Is iMessage down for you?

Is iMessage down for you?

A lot of us here at iMore along with friends and family members are having some issues with iMessage. Basically, we can't send or receive any! Are you guys experiencing the same problems we are?

If you seem to be having issues sending iMessages, you can turn it off from Settings for now so you can still send regular text messages. It's what we recommend doing until the service is back to working properly.

Allyson Kazmucha

Editor for iMore, Potter pundit, and the ninja in your iOS

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There are 56 comments. Add yours.

pink2 says:

I just switched to using IM+ (free version)

sk8er_tor says:

This is why iMessage sucks. If it's down, you have to manually shut it off. If you're not paying attention, you risk sending overseas texts. Terrible! BBM is much better - no chance of being charged for overseas messages on BBM.

Alienware_51#IM says:

It's taking about an hour to send iMessages for me.

Boots says:

I was one who sent an email to you guys. It's down for basically everyone I know, all idevices too.

PilotPhil81 says:

On Verizon and having no problems.

Mousr25 says:

Verizon in Ohio and its down for me...

PilotPhil81 says:

Maybe it's regional. I am in Dallas and its still working.

lightningr1 says:

Very pissed about it being down! I was iMessaging a friend that lives in London and then all of a sudden the send button turned green on me and I didn't notice until after the message was already sent. Not a good thing when I live in the US!

lightningr1 says:

exactly i was like oh crap that was probably like a 10 dollar text that said text me later

Manserotti78 says:

Whatsapp is a great option for texting anyone around the globe.

jeremyblaney says:

Down in Turkey as well. Turkcell on the iPhone and wifi on the iPad... both not working.

ShadezOfGray says:

I'm on AT&T and it's been sending a message to someone on a Sprint iPhone for the last 30 minutes. This person lives right next door.

cctpitts01 says:

Sprint in Boston it has been spotty all day took about 40 mins to send last message I sent out. Sent it at 2:30 just sent. :-(

dispatcher307 says:

Seems to be working...some of the time...for me.

adamxgrey says:

Was down, but after a reboot, it came back.

brooklyndon2911 says:

Down for me it's stuck on sending.........

jawe347 says:

Down over here in Orlando on Sprint iPhone 4S.

Missalyssa928 says:

On Verizon in Pennsylvania Working fine for me.

The_Chosen_One says:

I came here for a totally different reason, and came across this post. messages haven't been going to my son who only uses iMessage on wifi. I was having problems too. it's intermittent here. I'm on Long Island.

arin.failing says:

AT&T in Washington is working fine

socal5vee says:

Been down for over 2 hours here. AT&T southern California.

Stephhardy says:

Yes it is I'm in Florida

LOV3LikeRockets says:

It isn't completely down for me on AT&T in Southern Cal, but it sure takes a looooooong time to send any message!

GlennRuss says:

Yes, down all over. Thanks for the tip. Wonder what the problem is?

jt1998 says:

Working fine as usual here in houston, TX on AT&T, iphone 4S

jshollax says:

Dead for me on WiFi, all my devices are on iOS6 GM not sure if that makes a difference.

SuperRob64 says:

Working fine in Seattle between two AT&T iPhones.

stoneland says:

Definitely down for me. AT&T here in Washington, DC.

sfbayp says:

Yes. Awaiting my new iPhone 5 this Friday. So until then I won't have access to SMS. iPhone 4S was sold awhile back.

latinaflwr80 says:

is down here in North Carolina Im on Sprint and I have a iphone4. Does anybody know if apple is doing something to fix this at all?

jdeguzman says:

Chicago - it was down for a bit but fine now.

nuflat says:

AT&T in Houston working fine for me.

Anthony says:

No problems on Rogers in Canada.

Marsu says:

Yes it is down in Hungary

Tflintoff says:

On a Verizon iPhone 4. Down for me about 2 and a half hours. Back up and running now.

M4c0770 says:

AT&T down few hours ...

Manserotti78 says:

I'm with Telus in Halifax, Nova Scotia....i wouldn't know because I sold my iPhone 4 almost a month ago to get top dollar for it.....I need my iPhone 5 now...

Corel8 says:

Bell in Canada seems to be working ok.

serwan says:

yah i culd not able to send texts to my brother this afternoon

dazwontwin says:

It's been struggling in the UK. Seems to be ok now.

Altimate_One says:

iOS 5.1.1 on my 4S on Big Red in North-East Ohio and working fine.

dalvik says:

ohh so that's what the problem was.. I was in the hospital today and was going crazy because lots of my messages didn't go through I thought I was having a signal issue... had even to take an elevator and go into the lobby but to no avail. insane..

Jobook1 says:

I have no issue works like a charm!


Down for me.
Central ca.

tqmcguire says:

Eastern PA on AT&T. Been down since 1:15 PM.

hope09 says:

I am trying to activate my imessage but I was not able to activate it and I don't know what was the problem...need help...

Jackberger#IM says:

I appears like iMessage has not been working for me for the last twelve to 18 hours.

mpshah says:

Mine is down as well for the past 16 hours. And when I try to activate again, it gives me an errors wrong password for my Apple ID.

Dark_Blu says:

No, iMessage is not down for me, but why is iMore now defaulting to a mobile sight on a desktop browser? It's resolving to now.

junovela says:

Yeah, it's been down for me for a while. It's apparently something do with my preorder for an iPhone 5.

ame says:

Yep for a good month

TFausett says:

Yep down for me here in Utah still.

thedevicedr says:

I work for an authorized AT&T reseller, and we had complaints from multiple users about having trouble with iMessage; friends of mine on Verizon were also asking me what was going on as well. After enough instances presented themselves, I spoke with Apple Monday afternoon regarding this issue.

They confirmed that much like the intermittent issues with Siri and iCloud over the past two weeks, iMessage users might experience delays with the system or times in which sending iMessages wouldn't go through.

The only explanation I was able to receive was that Apple had been performing updates to these core systems in preparation for the release of iOS 6 and that users should, as the Apple Care Rep stated, "Keep trying."

baykine says:

It did go down for me at the time of this post. Good thing for me is that I don't really rely on iMessage since most of the people that I text is on the same mobile network that I'm on anyways.