn't something I need, but if the apps are there, the battery life is there, and the price is under what I paid for my iPad 2 ($399), it's something to consider. If it's over $399, forget it. Not with Google producing a 7" Nexus Tablet for under $300.

I am not a fan of anything Microsoft, but admit that this is very interesting......I have oned iPad 1,2 and now 3. Am I bored with ios? How can something that is easy, intuitive and works be boring?
I do not see it as an iPad killer, however it will hurt iPad market share. I do believe the Surface device will be more of an Android killer - sorry Samsung et. all.

I agree. It might not be an iPad killer, but definitely will hurt the Android tablet market.
I have an iPad, iPhone. And iOS really is getting boring to be honest. It 'just works' that's right. But there's so much more that it could be. Apple doesn't seem to be adding much from iOS 5 to 6. New map services source? why would I care about that, Google maps served me well enough, and they now have 3D maps as well. Where are the real innovations that end consumers will fall in love with?

Microsoft showed a concept device....big whoop. No specs, no pricing, no delivery date. No thanks.

I will. Apple really miss the ball with iOS 6 and seems to be relying too much on their initial lead instead of continuing the apple tradition of innovation. I think Apple is getting fat and lazy now.

I agree. From iOS 5 and 6 it seems Apple is getting more inspiration from Android and Windows Phone than the other way around.

I own an iPhone, but I don't own an iPad. Likely never will. They are cool and all, but for my purposes they are nothing more than a toy. I am a psychologist who takes notes all day long and works on reports almost every day. I have used Tablet PC's for years because they give me the convenience of taking notes electronically, but also have the power of a computer with access to all the patient management software I need. iPad does not have that, nor will it ever have that, IMHO. I love the tablet form factor, but I need more computing power - AND PEN INPUT. Not mushy pens like they have for iPad, but real input for taking patient notes during sessions. Surface gives me exactly what I want and what I need, in one form factor. iPad does not. So, in the end, it depends on the user's need. iPad has tons of apps that can do a lot. But it is not geared toward my needs or profession. Tablet PC is, and getting a Surface will allow me to get away from my HP Touchsmart Tablet/laptop. I am still angry with HP over webOS. ;-)

Surface is a very Microsoft take on tablet and tablet-like computing. People know Microsoft, and these look interesting. If they actually come up with a shipping date and competitive pricing, I think the Surface line will do well. Their version of the smart cover is brilliant in and of itself. This is the first time that Microsoft has my attention in many year. I will give these a close look when they are actually available.
The iPad is a great device, but it doesn't fit every use. The MB Air is a great device, and it doesn't fit every use. Apple jumped out to a huge head start in tablet and post-PC land, and they have methodically refined their offerings. But the game is changing. I think Apple is going to have to stay aggressive, or they will slowly lose market share down to some niche but stable market share. Google may suck at tablets, but Microsoft has enough horse power to get a few things right. And in the smart phone area, Google and Microsoft both know how to play hard ball. The times, they are a changin'

I agree, I think with Microsoft finally replying to the iPad that Android for Tablets will become like Linux or Unix are for the PC market but for the Tablet market, there will be a market for it but mostly for the hobby types. I think the major players will drop Android for Windows RT.
I would not be surprised if Android for Phones also starts to level out and drop off as Manufactures come up with their own phone OS or begin to adopt Windows phone. Android like all the versions of Unix for PC's is all messed up with to many versions out there to support.

Yeah. The name. There's a good reason not to like a product. ;-)
In the end for me: Tablet form factor + keyboard cover + PEN INPUT = perfect for me. I get the fun of a tablet but the ability to do the work I need in one device. I am all about convergence. If the iPad could have done that for me for my patient management, I would have switched to it already.

Not interested. Despite my displeasure with using Microsoft OS systems, their "innovative" iPad-with-a-kickstand does not add productive, entertainment, or consumption value to my well-connected Apple-centric lifestyle.

It's probably right that the iPad is the best choice for people heavily tied in the Apple ecosystem. However for those who own Windows PCs and XBox 360, the Surface will fit pretty well in.

