What phone are you ditching to get an iPhone 5? [Poll]

The question is simple: what old phone are you ditching to get a new iPhone 5? Is it a previous generation iPhone like last year's iPhone 4S, or an even older iPhone like iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, or iPhone 3G?

Or is it an Android phone, like the Samsung Galaxy S3 or S2, or Galaxy Nexus or Nexus S? Or an HTC One X or Nexus One? Something from Motorola like the RAZR? Another Android phone entirely?

Maybe a Windows Phone like the Nokia Lumia 900 or Lumia 800? Or a different kind of Windows Phone? Something by BlackBerry perhaps, like Bold or Torch or Curve? A webOS device like the Pre?

Or could the iPhone 5 be your very first smartphone? Vote up top and give me the details on what you're switching from and why in the comments!

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What phone are you ditching to get an iPhone 5? [Poll]


Galaxy Nexus is a great phone and an excellent representation of what Android is supposed to be. I'm not ditching it per se, but it is time for me to go back to iOS.

I'm ditching Samsung Galaxy S III, software was a big deception. (Android is minimalist, Samsung bloatware is crap)

Clearly... that 4S has been out a whole year now! ; )

I skipped the 4S just for this day (not wanting to pay any more than I had to... Now the wife gets the 4, and the 3GS becomes a handheld gamer for the little one...

None. Unfortunately there wasn't anything new and innovative to make me upgrade. ios 6 is coming to the iPhone 4s. And a slightly larger screen is just not enough for me.

Not really ditching, passing on in the family. Dad gets 4, mom gets 4s, I get 5 and keep the 3Gs as an IP cam and dev tool.

Surprising to see so many 4S owners upgrading. But the 5 is an insta-buy if you have a 4 or older model. Our beloved 4 is off contract now, doesn't do Siri, won't do Panorama Photo, has the old 5MP / 720p camera, rocks a Bronze Age A4 chip, ad nauseam.

Leaving behind my Evo 4G that didn't get to use 4G much. Not that I think I'll see LTE anytime soon. Time for a new phone, might as well get the newest.

I have the Evo 4G too! A fantastic phone, but old. Definitely due for an upgrade. I don't have LTE where I live either, but I would rather have the taller screen, so the newest it is.

Well, i have an iPhone 3G.
As "iPhone is ahead 5 years it's competitors" (i cite the late SJ), i may wait until 2013 until my 3G is really "old" !?
Just kidding. It is about time to get a new one. But my 3G will go to my son.

i like my iphone but it's not remotely worth $900 to get an 5 equivalent to my 4s. i'm staying put plus no LTE for sprint in LA anyways.

I sold my iPhone 4S for $400 and I got an upgrade for my grandma's line (she's happy with her simple phone), so I just payed tax to upgrade to the 5.

yeah that's fine. Yeah my grandmother is 97, doesn't have a phone, and lives on the other side of the country so that's not really an option. I have one line on my plan: my own. If i want a new phone i have to pay full price. Even if i sell my current phone i'm still looking at a large premium, and again, i got a contract.

not getting one for myself, keeping my 4S this year and will get the 5S next year. But i'll get the 5 for my wife who's still sporting the 3GS with a damaged home button

Doing the family rotate thing.
I'll be passing my 4S to my wife, whose Pixi is on life support. She was nice enough to let me keep the 5.

I wondered that too for a quick second, but read the title of the poll again. This poll was only for purchasers of the iPhone 5.

I sold my 4S last month so I can get top dollar for it before the new one was announced. I can't wait to get this think next week as I am switching between my two back up phones a Blackberry torch and a SGS2. The SGS2 is in a hundred pieces due to me throwing it at the ground due to androids sluggish ways peeing me off. So now im stuck with the BB, any sympathy is gladly excepted below.

Coming from a Droid X... I gave my wife a 4S with my upgrade in December and have been holding her upgrade since February. This is going to be the longest week EVER!!!

I'm finally walking away from the webOS ecosystem and joining the iOS world. I'll be ditching my Palm Pre2, which has been an awesome phone for me. If webOS had any kind of definite future, I'd wait it out, because I dearly love the phone and the OS. My son already has my old Pre+, which he uses like an iPod Touch (no service), so I may just set aside the Pre2 for emergency or display purposes :)

Had and still have a 4S, though not used as a phone anymore. Got the Lumia 800, never looked back. Getting the Lumia 920 for sure. iOS 6 more than likely works just fine for my needs on the 4S.

I've wanted an iphone for a long time, and thought I'd wait for the 5. My Nokia E 71 is 3 years old and not smart at all, but I've been waiting patiently because patience always pays.

I am finally ditching my webos device (palm pre 2). I'm going to miss it, but I can't hold out anymore. Nothing is happening there and my phone is aging. The one thing I will miss more than anything is the wireless charging. I'll be very upset if the iphone 5s comes with it. I can only hope there will be a case someone can build to support it one day, so I can just swap out the back.

I am actually ditching my iPhone for a lumia 920 assuming it comes on Verizon. But my wife and kids are keeping their iPhones. My wife may even go to iPhone 5 but I am still tryin to convince her to go lumia instead.

Why on Earth is iPhone 4 not in that poll? Most here in the U.S. are locked into 2 year contracts which usually means skipping a generation of iPhone for the next release. I went from iPhone 4 to 5. Last year, a friend went from 3Gs to a 4S, and she'll upgrade to a 5S (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) next year.

It would have been nice to see how many people are going from a 3Gs or a 4 to the iPhone 5. I can't wait to get mine. I'll be waiting for FedEx on the 21st!

Samsung Galaxy S3

I had a 4S but recently traded it for this S3 and I miss iOS. I did it because I thought I was bored with iOS but I shouldn't of. In the end it worked out because a lot of people want to buy this phone from me for $450 so I ended up having more than enough to pre-order with

Won't be getting the 5 at all unless my 4S dies or get's broken or something. 1 year left on my 4S and I'm totally happy with it still. The 5 looks nice but I love my 4S.

I'll get the "5S" next year.

I just wanted to say I feel bad for the sprint customers out there. I was one but I recently hopped back on AT&T , it's B.S. that sprint is taking this long to get LTE. Plus when I had sprint, even the 3G was horrible. If I was a sprint customer I would def go to Verizon and get the LTE coverage y'all deserve. Typing this on my soon to be sold Galaxy S3 and the predictive text is the worst Inge ever used in my life it won't even let u type a word without changing it nine times until it finally gets spelled out completely wrong . This is going to be a long week