Win a free iPad mini from iMore!

Apple has announced the iPad mini and we know you want to get your hands on one immediately if not sooner -- who doesn't? -- so iMore wants to make it as easy as possible for you...

By giving away a free iPad mini to one lucky iMore reader!

That's right! Free. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

And if you haven't already, make sure you also enter to:

As for the rules: We'll adjust the details (name and model) once Apple's made the announcement. One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the tablet, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Now, while we really do appreciate you reading through to the end, GO ENTER! Good luck!

Rene Ritchie

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There are 5875 comments. Add yours.

jbuck387 says:

I'm excited to see what they annouce!

jmeosbn says:

I've been waiting for an iPad mini ever since the first iPad was launched - even forgoing the having of any iPad at all - except for when my belief in the mini had lapsed momentarily, and I had bought, then promptly returned, an iPad 2... Now the end is finally in sight, the hallowed day finally upon us, please deliver the mini to me!

Rowanova says:

I'm signed up too...again...maybe this could be my first time to win something?... A new iPad, of either size, would be awesome.

Perfeshunul says:

Would be kool if one of these went my way. Anyway, congratz to anyone who gets it :)

johwright says:

great giveaway! I would love.

sataml says:

I would love a ipad mini. Cant wait to get my hands on one

sexy-me says:

Way to go iMore!!! U rock!

ren says:

my son please, please, can not get one for my son unless its free

kos_maverik says:

Thanks for the chance guys :) Good luck to all..

millanaa says:

iPad mini would be my fulfilment and excellent 30th birthday gift. Hooray for this kind of contests:))). Fingers crossed for myself to be lucky one...

Wink467 says:

iPad mini. That's awesome. Thanks in advance iMore!!

GeneLKing says:

iPad mini is on my list so it would be awesome to win it!!

soxozor says:

Would be helpful for college :)

Tito71 says:

wow an ipad mini - good luck to all

justinuriah says:

Win!! Please oh please oh please

yorgo says:

What if you're all wrong and there is no iPad mini? The thing has not been announced yet and you're already giving one away wow.

migs109 says:

Not sure what it looks like, but sure ill probably want one. Please and thank you!

BigReub says:

I'm in!!!!! Please!!!!!

chrisw329 says:

I would love to win one but on the other hand i might be able afford one of the minis?!

Sir_Charles says:

Even if I'm not sure that the iPad mini exists, sure I would like one !!!

elcoxx says:

Super rumored Apple device.... I definitely wanna try the iPad Mini!

sexy-me says:

Would love one of those! Thanks!

Makkiej says:

Awesome giveaway! this might be the way to get my hands on one ^^

Jim Dyer says:

Thanks for the continued outstanding prizes.

GameHood says:

iPad Mini giveaway already?? :O iMore is the best!!

jojones44 says:

Please Apple Gods shine your light down on me so I can when a ipad mini!!!

ronmcse says:

This is why I love!

GarShow says:

Bye Bye, Kindle Fire! I hope you like working at Arby's!

StraightWisdom says:

They should price it at under $250... iMore and giveaways = Win

AmeliaHeff says:

Having an iPad Mini would be nice for when the wife is using our iPad.

cckeeper2 says:

Would love one of these things!

SK_Dubb says:

Just bought an iPad a couple of weeks ago. Will be curious to see if I would have preferred this.

jgonzalezNYC says:

Awesome giveaway! About to check out the live feed! Hoping that the iPad Mini winner next week is me! Thanks for the chance!

VarunPramanik says:

Here’s to hoping I’ll finally have a tablet for college!

purwater says:

I'm hoping for the almost 8" iPad mini. Would be about right for reading and on the go. A free one would definitely be the best iPad ever.

Daniel Pinho says:

I want it! Wishing myself luck.

snowbound says:

I'm curious enough to bite on this.

kajira says:

would love to win the iPad mini

Chaos5 says:

I love iMore! Would love an iPad Mini please!?

joenotaro says:

I would love to win. Thanks.

tomoneus says:

I couldn't wait to see that new iPad ..... and I loved to own it as my birthday present

akrich87 says:

Definitely would love to win this for girlfriend!!!!

khughes14 says:

Ahh so excited!! I'd love to win one

glj104 says:

I am a little shot, with my little pants on and I will try to make a little impression, hopefully I will win a little ipad.

awil26 says:

Haven't followed the live blog yet, but I would love to win this for a family member

musichighc_2 says:

I would love to have this gr8 for my daughter or wife

Pteleblanc says:

I like to think of it as the "Just right iPad". I'll be one happy Goldilocks apple fan if I win.

bbj75 says:

iPad mini sounds fun...interested to learn more about it

BrandonB says:

Please, Please!

x1sspic says:

I would love to have one!

apatters40 says:

I would love an iPad Mini.

ralphtrent says:

If you're offering, then I'll take :-)

jkeitz says:

Shoulda' called it the iPod Nano. Naah, just kidding.

spilakf says:

I love the concept of the iPad mini. As an educator in a high school, I could definitely look to see my students jumping on board, picking up these and using them in my classroom as a learning device.

markm929 says:

Sign me up for an ipad mini...please :)

south50 says:

I've always wanted an iPad, even if it is a 'mini'!

south50 says:

*whoops (glitch...but couldn't delete)

netwitt says:

It's started. I want one of the mini's (or whatever their gonna call it)!!!

jumare says:

Sooo cool....thnx iMore!