Just the fact that this question can seriously be asked is a win for MS. If the price and battery life turn out to be reasonable this will be a huge winner and the first real ipad competitor. Far more innovative than anything running iOS has done in the last 2 or 3 years. Competition is good, it's Apple's serve now.

Microsoft were the first ones to do Tablet but they did not do it right way, I mean, they failed at adding a stylus based operation, And the iPad changed it all. And now Microsoft again is doing the tablet in a wrong way. What they are really doing is mirroring the PC onto the tablet and what they need to understand is that Tablet is a new device which should mirror the PC. And obviously people using iPads would never want to be PC guys again.

COMPLETELY disagree. More of a niche audience, but there are those of us that need a tablet form factor, but need more power and office-based apps than iPad has. For me, in the mental health/medical field, I need to be able to take notes on my tablet, and also be able to use my patient management software, my MS Office apps for reports, and so forth. They are not targeting the iPad/Apple fanatic audience. They are targeting those that want both. Like me. It is right in my wheelhouse, so to speak.

Actually they didn't lose me at any of the features like kick stand they lost me when they were blatant that they were going to fragment it with two totally incompatible hardware architectures and two incompatible versions of the operating system.
So you go with the Intel based system the 'Pro' then pay another fortune for the Office package or you go with the cheaper Arm processor model and have the windows designed for mobile devices and tailored for the tablet with a cut down version of Microsoft Office included and would have to deal without having Outlook which is the feature most people want.
For the buyer in a smaller company that does not have the luxury of having a mistake of purchasing the wrong tablet for some employees and then replacing them with the one more suited for your needs it could be a disaster.
Honestly, this fragmentation is worse than that of Android devices, at least those Android devices are reasonably compatible but Microsoft's two devices are not compatible when it comes to software they just operate the same way when you using them but with Pro you have to purchase the device and they pay for Office which is Microsoft's plan.
They are a software company, their revenue is from selling the software, These tablets, as they cannot be called 'tablet' since they are two totally different platforms and the hardware is two different hardware designs and unfortunately while Ballmer implied the cohesion of the software and hardware and said that the two devices were aimed at two different types of user, making a fragmentation of this type and removing the compatibility of app's will harm this device. It means that app's need to be written twice or the 'pro' model will have to have an emulator to allow the ARM based app's to run.

That's not how it works! The Pro version will run all the same Metro apps as the RT version, but in addition it wil also run the classic windows applications.

I'm still using an original iPad, and buying a new tablet of any kind is just not in the budget right now. That said, if the surface turns out to be price competitive, I will be sorely tempted. Better MS Office document editing is something I feel is lacking in the iPad, and that keyboard cover is brilliant!

Would i switch from an ipad to a Surface? Nope. I'm barely finding enough reasons to use an ipad but that retina display helps. I can't imagine wanting a low res Metro only 16:9 tablet with no direct support. I've not seen a Metro app that is worthwhile. I don't care about Office on a tablet.
The Surface Pro is more of the same we've seen. It's too heavy for a tablet. It'll be priced like an ultrabook or MBA. Honestly, it's not an ipad competitor. I'd rather have a laptop for that money.
Finally, MS is terrible at marketing. They want to repeat the xbox's success but seem ignorant of how it became successful. This RT ARM tablet needed some games to demo. It needed a cool name. It needs to appeal to consumers. Show how it works with xbox and any other parts of your ecosystem. MS is chasing Apple but looks clueless and that much was obvious during their rushed event.

That's still a silly HD resolution.
I don't know why people don't ask for 4K or 8K screens.
HD screens really suck a lot compared to that.

Why don't they also demand 65" screens on their tablets as well - cause those little 9.7" just don't cut it.

I was looking for that option as well! Switching to anything made by Microslop is just plain crazy!

I sure wouldn't "switch" but if the price is right (and it works well overall) I might get one to use in addition to my iPad.
I like tech! I also have been trying the W8 beta and it is intriguing. I'd like to see MS make some headway on this, if only to get beyond legacy Windows (which I have never been able to warm up to.)

