Regarding a new, automagic panorama camera feature for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Automagic new panorama camera feature rumored for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Back in mid-July iMore learned Apple was thinking about including a new, incredibly user-friendly panorama camera feature in iOS 6 for the iPhone 5. The sourcing was soft, however, so we mentioned it only in passing in our iOS 6 comparison article back then, and our iPhone 5 event preview yesterday.

Now, for a few reasons, it's sounding more solid. First, well-sourced developer Will Strafach tweeted about it this morning (since deleted). Second, code for panorama modes has been in iOS since iOS 5, but the feature was never made public. Apple could have held-fire on it to do something better in iOS 6 specifically for the iPhone 5. (Strafach suggest it will be in the new iPod touch as well, which would make even more sense if it involved video.)

Lastly, new camera features have been demonstrated at new iPhone events for years. The iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4S all had significant demo time devoted to new camera features. That included video recording, 720p, and 1080p, as well as face detection, touch-to-focus, touch to white balance, and more.

Like I said yesterday, 4K video is probably a ways off, so something like panoramas would make for a great Phil Schiller moment at the event, a great camera-centric commercial after the iPhone 5 launches, and be a fun feature for users.

Plenty of other phones include panoramas of one sort or another, so it would be great to see Apple include that as well. Especially their take on it.

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Reader comments

Regarding a new, automagic panorama camera feature for iOS 6 and iPhone 5


No offense but... Unless I'm missing something the article offers no reason for why an improved camera is now more likely than it was a month ago other than it would make for a great commercial. I do believe an improved camera is likely, and assumed for the most part, just not sure why we have any reason to believe there would be anything more than a marginal improvement.

I see the article has now been edited to provide more info. =)

It will take a lot more than a panorama feature to make me excited for the new iPhone camera. Give me 1080p video @ 60 frames per second!!!

A longer display would lend itself nicely to show panaramas when held horizontally. That could be a great way to showcase the new display.

Panoroma if done well is a great feature. The 360 Panorama app is great and stitches photos on the fly. If the default panorama feature is similar, that would be great.

I don't have a great deal of knowledge in photography but before I always thought megapixels was everything until recently when I learned how good the iPhone 4S camera was at only 8 MP. I hope the new camera will be on par or better than Nokia's 920. I'm sure Apple won't make the PR blunder Nokia did.