WildBill1941 says:

iPad mini will be exactly what I need to plot my evil overthrow of the world's government from the safety and security of my bathroom.

iGeo says:

i think that since i have been looked over time and time again it would only be right that i win the mini. :)

Trickyd80 says:

Since i dont have an iPad yet, this would b the perfect gift.

scofire says:

Would love to have one for my classroom.

mitch_melkonian says:

Winning the iPad Mini would be much appreciated! Who wouldn't want one! Fingers crossed! :-)

TheCrafterXD says:

I would like one, because iam looking for a 7" Tablet and the iPad mini would be perfect :)

vonnyyolanda says:

iPad mini for mee pleaseee!!!!!!! :D

Stupifiery says:

Sounds fantastic. Haven't even seen it yet. But I'd like to win it!

sigmagirl2011 says:

Oooh, pick me, pick me. I would love an iPad mini!!

dalejr88nascar says:

cant wait for the ipad mini to release!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guaco says:

Here is my comment to enter this giveaway. Thank you for this opportunity.

2xs says:

marvelous tremendous fastest billion million time ever :-)

danny92975 says:

So sweet I would LOVE an iPad mini THANK YOU iMore!!!!!

enyawedkcol says:

I would also love to win the new iPad mini! My wife would steal it from me though, so..........?

nwan201 says:

Would so love to win. I'm such a fanatic.

jcoolio says:

I would love an iPad mini.

Youso says:

Big ups to iMore for having this giveaway. Would love to give that iPad Mini to my grumpy wife. No irony.

skeelo15 says:

I would love to win an iPad mini, it would save me some cash as my wife is looking at buying one around Christmas time. Thanks for the chance!

JNGold says:

Would Love to win an iPad Mini.

marjofraz says:

I would love to experience the iPad Mini! Awesome!

JuanPuerta says:

I would like one!! iPad Mini will be so great. Thanks for the opportunity

degree248 says:

I'm an owner of the original iPad 1, so I would love to gift my mini-me an original iPad Mini :)

parker5011 says:

I would love an iPad "mini, air, nano" whatever they call it!

jrsharp70 says:

I'll call him... mini me....

ironman2443 says:

YES!!!!!! Would love to win it and give it to my wife!!!

mtavenger55 says:

Any GB size any color! Thanks for another great contest!

willcarey says:

Yes please. I would absolutely love an iPad Mini.

DDS0728 says:

Oh iPad Mini would rock my world like a hurricane!!! says:

The mini looks great! You can never have too many iDevices.

MacBipes says:

This is going to be a great gift for parents this year! Thanks to iMore, as usual!

SeanRoto says:

i want to win, as i am tired of getting my wifes hand me downs when it comes to laptops, ipads etc..

jswenson3 says:

I'd take one please! THX Rene!!

vagreville says:

I know we will know in a matter of minutes, but I hope they come in different colors like the new iPods. Either way though, sign me up, I'd love to win!

bag of kittens says:

Please - this would make my day!!!!


SEKKDS says:

I shall call it, "Mini-Mine!!"

papasmurfrock says:

I would love to have one that I can use for basketball season.

immovablesoup says:

Looks gorgeous, count me in!

dwbneo says:

7in. is the perfect size. This thing will make some bank.

kehanra99 says:

I like iPads...this could be my first one.

Corey says:

I'll throw my hat into the ring and give it a shot. Fingers crossed.

deeptali says:

Thanks for giving us HOPES

teepeeayy says:

I haven't won a thin yet, may today is my lucky day!

jborfeo says:

Hope that you pick me. I would love to win this!!

landjo77 says:

Thanks for this opportunity!

plf2hawaii says:

Will it be named ipad mini or will apple marketing choose a name that will not be used by comedians?

Timatoria says:

Super excited about the new iPad. Fingers crossed!

drezzy_ says:

Another awesome giveaway! I hope the iPad mini cost is around the $200 - $300 range.

Muero says:

I want iPad, I want liver, iMore, iMore, please deliver.

tkclow says:

PLEASE pick me!!! I need the Ipad Mini.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!

kwa1430 says:

Would love a iPad mini.

jgower says:

Its not easy trying to keep up with the Joneses, since Apple makes so many fab products but this is deff on my wish list .

JOZ15 says:

I am really excited about using an iPad mini in my classroom. I think I will love the smaller size for reading, and for portability reasons. I don't have my own classroom, so this would fit easily in my cart drawer on room to room. Please help me out!

double3 says:

Yeah, I really think you should pick me. Please.

counterculture says:

This would be great for school! I really need to get rid of my Dell laptop. Advertising students always give me the "side-eye" face. :-p

chris_akin says:

The only Apple product I dont have yet! Please!!!

jpm6880 says:

PICK ME PICK ME (thank you)

cmcduffie69 says:

I would love to have one of these for my wife, who is recovering from major surgery. She has been borrowing my iPad to check news, email and play games to pass the time while recuperating. She'd love it...

