Fox Five reports on iPhone 5 lines in New York, then tells viewers it has a laser keyboard and holographic display

I'm sure you have all heard the old saying, "never let facts get in the way of a good story", well Fox News has certainly done just that. During a report by Fox Five which is aired in New York, a reporter was telling the story of how lines were already forming outside of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue in anticipation of the iPhone 5 launch. Fox Five then inexplicably cut to a video showing an ultra-thin device which was actually a concept done way back in August 2011 and nothing like the iPhone 5 that we all saw announced last week. The report then goes on to explain some of the new features of the iPhone 5 and again they are all amazingly incorrect.

"Staring at $200, the iPhone 5 is sleeker, has a laser keyboard, holographic images and other cool new features."

The laser keyboard is again from the same concept video as the ultra thin iPhone and the holographic display ability just beggars belief. I really can't understand why a news network like Fox can't carry out some simple research on a product prior to reporting on it to a huge audience. All they had to do was read our fantastic iPhone 5 everything you need to know post and they wouldn't be looking quite so silly this morning!

You can see the news report from Fox in the video above, the misinformation starts to pour out around the 42 second mark, sit back, relax and laugh loudly!

Source: YouTube via 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Fox Five reports on iPhone 5 lines in New York, then tells viewers it has a laser keyboard and holographic display


I never laughed so hard.. XD
Isn't FOX News a well known broadcaster?
And it seems the deadline not that tight, so they can do 'easy' research as you say.

To be fair to Fox News (now there's a statement I never thought I'd utter...), this is a local affiliate and not the, umm, "fair and balanced" network. I'm sure on that network at this moment they're blaming Obama for this story...

And MSNBC is probably stating that Obama is Steve Jobs and the savior of all that is politics...

All stations are obviously biased. Unfortunately viewers want to hear news that supports their own irrational beliefs rather than the truth.

That was awesome on so many levels. I hate fox news, and this is why. To be fair though, they aren't the only ones I've heard saying that, although they are the only news agency for sure. I hope MSNBC takes full advantage of this.

Hysterical, but don't confuse FOX News Channel with the local FOX 5 affiliate though. It's not the same operation. Not even close actually.

The affiliate is owned & operated by the Fox Network. The same company that owns the Fox Television Stations, and Fox network owns FoxNews Channel - Newscorp. It's a lot closer than you think.

Actually, I used to work at a Fox affiliate, and other than pulling packages and file footage from the national Fox News feed, they really aren't that close at all. I've worked at three different affiliates (Fox, NBC, and CBS), and none of them really have that strong of an attachment to their network. They just do their own thing for the most part and try whatever they can to increase ratings.

All that said, this is pretty hilarious.

Fox Entertainment is not owned or operated by Fox News, nor does it own or operate Fox News. They are considered two separate companies.

I know we generally expect better from Fox, even their local news reports, but this is pretty unimportant when compared to the factual errors CNN makes every day on matters that are actually consequential.

Yeah so?? Let us know when CNN screws up reporting on the iPhone, otherwise, it's irrelevant. You must be a republican.

And you must be a Dumbocrate. It is nothing more that a stupid reporter getting played. If it HAD been CNN, would we be talking about it? And for all you "geniuses" out there, Fox News does not own or control these stations. We have a local ABC station here that I doubt seriously is connected in any way to ABC. Well, now that I think of it, they are about as stupid as this article, so maybe they are........

Are you trying to say we wouldn't be talking about it if it was CNN? Are you stupid? Of course we would! but since it wasn't CNN, why even bring CNN into it? Who else but a republican would be offended, and try to defend FOX?(what they believed to be Fox)

All mass media is a joke Fox looks less accurate to the inattentive because they are the only major player to represent the center right in an industry dominated by leftist narrative. That said claiming that stories produced by small affiliate stations somehow represents the quality of Fox News takes some spectacularly dishonest metal acrobatics.

Fox is center right? Wtf is wrong with you? Center right networks do not employ the likes of fringe reich wingers like hannity and Beck. Isnt Sarah Palin a guest reporter too? Yeah. Center right my foot.

NBC, CBS, ABC, are all far, far left. They all try to non-report any Democratic screwups, such as the present Obama admin statement that the Libya attacks were not pre-planned.

There is no MSNBC any more. That is why I said NBC, and they are as far left as one can be. With dumbasses like Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews, they have to be left. Enough about politics. That is a funny video!

The funny thing is Rachel Maddow has more brains in her left pinky than you have in your whole body.

I know you idiots hate education and all but learn to read. We are talking about fox news. Not NBC or CBS .

Fox reports from a neo-conservative perspective i.e. a big government friendly "moderate" compassionate conservative perspective; all other major outlets are center left to left. There is no significant libertarian (or far right if you prefer) view representation in the main stream media.
As for trying to link the Nazis to right wing political positions I suggest you compare the Democratic Party platform to the NSDAP (National Socialist German Workers' Party) platform then take a look at what Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or maybe even some Anarcho-capitalist or other would like to see... Just a hint but the whole communism on the left socialism on the right concept is a farce socialism is little more than a stepping stone to communism (Hitler and Stalin agreed on far more than they disagreed on). A more accurate depiction would place anarchism on the far right with totalitarian collectivism (communism) on the far left.

Libertarians are not far right. John Locke who is often cited as the father of libertarianism was a progressive liberal.

i need iphone 5 so i can watch the movies on the wall lmao
Everyone waiting line to be the first guinea pig to buy the iphone5, this is better then the iphone4s because Apple told me lol

Hahahahahahaha. FAIL! "As reported by a YouTube video over a year old...."
You would think they would research something this big, especially before airing it with false imaging and video clips.

