Phone different at CES

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While the big news is obviously going to be at MacWorld next week, this week we're at the Consumer Electronics Show. There probably won't be a ton of iPhone news, so you might only see sporadic updates in the next few days. After that, though BAM.

In the spirit of quietness, go check out Whisper app for your iPhone (if you're the jailbreaking sort). You whisper a secret into the iPhone and it get uploaded to a server anonymously. You can then listen to the secrets of others. Think of it as PostSecret for the iPhone. :)

Whisper is part of the iApp-A-Day challenge (successful, btw). Here's how to install it.

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Phone different at CES


I am not at CES but here are some of the announcements I have seen on the net from CES.
WildCharge for the iPhone
wire-free charging and power solutions for consumer electronics and other mobile devices.
Finally! I have been waiting for this for 4 years since it was first mentioned - had a Treo back then but with the iPhone popularity they seem to have skipped Palm compatability and went for the iPhone.
Course, since I only need to charge my iPhone 2-3 times a week, it's no longer that big of a deal or as convenient (since charging the iPhone doesn't require cables going all over the place like with the Treo).
Motorola’s EQ5 is a combination speakerphone (with echo cancellation and noise reduction) and portable wired/wireless speaker. Uses Bluetooth version 2.0 +EDR (HFP1.5, A2DP1.2, AVRCP1.0) and relies on a built-in rechargeable battery. Same design elements as the iPhone and exact same length (while being 4mm higher - due to the weird angle and a little bit thicker).
FlyTunes! Internet radio for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Lets user search over 20,000 internet radio stations to find music to match their preferences. Don't know much about it but it does let you cache up to 30 minutes of music so when you go out of range of EDGE of Wi-Fi, there is still music to play.
Altec Lansing released the T612
It's a shielded system to eliminate that GSM clicking buzz.
From USB Fever we have the iPhone/iPod bike mount. OK.
On Stage 220ID, On Stage 400ID, Onstage Micro are iPhone compatible speaker docks.
JBL also has a multidock unit. The NXPN7 lets you plug in an iPhone and iPod at the same time (or two iPods) for charging, audio, and video-out capabilities with remote.
They also released a new P-Series LCD TV with built-in Dock and on-screen navigation for the iPhone and iPods.
Memorex also released its new line of iPhone accessories at CES. The "iWake Up" is one of them and is pictured below. Basically a docking station with AM/FM radio, white blacklit LCD display, a snooze function, a remote control, and SRS sound enhancement.
iHome released a bunch of new stuff.
That weird contraption is a clock radio that is made just for the iPhone and iPod Touch (shielded of course) and swivels to watch video in the horizontal orientation. Comes with remote that also controls the iPod functionality, 3D sound, a new 7-5-2 (that is in reference to the days of the week) feature that lets users set different alarm tones and times for different days.
They have a bunch of these things.
Cambridge Soundworks has a new version of the i765 that is shielded from GSM interference as well.
This also outputs video to a connected TV.
Newer Technology released this monstrosity.
Belkin has a bunch of new iPhone stuff too of course.
And Griffin has a bunch of new iPhone stuff too... of course. announced their new iPhone centric website at the start of CES. Now normally, I would think its ridiculous to redesign your website and reformat (as is the trend lately) because that is one of the advantages of the iPhone, YOU DON'T HAVE TO REDESIGN YOUR SITE FOR THE iPHONE. But, in this case it does seem to be more efficient.
Delphi demoed their Wireless Vehicle Access software running on an iPhone while at CES. It can turn on the engine, turn on the climate control, roll down the windows, check door unlock/lock status, monitor tire pressure, check how much gas is in the car, and even tell the condition of the oil and brake fluid.
Whirlpool announced their refrigerator docking system. iPod/iPhone compatible. Actually, you choose what kind of attachment you want. Their are things like TV and drawing boards. If you want the dock for the iPod/iPhone it comes with speakers.
Opera announced that they are bringing their browser to the iPhone. Not sure why. Safari blows them out of the water. Competition is good though. I guess there could be a chance that they will include Flash capabilities built-in.
Here is a YouTube video of David Rosen from Opera:
Sony released their new HD radios with iTunes tagging. Here's one below.
Scosche Released stuff.
Then Nova Media went as far as announcing at CES that they would be unveiling their Fone2Phone program at Macworld Expo 2008??? WhatEVER.
Anyway, you can probably see what it does by looking at the screenshot.
There might be more stuff to add to this week's CES announcements but I think this is probably be most of them. The way I look at it, many of these same vendors will be at Macworld next week but made their announcements this week at CES knowing they would be overshadowed by what Apple has to announce. Still, there will be a few new things coming out of Macworld next week.