Way, way, WAY too early to tell. Vaporware is always enticing, but until you can hold it, you can't be sold on it.
That said, Surface tablets have a glimmer of potential. For me, personally, I almost never find myself reaching for my iPad, except for Netflix while exercising. It usually loses out to my MBP (when I want to do something substantial) or my iPhone (because it is always with me). Perhaps a Surface tablet would plug that gap for me more neatly than an iPad. It might also find a home in vertical applications (think POS terminals, medical practices), if MS courts developers with the same aggressiveness they did in the Win vs Mac days.
Check back in a year, when Microsoft is closer to shipping.

Probably you don't have to wait that long. Windows 8 is expected to ship september/october this year.

I've owned every iPad and still can't do any serious work on it. Yea, I know there are ways to get things done with an iPad, but you can also dig a big hole with a spoon, but it's not the best way to do it. Surface might just be the answer.

My iPad is a great mobile web browser, email and PIM platform. It's what I got it for and to be honestly, I don't see much other use for it. I certainly don't consider it a real computer like OSX and Windows machines.

When webOS went belly up and Sprint got the iPhone, I made the big switch to the Apple ecosystem and added the iMac and iPad 3. I'm VERY happy did and would never buy a Windows "tablet" etc. The selection of apps on the iPad is amazing and I'm really looking forward to more integration and syncing of all the devices with Mountain Lion and iOS6!
A reader above commented that the iPad doesn't work for his professional life as a psychologist. Well, I'm a psychologist who makes house calls and my iPad works great. Suffice to say, the variety of apps really helps me integrate the device into a wide variety of situations. I use several styluses for writing and drawing, and Apple keyboard occasionally.
I don't know how anyone can go back to a PC once they've gotten used to an iMac and a magic trackpad. Apple will only make all their products even better down the line.

That was me. Does your patient management software run on your iPad? Mine - Therapist Helper, Therascribe - do not. Therefore, a crucial component of what I need in a tablet it missing.

Apple have dominate the tablet market and have pretty much won it just like they did with the MP3 market. People don't ask for tablets they ask for iPads and settle for a tablets often because of price not because of quality.
I am extremely happy with my iPad and am getting a Mac to enhance my computing experience, I believe this will become the normal attitude from consumers and business in the near future and Microsoft will begin its decline. I also see Linux picking up the leftovers after Apple takes its share.
This will mean historians well tell people about the first worldwide consumer operating system and how it failed to keep up in a changing world namely mobile operating systems.

Complaining that the kickstand and keyboard will drive people away is not smart. Really? If there isn't a need for them, then why do they exist? I think some people are forgetting all the iPad keyboard accessories and kickstands available out there.
Albeit, they may not be for everyone but you have to admit, making both the stand and keyboard integrate into the tablet and keep the small form factor is what portability is all about. Portability, OS integration and form factor are why the iPad exist!
The Surface is a viable addition to the market (notice I didn't say "iPad killer". I hate that everything new has to compare to it).
Judging from the comments, it seems name brand (and OS) are the reason why people are saying Surface is no good. People say the same about Apple, what makes you any different in this case? As mentioned all too well, pricing and battery life will help future decisions. To each his own.

"We'd like to remind you Microsoft is a hardware company!"
Btw, nice tablet pugilists, but that's the old Windows logo.

you know as a microsoft fan i came in here thinking you would all be bashing on the surface and to my pleasent surprise while most of you say you arent switching your very classy in the way you say it and that makes me excited. to know that the surface isnt your flavor but you arent completely knocking it off is a pretty good sign aside from some apple cockgobblers most of you have kept your reasons for not getting one fairly legitimate thanks guys ! :D

No, they lost me at the kick stand. Really, how juvenile!. I have an iPad case which has got a kick stand and I use it all the TV...reading at my breakfast bar! I think whoever voted for this option needs to have a long hard look at themselves. It's this fanboy snobbery that real does my head in when it comes to Apple products! Bring on a successful windows tablet! The better the competition the better products for us customers,

Seems to me that there are a ton of unanswered questions - on purpose. Those questions have to do with the software which Mr. Softie is only willing to show in a limited basis given the GA for Win 8 is later this year. I wonder what the driver is to get so far out in front of this launch so that they could not tell a complete story? Anyway, they seem to have done a nice job on the hardware but for them to sell me is on how the ecosystem works. Until they do, Apple is still ahead by quite a bit.

