iPhone 5 unboxing and hardware hands-on

No unboxed iPhone 5 exits. Or is it, if an iPhone 5 is released and nobody unboxes, does it really make a dent in the universe? Whatever. New iPhone. Gadget porn. Deal with wit it.

If you want to see absolutely everything included in the new iPhone 5 box, including the old AC adapter, new Lightning cable, old SIM-card tool for the new nan-SIM tray, a short how-to guide and some interesting EarBuds -- and of course every detail of the sleek, sexy Vader-black, aluminum and glass iPhone 5 itself, hit the video above and enjoy!

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

iPhone 5 unboxing and hardware hands-on


Apple is on there way out! Thank God for Android and Samsung!!
This phone just goes to show you that Apple just can't keep up with the game anymore!!!

Opinion? It sounds more like a subjective ignorant fanboy rant that was worded as fact. Do you like wasting your time telling people your worthless opinion just to get a rise? Every iPhone release you see this and every iPhone release Apple blows the doors off of previous records it owns from the past years iPhones. You sit here and talk out your ass while apple laughs all the way to the bank.

You get upset when someone corrects your grammar, but sit here and flame an all Apple users blog?

cheechoz818 it's funny you say that... Apple comes out with one phone a year and it destroys the competition even though not much has changed aside from LTE and a bigger screen. Main fact, regardless of what apple does, people will buy it. Why you ask? The iPhone is solid in every aspect. I think you're mistaken as sales for this device will blow away any samsung device or anything powered by android.

Not being a fanboy of either Apple or Samsung, but why is it that I have an iPhone and an S3 and all my iPhone is doing is collecting dust!

Yes i bought an iPhone 4S, but after getting an S3 i realized how awesome an experience with a phone can really be!

I'm not an Apple fan boy either. The only Apple product I own is a 4s. For you to say that Apple can't keep up with the game anymore is what I'm getting at. As sad as it may be, they don't have to do much to their devices and people still flock to them. I feel that no matter what Apple comes out with, consumer response will be the same, and sales will be through the roof. You have to admit that Apple's market presence is amazing regardless of how few items they release each year.

I used to feel much the same way as you (albeit never for a TouchWiz device) and left the iPhone for Android years ago and haven't looked back until now. It started with the Nexus One (still the best phone I've ever owned) and until I got the retina iPad I had no desire for iOS. Since then I've gotten a 4s and have even stopped using my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 (as you said collecting dust?). It's as simple as this to me. The attention to detail that apple has is unmatched by any other company. Period. It screams in everything you do with an apple product. From the hardware, polish of the software, apps, and even the un packaging. It is quality and apple simply cares about their customers (even the iPhone 3GS got iOS 6 on day one. That simply doesn't happen on android even on the Nexus class device). The only reason I'm taking the time to comment to your blatant flaming is that it goes both ways. I'm happy the GS3 is great for you (I took it back after 3 days). Why are you so threatened over the iPhone 5 especially to have to come here and preach nonsense. Even the iPhone 4 hasn't been matched in hardware and attention to detail and tat was years ago. Plastic phones just doesn't cut it. Why do you think Samsung copies everything apple does? One doesn't do that if they are the best in class. The entire industry waits on apple to make a move and then plans their next moves especially Samsung.

McDonald's sells a hell of a lot more Big Macs than Ruth's Chris sells Filet Mignon. So, Big Macs are better than Filet Mignon.

Awesome. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for my contract to expire in June 2013. So, possibly iPhone 5s (or 6) for me and my 4s will go to my daughter.
iOS6 is great. Siri is even better.
I hear complaints about maps, but seriously. It's still been great. And hands free telling Siri to give me directions home (or directions to a contact) is huge. Can keep my eyes on the road instead of fiddling with Navigon or Garmin.

For Gods sake Rene, don't show this video to anyone else.
iPhone sales will plummet.

(filthiest iPhone 5 I have seen to date. Totally ruined the un-boxing experience for me)

yea what's with all that dust on the "New" iPhone?
Did a sandstorm go through the Apple store while you were buying it?

unboxing videos, Samsung, Apple, HTC, whatever, is the gheyest thing in the world. "Totally ruined the un-boxing experience for me" Really? Ruined? Unboxing, at best, is a thrill to whomever is actually un-boxing their new item. Anybody getting a thrill watching it really needs to go outside.