I can't even believe they get away with this. That's why I'm proud to be British and I'm proud of the BBC.
As if they're even allowed to call themselves news broadcasters.
If people believed all the bull that comes from Fox we'd all of died of starvation and carbon dioxide inhilation right after voting republican. Re: regular stories about how Oranges cause cancer, meat will give you a heart attack, and man has no effect on global warming. Oh and Obama is a Muslim Marxist Terrorist who must also have a direct link to the government of George III if the tea party is meant to make any sense.

As a former CBS news photog, I can tell you:

TV News- So ready to nit pick and destroy everyone else. So willing to overlook their own ineptness and lack of qualifications.

Could be why I don't watch/believe most news sources anymore.. (imore excluded!)

Who said the reporters report the truth?! and another question... was it a prank someone player on the reporter, or was she actually blond? just gotta laugh.

The price drop and feature bump can only mean that this is the first of the planted leaks for the iphone 5s.

Kinda surprising, though, still no mention of NFC, fingerprint/retenal detection, waterproof chassis, nor WristPod!

OMG, why didn't they visit the apple website or's awesome roundup to know that this was just a concept.

But a little bit of good knowledge, why do they believe that a holographic display is already possible??? On a device that's so thin.

I don't understand why they didn't even took the time to read the press release, I mean, is this video real?


As others have stated this isn't the Fox News Channel, it is a local news station affiliated with Fox. They do their own reporting and this is so way off the mark it almost sounds like a researcher trolled the reporter who probably didn't have a clue and was just reading the information given.

The absolute stupidity that Apple has cultivated in it's diligently uninformed fanatics is definitely on display here.

This is the news channel making misstatements not the fanatics. You should read it again. Now if you want to say the fanatics are, one crazy for being fanatics about a phone any phone, or two, crazy for sleeping outside for phone you'll get no argument from me.

Actually I was referring to the extrapolation from the writer of this story, & most of the comments, are how the lunacy on display at this local news affiliate is in some way related to Fox News Channel. And the natural extension of that is that Fox bad/right wing everybody else good. All the other channels do the same garbage too. But Apples tech audience is decidedly liberal. So this is to be expected.

Ye ol philosopher.

STFU dude. Are you that lame and lonely that you continually troll here? Better yet, take that $40 you earn per week and get yourself laid. Obviously your life is sorely lacking something - although your weekly earnings will not get you the highest quality of experiences.....but for you, I'm sure it will be a party.

And the resident porn champ continues her reign.

To quote the late Steve Jobs; "There's a place for porn, it's called Android."

Ummm... Why are you here again?

i don't see how anyone could gather that from your comment which is vague and says "is on display here." all i see is a video on display. Regardless Fox News is not news but a crap political propaganda tv network. It's full of idiots as ill informed as this local affiliate.

Forget about winning one.

I will give you one on one have to read every single post from our dear friend, Mr. Rob White!

I know, I know - stakes are not high enough for that kind of punishment.

Give me some time to think about it!

fox is a strange name
you can't also says fox to mr bean becaus she is idiot and she play like an

Fox News Channel and Fox 5 news are both incompetent. They are not the same channel but both suck all the same.

iPhone 5 w/Holographic Display pre-loaded : "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, You're the only one who can get me an iPhone 5 on the 21st."

Somebody is gonna be ticked when they don't get their "laser keyboard and holographic images"! can't make this stuff up. Oh wait...somebody did and FOX jumped all over it. LOL

Is that the same FoxNews that lie about Iraq, George Bush, President Obama, Occupy Wall Street, etc. etc. etc.? Thank God I don't have a TV in my apartment (and stopped watching one 10 years ago) but this is hilarious as much as embarrassing. Channels like this one should be banned from TV.

I thought the video was funny but after reading the comments I finally have come to the realization that iPhone people at least the liberal democratic ones are hateful, rude, condescending and just not people I would want to be around. I have noticed that the republican or ones in defense of FOX news seem to not be as rude or crass. A Republican doesn't like something on TV he changes the channel, a Democrat sees something on TV he doesn't like he wants it banned. I am an Android person who loves technology, so I don't want iPhones obliterated off the face of the earth (unlike Steve Jobs and Android), they have their place and their quality features and their following. Liberals always say that they are kinder and gentler but I don't see this in anything that comes out of their mouths or typed in this blog post, especially when it comes how they treat others with differing views. I find it interesting that you think Fox News has lied about all that stuff. Maybe you need to open your eyes and widen your view, because it looks a little narrow from here.

A discussion about the competency of FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, and the other major news networks is interesting, but totally unrelated to this story. This story and this reporter are related to Fox News as much as they are related to The Food Network.

However, the article does a really good job of showing the general incompetence of some of the local news departments. After moving into a job where the press would occasionally be around, I was amazed by the absolute lack of technical depth some of the reporters had on the subject they were covering. Some would ask the most basic of questions and be unable to understand the most basic of answers. Anyone that has dealt with the media has seen some really cringe-worthy stories about their area of expertise.

What happened here is they shot the footage to accompany the live shot, but they didn't have video of the new features. Realizing they had to show some of the new features, they asked someone to go search Google for something like iPhone 5 new features video. The FIRST video that shows up is that video. Of course it says "concept" at the beginning and end of the clip, but they had a deadline and the video is really cool. So they didn't bother to double check with anyone knowledgeable or even tech literate before running with it.