The windows surface is intriguing, but I doubt it will be anything more for me. At this point I'm not considering buying either iPad or a surface. What will be interesting to see is how Microsoft will handle updates. I know Microsofts software update history all to well. Each update comes out at $80+. In the beginning iOS updates would cost $10-30 but now they are free, and bring killer new functionality with them. Will Microsoft be willing to allow mobile users update their devices with new functionality and not just security patches for free? And how will this translate to desktop users? Microsoft has to be competitive in software updates if they want this to be anything more then a hobby.

Re: "Because the Surface is like an iPad but is not an iPad, it might just appeal to people looking for exactly that, or for something in between an iPad and a MacBook Air (running Windows.)"
Surface is such a half-assed product. The keyboard-case screams "We had no idea what to do so we just threw all these features in." Either go all-multi-touch or go all-keyboard. Do one or the other well. Don't do both badly.
But even with such a half-baked keyboard, Surface is a death blow to the Ultrabook Initiative. Maybe the final nail in that particular coffin. Because it will drastically undercut any and all Ultrabooks in price. There's nowhere for the Ultrabook makers to go now. They can't compete against the MacBook Air or iPad. And now there's an actual Microsoft-branded Ultrabook-killer. Oh well, life in the big city and all.

I take it you haven't see the keyboard dock Apple sells for the iPad. The keyboard is an accessory, not required.

Until iOS and the iPad gets some type of file system, it will never be anything other then a large iPod touch. Those who need something more will get the Surface.

Ever heard of ifile. It's a perfect file manager. Thru the camera connection kit just put a SD-Card, USB HDD or stick in it. And you can do everything with the files. Also mobileterminal allows you to do all terminal(Unix) tasks.
So please stop talking jibberish.

Uh, sounds like you are taking a simple steak and turning it into sausage. That is a lot of work to just access the file system, and even then it is not cleanly organized. I think if I need file access I'll just use an operating system that is designed for it.

Have iPhone and iPad. Windows phone and Surface might just steal me down the line. Android doesn't offer anything compelling to me.

I doubt anyone who already spent $500+ on an iPad is going to switch. But there are still hundreds of millions of potential tablet buyers out there. Maybe even more than a billion. That's a lot.

It will all come down to user needs, and the system(s) you already have. As laptops are getting closer to the power of the desktop, the tablets, are an extension of the laptop. If you have the latest laptop running windows, the new MS tablet makes sense. If you have a Mac, the iPad makes sense. May be in the future will the tablet replace everything, but until then, what works for you the best, and matches the prooducts you already have, makes the better choice.
One other thing that can be the decision changer, the app store. "There is an app for that" is so true. You can make the iPad, or Android device anything you need it to be. Enterprise to games. That is what makes these systems so enjoyable. Can Microsoft compete with the app stores of the other platforms? Just some thoughts.

This won't be a consumer hit. This will be an enterprise jolt to the iPad, however. The iPad will continue to roll on as the consumer darling, no doubt made better by some real competition... but honestly I see the surface being used in the legacy enterprises that are too stiff to have embraced consumerization or BYOD programs... you know the types, they love disabling the business and locking down "their" equipment. The Surface will make these IT dinosaurs all giddy.
Granted I think this is a good step forward for Microsoft, who has been a real dud as of late. Time will tell.
That they are going the way of Apple like everyone else is a real compliment to Job's and his legacy.
Bring on the competition. What I want out of the Surface is a better iPad!

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But the Surface crashed during live presentation. Why would anyone want that? Even if the hardware is good, come's a Windows based OS. Blue Screens will happen. I talked with a Microsoft's gentleman during a presentation in Portugal, and I told him that Microsoft needs to re-write their kernel, or OS structure. He agreed with me. Yes he works for Microsoft. And he told me that. yes.