SnarkMaster says:

Oh yesh, a smallish tablet...

Cares says:

I never win any of these things but I'm feeling this is my lucky day!

radewa says:

Count me in iMore ! :) I want iPad Mini because my iPad 2 was broke ! :( so please help me to get iPad mini ! God Bless You iMore and Rene :D

littledale says:

Your contests always have great prizes. I look forward to winning an IPad Mini.

hiimmondo22 says:

Comment. Let's see how this goes.

sweetlee00 says:

Pick me, please & thank you!

Dan@ says:

Would be so cool to win. Make a nice birthday gift for me.

RevJar says:

I'm looking for a good gift for my boys so they will leave mine and my wife's iPad alone. Let this be it, please!

pbertling says:

I'd be so grateful if you chose me as the recipient of a new iPad mini.

ALternateFfm says:

Since my wife will get a ipad (now 4) for Christmas please give me a small one

vasaribm says:

So many great contests this week! I could finally retire my original ipad.

AntCarretero says:

I'd rather enjoy one of these. :)

Exxod says:

As a student and avid Apple fan, I'd love to win a black iPad mini/Air from you guys! It'd go great with my iMore shirt!

GreyGhostRos says:

I am a 7inch tablet guy :D
Would be great to have one.. Will go well with my BB Playbook I love ;)

erikarois says:

if i don't win one i am gonna wait for retina display in the next refresh.

kfreeman_23 says:

I want one in black! pick me

gmore says:

I would like an iPad Mini

Hogosha says:

I'll take my chances and roll the dice. Thanks for the opportunity iMore!

614kiki says:

Pick me.... pick me!!!!!!

muneerkazmi says:

Ready to get my imini in the mail

SpoiledRottenAppleGuy says:

Let the Pad be with me!!! PLEASE!!!

rashad3607 says:

If I win this, then I can keep my iPhone 4 that much longer.

humdz421 says:

Would love to win one!!!

wamphryi says:

Sign me up...another contest...wowowowowo

moaccu says:

would be nice to have it ;)

smartapple says:

Looking forward to the iPad mini!

cutelam says:

I would LOVE to have a mini!!! :)

sjm614 says:

Please pick me! It's my birthday!

brndnprty says:

i want to win! a beautiful white one! please!!!

Shosuro says:

Woot! I could use it as a gift to spread the iPad love

akbah says:

Would love a new iPad mini. A great gift to give the girlfirend

ting#IM says:

this is my

spherelander says:

Please add me to the iPad mini contest.

Thanks iMore

iPavel says:

The iPad mini looks wonderful! The black version is especially sexy!

sfmccallie says:

Mini me please!!! Thanks iMore.

fre12 says:

would love an ipad mini. perfect for my family

DrellzB says:

Would love a IPad mini, black, wifi, 16GB. My daughter would love it for Christmas...
Great holiday gift.

TheRealLuis says:

I'd love an iPad mini for my dad. It's time to introduce him to future technology.

gibhyder says:

Windows and Android tablets don't stand a chance with the price point of the iPad mini

imore_texteen13 says:

you know you want to give me that

Nycbgall021 says:

Why not a smaller iPad?? It will be just as great.

flyersfan76 says:

Perfect for the kids. They keep taking my wifes and mine.

shiud says:

can't pass up an opportunity to win a free mini! ;)

Heinrich Keyser says:

That would be so awesome!! Love Apple always wanted one!!

Quackinup says:

Yup, need one to complete my set!

Charlly says:

I'd love to win one! :)

gcole says:

Thanks for the chance!

lukinowacki says:

I'd love to win iPad mini.

canarycny says:

Save me saving up for one please

spikeyLoki says:

I really what to hold and have my own Apple products.. This new iPad Mini (they just announced what it looks like before i post this comment) is so amazing and I really like the specs. I haven't owned any high-end gadgets ever since. It's too pricey to afford it. There's a lot of much more important things to prioritize before this that's why i'm just trying my luck in joining every contest that giving me an opportunity to win. I hope a deserving one should have this free iPad Mini. Thanks and Good luck to all!

djkcomp says:

I love iMore - read it every day. Please pick me for the iPad Mini!

SteveC#IM says:

One of these days I have to win something!!!

pjones94 says:

Here is my entry. Thanks.

Ibanez GSA60 says:

Count me in! It'll be useful with College coming up.

Schump939 says:

I'd love to win this too. Looks like a great product. A tad expensive though.

opiwan says:

I would love a mini for reading. The regular iPad gets a bit heavy.

sqlpro says:

This is right size ipad for me. i find that 7' inch androids too small for me and i believe ipad mini should be right. cant wait to win one :)

Tre says:

Wow you guys keep amazing me with all the contests!! Consider me entered.

pr_boy08 says:

So many giveaways! Love it, thanks iMore! Hope I get a shot at one of them!